Thursday, 22nd October 2K9

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Mood - Dull

Mood - Dull

“Thursday, 22nd October 2009″

What happened on this day? What anniversary is it? Why Thursday, 22nd October 2009?

What is so significant about this date? Why is it the headline for this entry? <ºΔº>{!]

[ . . . ]

Well uh — simply because I can’t think of a title for this entry. <x_x> So I decided to put today’s date as the title. (Laughs nervously)

Therefore, nothing to be alarm of! You can stop digging your history books! <^-^>lll

Currently, I’m playing BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on PS3~

BlazBlue is a 2D fighting game, similar to Guilty Gear as they derived from the same developers, Arc System Works. I’m not going to give any review on this game so please, Google for the information if you are interested. <^x^>lll

Tonight, I thought I should complete the Story Mode for all the characters in BlazBlue, however… ↓

There is a blister forming on my finger! <OAO>{!!!]

This is…the result of playing BlazBlue aggressively! <`A´>/


Looks like I’ll pass the night by reading books rather than gaming. The blister isn’t painful — yet. But I don’t intend to make it worse. That said, BlazBlue will have to wait another day! <`A´>/


The other night I had a dream. A very mean person threw a small yet solid stone at me. The stone hit my mouth and the next thing I knew, my bunny teeth had a wide gap in between. <OAO>{!!!]

And then everyone started teasing me, “Hillybilly!” <;__;> (Tears)

I woke up from the dream, quickly touched my teeth and was glad they were fine. Phew! <´v`>/

[↑ A blurry photo. Good, keep it this way. If it were to be any more vivid, your computer screen will crack! And no, sheep is not going to compensate your screen!]

Already I don’t quite like having a bunny teeth, what more one with a wide gap in between! <≥A≤>

For this reason, I tend to shut my mouth tight and rarely smile. <u_u>

[ . . . ]



Halloween is coming soon~!


Are any of you going for Halloween parties? <^x^>/

If so, what are you going to dress up as? <.__.>{?]

Freddy Kreuger? Jason from Friday the 13th? Bubblehead nurse? Barney?

Nay, not going for any parties? Then what are your plans for that day? <.__.>{?]

Sheep isn’t going to anywhere (not surprising) so I’m just going to spend the night, watching The Simpsons Halloween Marathon and munch on snacks!

(Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]

What do people actually do at Halloween parties? <T_T>

[ . . . ]

As of for now, this is Ms Aya the sheep, who is going to shut her mouth… in this case, refrain from typing any further! <`A´>/

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1.  Sandage
October 23rd, 2009 at 7:10 am


It feels like ages since I last commented in your blog and… wait just a sec!, how come that blister popped in your second phalanx and not in the third one??, do you push buttons with that part of your finger?… also, why is the blister in your index finger and not in your thumb??. So many questions, I know, but they must be asked ha ha ha.

I often dream of myself spitting all my teeth out of my mouth, and then that nasty taste of blood in my mouth even after waking up, I hate that dream but somehow I’m still regularly having it.

I was planning to dress as a giant cell phone for this halloween but then I came to my senses :lol: and now I’m not sure about it, and it’s not like there’s any halloween party I’ve been invited to so I’m gonna put that on hold until someone is kind enough to invite me to his/her party.

It’s good to be back^^.

2.  Pixy
October 23rd, 2009 at 8:25 am

Seriously, when I saw the game cover … You are right, is not my type at all xD …
Halloween parties huh ? I didn’t experience before … Dress as ? Maybe dress like, zombie, Dracula or Darth Vader XD …
Sorry, seriously I dunno what is the purpose of Halloween >.<

3.  kioko
October 23rd, 2009 at 5:02 pm

ahhh that game looks nice^^
I alwys love to play those role-play type of games and ever since my friend showed me her PSP I fall in love with the game “Dynasty Warriors” haha

My dreams are alwys like fairytales and occasionally I will get to meet my favourite idols (which doesn’t include just KAT-TUN coz lately i got into kpop as well)

I used to do trick-or-treat when I first came to UK to study but then the whole thing just stopped – I still managed to go to some halloween parties in school though, normally i guess we just play random games and eat sweets lol
I dont know whether i have a halloween party to attend to, but i’m going to have my birthday soon ~yay~^^ (oh i mean no yay coz i’m old enough already *laughs*)

4.  Ms Aya
October 23rd, 2009 at 6:48 pm

Dear Sand
Hisashiburi ya, aibo! Mokarimakka? Sono mae ni wa Sand-hun wa doko e ichatta dekka? (.__.) Isogashii?
I got the blister from gripping the back of the controller too hard, not from mashing the buttons. (Laughs nervously)
Haha, from the time you came here, you’ve been having that teeth-falling-out dream. The culprit has yet to be detected! (o_o)
Eh? How did the ‘cellphone’ idea come about? (=__=)lll Yea, good to have you back here and — your senses too! (Laughs) (^v^)/
Dear Pixy
Ya, that’s why sheep is not flapping her gums about BlazBlue to you because I know you aren’t into this sort of games.
Eh? You can go as a necromorph! Just get a pair of fake arms, put around your waist, then a couple of blades on your own elbow — that should do the trick. Oh ya, you have to be nude. (o_o)
Dear kioko
BlazBlue can be played in arcades, PS3 and Xbox.
(Imagines Ueda to be Robinhood while kioko is Marianne) Are you talking about his kind of fantasy? (.__.){?]
Oh, K-pop. Is SS501 included? (Note: Sheep likes Kim Hyung Joon and had a couple of dreams where her mum set sheep up to be with him. LAUGHS)
Ii na, your country is so sporting. We Malaysians don’t go trick-or-treat. Not sure why no one does it.
Sou, kioko is a Scorpio then. (o_o)
In case I don’t greet you in time, here’s an advance ‘Happy Birthday’ wish from sheep. (Hugs) Baa~ (^-^*)/ …Don’t mind my smelly wool. (Laughs)

5.  kioko
October 24th, 2009 at 12:31 am

Wow cool! ^___^
hmm I guess something like that…but I’ve always want to play those kind of online games where u can either be a fighter, magician, healer or whatever, and you get to have a pet hehe *giggles*

Ohh no I havent yet gotten to listen to SS501 yet but I got the drama “BOF” download already~~ I like SNSD and for boy groups I like DBSK, SHINee, Big Bang and Super Junior (the last two are my obsessions haha)~

I dont live in UK *laughs* just study here~
And yup, I’m Scorpio and my birthday is just this Sunday (2 months before christmas, thats a easy way to remember~)

6.  Pixy
October 24th, 2009 at 12:39 am

LOL Necromorph … Naked >.<

October 25th, 2009 at 11:50 am

Ahakakakakak!!!! That’s a strange dream! Lol!!
When is this halloween anyway? :p

8.  Ms Aya
October 28th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

Dear kioko
Oh, something like Ragnorok?[?] (.__.)
Korean’s culture is becoming more popular lately. Haha, sorry, I haven’t embraced them yet. (Laughs nervously)
And uh — sorry! I’m late to say this but the “Happy Belated Birthday!”
Dear Pix
…Or go as Isaac? He’s quite fearsome, you know. (Laughs)
Dear Spit
Strange indeed.
Halloween falls on the 31st October.


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