Mood - Slightly better

Mood - Slightly better

Hey all! \<^v^*>

As the title above suggested, I’d like to give some encouragement to those who are preparing for their major exams. End of the year is what many students look forward to because there are lots of celebrations and holidays. For instance, it’s October now so Halloween is the upcoming event in your schedule. <^ω^> (Laughs)

Not forgetting all the Libras and Scorpios who will be celebrating their XX (← substitute with your age here) birthday. *Happy Birthday!*

But before you can ease your mind and think about parties, there are exams around the corner. As a responsible student, you should very well know your priority. <^-^>

Anyway, I won’t say sheep is someone qualified to give you guides and tips on how to score well in your exams. In fact in my school days, I’m never the academically bright type of student. I scored every alphabet grade available; A, B, C, D, E, F, N/A….

For my second last and final year, I was in the LAST CLASS. On top of that, about 6 months after I was enrolled to this school, only then I discovered I was in the last class! <ºAº>lll

Form 4, I remember my Malay Language teacher was scolding my class for failing in our exam papers and being absent minded during lessons.. My classmates weren’t the study type and they spent most of the time slacking during lessons so I thought we damn well deserve this lecture. I nodded to each and every word my teacher said about us until her speech became somewhat demeaning. She started comparing our class to others and disgraced us to the point I felt she was being downright mean and bias. <T_T>

Finally she mentioned, “No wonder you all ended up in the LAST CLASS!” (she said in Malay)

Just then, I lifted my head up in surprise. <ºAº>{!!!]


I leaned over the my friend who was sitting beside me and asked for confirmation, “This…is the last class?”

My friend jerked a bit while the few who heard me turned to my direction and hung their jaws open. “Now only you know ar!?”

The teacher looked at me (guess she heard my question), let out a sigh and gave us the final blow before we resume to our studies.

At that time, I thought the class behind us was worse than us. But when I caught the sight of one of my classmates who happens to be an autistic child, I stoned for awhile and sense started kicking into me. “Ooh……” <¬__¬>llll

!! YABEI !!

Having that said, clearly I’m not in place to tell you surefire ways on how to score flying colors in your exams however, I just don’t want any of you to fail or score low grades because it can lead to embarrassment or so.

It sucks to see crosses on every page, especially the ones that you were very certain to nail it. <;__;> (Tears)

Ergo please, please — concentrate and register what you studied…It’s not cute to fail! <≥A≤>/

And don’t rely on luck! <≥A≤>/

Luck or no luck, if you have studied to the fullest and totally understand what you learned, you will be able to answer the questions correctly. So make it happen, don’t wait for luck~ <^ε^>

In addition, postpone your leisure until your exams are over. (Laughs) Lock your PS2/PS3/PSP/Nintendo/cotton candy/porn magazines/(insert objects or activities that minimizes your brain) somewhere, some place beyond your reach. Hand them over to your grandparents or a friend whom you wish he/she will fail.

Break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend — speaking of which, I don’t get why some couples use ‘exams’ as an excuse to break up. Mmm…. Oh right! It’s because relationships are a big distraction. Furthermore, these are high school students we are talking about so relationships are too much for them to handle. Good. This will put a stop to premature sex…Until Christmas.


As much as I’d like to say more, I think you better stop reading this and march to where your books are — And start studying!

Chop, chop! <`A´>/

[ . . . ]

Those who AREN’T sitting for exams, well…

[ . . . ]

Baa… <u_u>

[ . . . ]

Have you been to Disneyland? <^ε^>

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1.  Pixy
October 14th, 2009 at 7:07 am

Exams … I always do it in last minute .. even till now xD

I also last in the class normally, not because of my class is the LAST CLASS … is because my class in 2nd ranking class of all … That why I get always ‘last’ in the that class, can’t beat those ‘professionals’ …

Disneyland ? Nah … Pixy don’t travel much … Sorry

2.  Pixy
October 14th, 2009 at 6:49 pm

Oh yeah, Sheep …

I watched Dead Space : Downfall … Holy cow, gruesome !

