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Mood - Languid

Mood - Languid

(Laughs nervously)

Before I go into another week (or so) of absence, at least let me tell you why I’m doing so. <T_T>

It’s simply because I’m feeling rather languid and crabby at the moment…Perhaps you’ll understand better if I just say, emo.

Usually when I’m in this state, I prefer to keep to myself instead of seeking people for comfort and consolation. The outcome is never good when I resort to such means therefore, silence is a safer option.

(Laughs) I’ll eventually bounce out of this~.

By the way, I’m 3 chapters away to finishing the Tale of Genji. I won’t say I love the story so much because I have difficulties in understanding some of the meanings and happenings. But I’d say there are some good teachings which you can learn from.

After this book, I’ll be reading Hans Christian Andersen’s stories and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. <^v^>/

Baa…Regarding my job, I haven’t gotten any and would probably get one around end of the year. This is so because I’ll be moving to another town around that time.

[ . . . ]

Yup, my big baby brother bought a house somewhere which is still within the state. But it’s more outskirt than where I’m staying now. (Laughs)

Having that said, there’s going to be some adjustments made in time to come. <^-^>lll


Time to leave. <TTATT>

Blog to you fellas once sheep is fine and dandy again~!

…If I update the blog any quicker, that means I’m seriously trying my best so please root for me~! (Laughs)

From the legs of Auwlithe, baa-bai~!