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Auditioning For Love

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Mood - Nerdy

Mood - Nerdy

Initially, I wanted to use this free time to laze around and be accompanied by a book throughout this night that is sightless of people. <^v^>

To only listen to my own voice narrating and visualizing a fiction from an old novel, in my little head. <u_u>

However, I don’t know how long this free time is going to last and how soon can I blog to everyone so — with this intention, this is Ms Aya the sheep, writing to her dear readers. <^x^>lll (Laughs nervously)

I’ve mentioned in my Twitter that currently, I’m reading The Tale of Genji~. ↓

(Yea, finally bought the book and am reading it!)

This version that I’m reading is translated in English by Kencho Suematsu. The original author is Lady Murasaki Shikibu, master of writing in her period which dated back in the early years of 978 thereafter[?].

Well, if you want to know more about the book itself, please Google for the information because this entry is not a review. Besides, I’m still in the midst of reading it. <´•ω•`>

But so far in this book, I learned that love in the early days is rather similar to today’s version of love. Though we don’t response to one another in verses of a poem or song, the similarity lies in the way we prospect for love or a companion.

Your grandparents might have told you many a times that today’s love is no match to theirs in terms of commitment and loyalty. My mother has been nailing me about love in her time and that they are more sacred than the younger couples/weds.

“Mum, if that is true — why don’t I have a dad, then?”

Anyway, my point here is: The game of love has always been the same!

We can go all over this subject because it’s so broad but let’s stick to one small area for a start, that will be — Looking for THE ONE.

THE ONE~ The one and only special soulmate whom you want to spend your entire life with.

As we all know, it’s not easy to find THE ONE. The process is like finding a needle in a haystack. So what we do is we try out every being in order to find out if he/she is the one who creates an oath in your heart — The one whom gives you the butterflies in the stomach. (By the way, I know jacksquat about this butterfly effect. I’m using it in this example only because I discovered from books that people have such feelings..Well…My stomach feels weird only when I need to use the toilet)

With that, we prospect for our potential partners.Vice versa, we audition ourselves.

Wow…Just when you think you are treated specially by someone whom you adore much, you feel great and have confidence in fate to take its tow. However, you later discover this person to be giving the same ‘exclusive’ treatment to a few more, which you may refer them as ‘Rivals’.

It sucks. But if you truly want this person — you have to standout and prove yourself worthy. Hence, the auditioning becomes fierce. <`A´>

I was just thinking, in my shoes — how could a guy have a tray of ‘Potential girls’ at his disposal?

How could somebody like so many, in that area?

This reminds me when I was in high school, perky and rather loquacious I was. Sometimes, I would chit-chat with this particular group of girls of my age. They had crushes on our seniors; so did I. (Titters) With this common interest, we talked among ourselves. The funny thing I learned from them was — They could like so many guys in one shot and could divulge the same puppy love for each and every one of them. <OAO>

While I only had 1 crush, who happened to also be in their list of crushes. Knowing this, one girl had the cheek to tell me that her feelings for him grew more than the others. <OAO>

That day marks the first time I came to know that a person can love so many people in that intimate area. Not 2 prospects but up to 5 or more. These girls were just admiring from afar. However, in the adulthood — it exist alright.

Anyway, the olden days were no different. Emperors in China had so many mistresses. All in which struggled to win his heart, wanting the man only for themselves.

And then in The Tale of Genji, man — I feel like slapping this Prince for going to one woman after another, even though he has a wife. Loyalty, my finger!

But as I read the story, I realized that — This is a necessary step in this game of love. <T_T>

Without trying out with people, you’ll never know if that person is meant for you. In addition, you’ll also learn what are your needs in a partner and what’s missing in your life.

I heard (or was it read?) that even though the Emperors had many women, there was always only 1 they loved and held dearly to their hearts.

Sure, it sucks to have to go through this filter…But this is really how love is born, I guess.

(Laughs) I’m guessing some of you are raising your hands in the air, saying to the screen, “Now only you know about this!?” whereas foul-mouthed readers would say, “WTF!?” <OAO>{!!!]

For sheep’s opinion, it sucks to be one of the many contestants. The thought of a queue in front and behind me is a put-off. (Laughs)

Baa…Don’t ask what’s my strategy to jump queue. It’s a secret. (Laughs)

For now…

Those of you who has been in this position of being auditioned by your crush…How does it feel like?

I’m quite oblivious about all this as they have never happened to me. So, kindly tell me, how does it feel to be among his/her favorites but never getting any further than that?

And do you have a few try-out partners? <.__.>{?]

Note: This entry is blogged by an ordinary O type girl sheep, who is slow in love affairs and people’s well-being. Pardon her for her ignorance and stupidity, please. <x_x>