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Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful

Pink, blue, green, brown, orange…The world is abound with different colors that has so many shades. \<^v^*>/

A variety of blues and reds, mixtures of palettes that gives birth to newer shades of colors. Red + purple = Crimson.

We are already blessed abundantly with such beautiful colors to view and admire. I don’t mean to be greedy however, I would like to know…Apart from the colors we’ve seen — Are there anymore existing colors? <.__.>{?]

As in, not darker or lighter shades of the colors in our knowledge, but a whole new color. <`A´>/

Imagine, if purple has never existed at all (In this alternate world, Barney is a pink dinosaur). Nobody has ever seen or know of such color. Let’s say your room is painted beige in color. Then one day, you notice a peculiar foreign color taking over your walls.

“What is this? How did this happen? The color is changing to — what color is this?”, confuse you become.

Moss, poltergeist — Nothing of that sort. The color just changed. Mysterious but harmless.

You start making guesses. Is it black? Blue? Fushia? No…Not at all. It’s a color that does not inherit from the existing colors. Thus a great discovery is made~! <≥A≤>/

Back to my point, I’m just wondering if there are still other colors that we have yet to discover. <´•ω•`>

When it happens, how will we react to that foreign, never seen before color? How can our eyes digest it? What kind of information will flow to our knowledge upon this discovery? Can our mind comprehend such existence?

[ . . . ]

Maybe a blind person who has regained his/her eyesight can tell us how the feelings are like… <´ε`>/

Then again, I know not of such individual. <´•ω•`>lll (Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]

Baa…This is Ms Aya the sheep who just blogged yet another trivial thought. <_  _>

PS: Baa~! It’s raining~! Y~ay! \<^v^>/ Everyone, be sure to keep an umbrella with you when going out!