Especially Shen chuckles after slaughtered the Pregnant and Swarmers … Then Hanson uses the plasma saw ripped Shen into half … OHHHH SHIT >.<

3.  dino-chan
October 15th, 2009 at 8:40 pm

Haven’t! T_T
Sheep-chan went?

Zannen desu ga, I’m not in the exam period.
But assignment,projects and presentation period desu

Today connection was suck to me
I am surfing the net outside…*sigh*

4.  Saruchan
October 16th, 2009 at 4:17 pm

Gee.. Thanks Ms.Aya for the wishes !!! I dont actually need to minimize much of my time because almost everyday except mondays, tuesdays and weekends I dont have tutuion , but however now even the free days I have at least a group study or so.

For my SPM trials I got 5-6 credits .. I think 3 A’s , 2B’s , 1 C and 3 G9 . And probably you know whats the 3 G9′s already .

And you are very lucky for your year . . now they are introducing the new marking scheme … there is now ..


yeah … everyone’s reaction was like .. WTF ?!?!?!??!?! and curses, rants, and complaints started flying faster than the U.S Stealth Jet.

I’am looking forward to the day after SPM , because there is so many things to do !!

Speaking about teachers …. they always say that when we score alot of A’s for our exams .. .we dont even bother to thank them . But they should think right.. ? I mean … it is actually our tuition that made us better… So I think that we should give our thanks to the teacher that has put alot of effort and passion into teaching the class .

Seriously.. some tachers are rather too lazy to teach .. or do not have any effective way to teaching … Only some teachers managed to inspire me .

Lucky you dont have to seat for the finals anymore .. @__@

5.  Ms Aya
October 16th, 2009 at 8:11 pm

Dear Pixy
I never gotten last position in class, just got into the last class.
(Pats) Well, I think being a wiser person is better than smart by the text books.
(Laughs) Gory, right!? Especially the part where that fella split his comrade from head to toe. Man, she was crying in pain!
So, it was Vincent who died sending out the distress beacon for help. Before that, she rescued Nicole. lll
Dear Dino-chan
Yes, I went to the one in Japan.
Baa~ Internet speed here is rather slow too. I think it’s happening all around Malaysia?
Dear Saru-chan
I’m guessing — it’s either BM or …Moral? (Laughs nervously)
[ . . . ]
What kind of grade system is that?! (o_o)
Really, I’m so glad my time wasn’t this bad. The standards were low so that it will be easier for students to pass however, it wasn’t this — complicated?
Baa…Sheep proposes the following grading system:

S: 95 – 100%
A: 85 – 94%
B: 75 – 84%
C: 65 – 74%
D: 55 – 64%
E: 45 – 54%
F: 44 and below.

!! Sinister laughter !!
Well, some teachers aren’t exactly lazy. More like, fed up with the students because they refuse to pay attention in class. So with that, the teachers give up and let it be because there’s no point carrying on lessons if the students remain deaf. There are students who will listen and learn so the teachers will probably just focus on them.
As for the really lazy teachers, (sigh). You tell me.
By the way, how did that new grading system come about? (.__.){?]

6.  Saruchan
October 16th, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Yeah your are almost accurate about the grading points… The new grading system came just recently about a month or ago … I assume they wanted to follow “University” Level … to be all western-ish … so that they can show off that they “boleh mencapai wawasan 2020″ crap .

They are just making everything so complicated..

Lol , Thankfully I did not fail my BM ..

7.  krayle
October 18th, 2009 at 10:10 am

I’ve been to Disneyland! the one in Los Angeles. Everybody must go to Disneyland at least once! Erm, but this doesn’t count the branch in Hong Kong.

