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Mood - Cranky

Mood - Cranky

Readers of PaperDiaries~!

Good evening!

Sheep is here to tell everyone that she won’t be blogging for sometime, maybe for a couple of weeks or more. Well…The title revealed the reason. I’m just not in the mood to interact with anyone.

Communication has been becoming more of a pain to me lately…Rephrase! It has always been a pain but right now it’s getting worse!

Every time I open my mouth or output my opinions/statements, people misunderstand me. In return, I misunderstand them. (Though some people keep changing their words…)

This rant could go on to be a long winded entry however, I’m not about to do so. I’m very fed up and tired of people.

Until I cool off, I’m going to just keep drawing, playing games and reading. Also, I need to do some revision because next month, my Saturdays are devoted to studies. I shall disclose this news another time, when I’ve regained my genki-ness.

Although drawing makes me feel slightly happier, I tend to get upset after my artworks are completed because — I can’t really show it to anybody. Nobody is stopping me but it’s just pointless.

It doesn’t matter if I drew it with my right hand, as long as it’s done by me — everything is a flaw!

I get it…

I’m graded as a natural born failure!

Are You The Jealous Type?

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Mood - Energetic!

Mood - Energetic

Good evening~!

I didn’t think I would blog so soon but seeing how lucid the previous entry is, I feel it doesn’t make a good ‘welcome entry’ to the blog. (Laughs nervously)

Hence, the high spirited sheep is here to spew her current thoughts~ <—ω—> (Laughs)

Today, 2 people talked to me about ‘jealousy’ and how ugly it makes a person. We talked briefly about the topic so, I feel the conversation has not ended and that’s why I’m here to complete it! <^v^>/ (Laughs)

Before anything else, let’s go through the meaning of ‘jealousy’~.

There are 3 types of jealousy according to the dictionary. ↓

I’m sure you have encountered people who have the above’s traits. (Please focus on ‘jealous’, not jazzy — not jeans!)

Or, you might be one of them. I don’t know which type of jealousy you possess but I hope you aren’t one to be jealous of someone else’s success. Especially if that person is your friend or family member. <`A´>

Instead of being jealous over their success, I think you should be glad for them. After all, they had a long and rough journey towards their success. A little envy can’t be helped however, don’t let it turn you into a horrible green-eyed monster to the point that all you ever think about is spitefulness.

I know a woman who is quite a jealous person. I can’t be certain if she’s really jealous or simply negative but whenever my mum tells her good news about our family, she will always say something spiteful in return which makes the conversation very unpleasant.

If my mum was bragging and talking in such a condescending manner, perhaps the woman didn’t like it thus a spiteful comeback. However, it wasn’t any of that sort. <T_T>

Anyway, even though you feel envious — let it be the good type of envy that motivates you to strive harder towards your own success, instead of sabotaging or waiting for your friend to collapse beneath your level. THIS is a very disgusting wish! <`A´>/

Moving on to the second type of jealousy (ie resentful of someone whom you regard as a sexual rival)

Baa… <u_u>

I think it’s very normal, right? This type of jealousy is based on insecurity and fear that your lover might leave you for a better partner. The feelings are genuinely out of love, then again — I don’t think a person should be envious of the rival over the fact that she has better qualities. What is important is your lover should remain faithful. There are so many chicks out there and you can’t keep them away just to make your man see you and only you.

In his work place, there’s bound to be a hot bimbo flashing her titties in front of his office room. /(  . )(  . )\

You just can’t eliminate them. In other words, you can’t really blame others. Your bond with him has to be strong. You might envy her generous amount of assets and her intelligence though and it should be only this much. (Laughs)

Finally, we have the third definition of jealousy: Very protective of your rights or possession.

Mmm..This definition leans more towards ‘unfairness’, doesn’t it? For example you feel jealous that your undeserving friend got the scholarship instead of you who studied day and night.

It doesn’t justify your efforts hence you feel jealous your friend got it with ease. <.__.>{?]

Baa~ <^-^>lll

Now, I have a confession to make~! (Laughs)

I used to be a jealous kid. I didn’t envy other people’s success but I had the tendency to be jealous when the person whom I like a lot spent more time with someone else. When I was small, I was jealoused that my mum spent more time with my cousin and seem to favor her more than me. I would sulk in one corner and get scolded for behaving like this. (Laughs)

Eventually I grew out of it after realizing how stupid such a behavior is and ever since then, I hardly had such feelings because I learned to look at other things to keep myself happy and contented so much so I become blind and numb to this sort of feeling.

I’m not sure if people were ever jealoused about me. I have not heard from them nor took notice of their actions. Usually I take it that I’m merely imagining stuff. However, it would be nice and peaceful if there isn’t. (Laughs)

After all, sheep has nothing spectacular. I’m just an ordinary O type girl~. (Laughs nervously)


[ . . . ]

Truthfully, I think I will be a very possessive sheep once I’m involved in a serious relationship. <u_u>

[ . . . ]

The question is… <T_T>

[ . . . ]

What kind of monster will I be? <^v^>lll (Laughs)

De, what kind of jealousy do you possess?

Are you the ‘spiteful, sabotaging’ type? The ‘possessive and longing for other people’s qualities’? Or the ‘It’s not fair! I’m better!’ type?

Come on!

Be honest! (Cheers!)

Christmas is coming! You want a PS3, don’t you!? <OAO>/

Note: ↑ Julius~! I find aloof men to be so attractive! I think it’s because I’m the possessive type so I can’t stand those who easily give themselves away to just about anyone. \<≥A≤>/

!! ROAR !!

Mood - Dreamy

Mood - Dreamy

[ . . . ]

I thought I have many things to blog about BUT —- the minute I confront my laptop, they all vanished! <°A°>/

Although (thank goodness) I wrote those thoughts in my notebook, the inspiration is gone. Without inspiration and good vibes, it’s really hard to write. <≥A≤>/


Therefore…Whoever took it — Please give me back my blogging spirit! <`A´>/

I know you want to borrow my spirit to help you in your major exams however, it doesn’t work that way!

(Laughs nervously)

Oh well… ↓

This is Ms Aya, whom prior to this — hasn’t been wearing black (and stockings) for quite some time.

Yoroshiku! <^v^>/~


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Mood - Genki

Mood - Genki

This is sheep who wore her knitted blouse — inside-out. ↓ <´•__•`>

It isn’t very noticeable so I ended up realizing it rather late. The funny thing is — ↓

Incidentally last night, I had a dream about someone telling me that my shirt was inside-out. <o_o>{!!!]

Seems like I have been forewarned about it. <=__+>lll

Baa… <u_u>

[ . . . ]

Until next time, this is Ms Aya — reporting out. <^ω^>/~♥