Oh, oh dear, I’m not supposed to be one of those answering that question! D:

On a side-note, I think that for those attached, it is actually a sign of your partner’s maturity whether he or she will whine for attention while you’re trying to study, or encourage and perhaps even force your nose to the books instead of letting you be distracted by them. What does Sheep-chan think? (:

8.  Ms Aya
October 21st, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Dear Saru-chan
Speaking of which, I just received an e-mail regarding the standards for STPM. You might want to read it so I’m going to forward it to you, for a great laugh.
Dear Krayle
…Why isn’t Hong Kong branch counted? Is it bad? I need to Google this! (Laughs)
What do I think? Well, I agree. It’s a good way to discover your partner’s maturity and whether he/she is a reliable and supportive partner in such times. If he/she encourages you to study or even go all out to study together, then you know your partner is reliable. As for the whiny ones who actually fights with your books for attention, there might be a downhill for that relationship especially in schooldays, relationships are temporary though there are some exceptional ones.
Personally, I’d want a guy who can make me sit down and study by his side until I get things right. (Laughs) But this isn’t the question.
Anyway, what does Krayle think about this? Have you had any friends who studies with you? As well as friends who kidnaps you away from your books? (Laughs)

9.  kioko
October 21st, 2009 at 9:47 pm

ah exams *sigh* not for me at the moment hehe, do you know I am in my first year of uni already? And I’ve never met so much malays in my life before? lol

I guess I’m the study type and I used to be able to concentrate on revision – until the invention of internet AND of course blogs XDD Actually I’m ok just a bit behind on work sometimes, lets say good enough to get me into a good uni doing one of the most difficult courses in the world^^

I’ve been to 3 disneylands in my life, once to Hong Kong one (and it sucks), once to Tokyo and twice to Paris^____^ I’d like to visit the Tokyo one again though!

10.  Ms Aya
October 22nd, 2009 at 2:41 pm

Dear kioko
Wow, congratulations!
May you have a great time in Uni and that the students, seniors and lecturers be lenient to you. (Cheers!) (^v^*)
Since you are the studying type, you should be fine as long as you ration your time on the Internet and blog! (Laughs)
Malays as in Malaysians? (.__.){?]
We have 3 main races in Malaysia: Malays (Muslims), Chinese and Indians.
Baa…I wonder what course is that…? (u_u)
OH! Tokyo’s Disneyland! Sheep has been there before too! (High five!) So having gone to 3 Disneylands in 3 different places, I wonder — are they any different? (…Ok, don’t take Hong Kong into account)

11.  kioko
October 23rd, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Thank you^-^
I never realised the lectures are THAT boring, you know, I just cant help falling asleep sometimes especially if the lecture is at 8:15 in the morning ARGHHHH (for once I’m glad I’m living on campus)

I think they’re Malaysian Chinese thats what my friend told me hehe, and my course is something related to science and helping people (hint: not Medicine), wanna guess?

Yay~~~ I would loveee to go to Japan again soon, (i’ve been twice, once to tokyo when i was tiny and a few years ago to Hokkaido to see lavendar fields!) KAT-TUN held their summer concerts just this summer and my friend went but i didnt get to go coz i need to go with my parents to taiwan *cries*

haha I cant really remember how the Tokyo one is like though…maybe each disneyland put a bit of their culture in it?

12.  Ms Aya
October 23rd, 2009 at 6:31 pm

Not medicine? Ok..Then my guess for pharmacist is out. How about Biology? You are aspiring to be a surgeon? Is that it? (o_o)
Hokkaido. I haven’t been there yet. I heard the scallops there are yummy and they sell lots of stuff with Lavender scent on them, such as a Lavender pillow and perfume. Did
Aw, how sad. Well, hope you get a chance to attend their concert some day. Your friend must be a very happy girl. (Laughs)…Jin, Jin~! (Squeals)
Sheep wouldn’t know. The Disneyland in Tokyo is the only one I’ve been to, sorry. (u_u)


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