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Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful

Pink, blue, green, brown, orange…The world is abound with different colors that has so many shades. \<^v^*>/

A variety of blues and reds, mixtures of palettes that gives birth to newer shades of colors. Red + purple = Crimson.

We are already blessed abundantly with such beautiful colors to view and admire. I don’t mean to be greedy however, I would like to know…Apart from the colors we’ve seen — Are there anymore existing colors? <.__.>{?]

As in, not darker or lighter shades of the colors in our knowledge, but a whole new color. <`A´>/

Imagine, if purple has never existed at all (In this alternate world, Barney is a pink dinosaur). Nobody has ever seen or know of such color. Let’s say your room is painted beige in color. Then one day, you notice a peculiar foreign color taking over your walls.

“What is this? How did this happen? The color is changing to — what color is this?”, confuse you become.

Moss, poltergeist — Nothing of that sort. The color just changed. Mysterious but harmless.

You start making guesses. Is it black? Blue? Fushia? No…Not at all. It’s a color that does not inherit from the existing colors. Thus a great discovery is made~! <≥A≤>/

Back to my point, I’m just wondering if there are still other colors that we have yet to discover. <´•ω•`>

When it happens, how will we react to that foreign, never seen before color? How can our eyes digest it? What kind of information will flow to our knowledge upon this discovery? Can our mind comprehend such existence?

[ . . . ]

Maybe a blind person who has regained his/her eyesight can tell us how the feelings are like… <´ε`>/

Then again, I know not of such individual. <´•ω•`>lll (Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]

Baa…This is Ms Aya the sheep who just blogged yet another trivial thought. <_  _>

PS: Baa~! It’s raining~! Y~ay! \<^v^>/ Everyone, be sure to keep an umbrella with you when going out! 

Thursday, 22nd October 2K9

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Mood - Dull

Mood - Dull

“Thursday, 22nd October 2009″

What happened on this day? What anniversary is it? Why Thursday, 22nd October 2009?

What is so significant about this date? Why is it the headline for this entry? <ºΔº>{!]

[ . . . ]

Well uh — simply because I can’t think of a title for this entry. <x_x> So I decided to put today’s date as the title. (Laughs nervously)

Therefore, nothing to be alarm of! You can stop digging your history books! <^-^>lll

Currently, I’m playing BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on PS3~

BlazBlue is a 2D fighting game, similar to Guilty Gear as they derived from the same developers, Arc System Works. I’m not going to give any review on this game so please, Google for the information if you are interested. <^x^>lll

Tonight, I thought I should complete the Story Mode for all the characters in BlazBlue, however… ↓

There is a blister forming on my finger! <OAO>{!!!]

This is…the result of playing BlazBlue aggressively! <`A´>/


Looks like I’ll pass the night by reading books rather than gaming. The blister isn’t painful — yet. But I don’t intend to make it worse. That said, BlazBlue will have to wait another day! <`A´>/


The other night I had a dream. A very mean person threw a small yet solid stone at me. The stone hit my mouth and the next thing I knew, my bunny teeth had a wide gap in between. <OAO>{!!!]

And then everyone started teasing me, “Hillybilly!” <;__;> (Tears)

I woke up from the dream, quickly touched my teeth and was glad they were fine. Phew! <´v`>/

[↑ A blurry photo. Good, keep it this way. If it were to be any more vivid, your computer screen will crack! And no, sheep is not going to compensate your screen!]

Already I don’t quite like having a bunny teeth, what more one with a wide gap in between! <≥A≤>

For this reason, I tend to shut my mouth tight and rarely smile. <u_u>

[ . . . ]



Halloween is coming soon~!


Are any of you going for Halloween parties? <^x^>/

If so, what are you going to dress up as? <.__.>{?]

Freddy Kreuger? Jason from Friday the 13th? Bubblehead nurse? Barney?

Nay, not going for any parties? Then what are your plans for that day? <.__.>{?]

Sheep isn’t going to anywhere (not surprising) so I’m just going to spend the night, watching The Simpsons Halloween Marathon and munch on snacks!

(Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]

What do people actually do at Halloween parties? <T_T>

[ . . . ]

As of for now, this is Ms Aya the sheep, who is going to shut her mouth… in this case, refrain from typing any further! <`A´>/

Mood - Slightly better

Mood - Slightly better

Hey all! \<^v^*>

As the title above suggested, I’d like to give some encouragement to those who are preparing for their major exams. End of the year is what many students look forward to because there are lots of celebrations and holidays. For instance, it’s October now so Halloween is the upcoming event in your schedule. <^ω^> (Laughs)

Not forgetting all the Libras and Scorpios who will be celebrating their XX (← substitute with your age here) birthday. *Happy Birthday!*

But before you can ease your mind and think about parties, there are exams around the corner. As a responsible student, you should very well know your priority. <^-^>

Anyway, I won’t say sheep is someone qualified to give you guides and tips on how to score well in your exams. In fact in my school days, I’m never the academically bright type of student. I scored every alphabet grade available; A, B, C, D, E, F, N/A….

For my second last and final year, I was in the LAST CLASS. On top of that, about 6 months after I was enrolled to this school, only then I discovered I was in the last class! <ºAº>lll

Form 4, I remember my Malay Language teacher was scolding my class for failing in our exam papers and being absent minded during lessons.. My classmates weren’t the study type and they spent most of the time slacking during lessons so I thought we damn well deserve this lecture. I nodded to each and every word my teacher said about us until her speech became somewhat demeaning. She started comparing our class to others and disgraced us to the point I felt she was being downright mean and bias. <T_T>

Finally she mentioned, “No wonder you all ended up in the LAST CLASS!” (she said in Malay)

Just then, I lifted my head up in surprise. <ºAº>{!!!]


I leaned over the my friend who was sitting beside me and asked for confirmation, “This…is the last class?”

My friend jerked a bit while the few who heard me turned to my direction and hung their jaws open. “Now only you know ar!?”

The teacher looked at me (guess she heard my question), let out a sigh and gave us the final blow before we resume to our studies.

At that time, I thought the class behind us was worse than us. But when I caught the sight of one of my classmates who happens to be an autistic child, I stoned for awhile and sense started kicking into me. “Ooh……” <¬__¬>llll

!! YABEI !!

Having that said, clearly I’m not in place to tell you surefire ways on how to score flying colors in your exams however, I just don’t want any of you to fail or score low grades because it can lead to embarrassment or so.

It sucks to see crosses on every page, especially the ones that you were very certain to nail it. <;__;> (Tears)

Ergo please, please — concentrate and register what you studied…It’s not cute to fail! <≥A≤>/

And don’t rely on luck! <≥A≤>/

Luck or no luck, if you have studied to the fullest and totally understand what you learned, you will be able to answer the questions correctly. So make it happen, don’t wait for luck~ <^ε^>

In addition, postpone your leisure until your exams are over. (Laughs) Lock your PS2/PS3/PSP/Nintendo/cotton candy/porn magazines/(insert objects or activities that minimizes your brain) somewhere, some place beyond your reach. Hand them over to your grandparents or a friend whom you wish he/she will fail.

Break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend — speaking of which, I don’t get why some couples use ‘exams’ as an excuse to break up. Mmm…. Oh right! It’s because relationships are a big distraction. Furthermore, these are high school students we are talking about so relationships are too much for them to handle. Good. This will put a stop to premature sex…Until Christmas.


As much as I’d like to say more, I think you better stop reading this and march to where your books are — And start studying!

Chop, chop! <`A´>/

[ . . . ]

Those who AREN’T sitting for exams, well…

[ . . . ]

Baa… <u_u>

[ . . . ]

Have you been to Disneyland? <^ε^>

Mood - Languid

Mood - Languid

(Laughs nervously)

Before I go into another week (or so) of absence, at least let me tell you why I’m doing so. <T_T>

It’s simply because I’m feeling rather languid and crabby at the moment…Perhaps you’ll understand better if I just say, emo.

Usually when I’m in this state, I prefer to keep to myself instead of seeking people for comfort and consolation. The outcome is never good when I resort to such means therefore, silence is a safer option.

(Laughs) I’ll eventually bounce out of this~.

By the way, I’m 3 chapters away to finishing the Tale of Genji. I won’t say I love the story so much because I have difficulties in understanding some of the meanings and happenings. But I’d say there are some good teachings which you can learn from.

After this book, I’ll be reading Hans Christian Andersen’s stories and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. <^v^>/

Baa…Regarding my job, I haven’t gotten any and would probably get one around end of the year. This is so because I’ll be moving to another town around that time.

[ . . . ]

Yup, my big baby brother bought a house somewhere which is still within the state. But it’s more outskirt than where I’m staying now. (Laughs)

Having that said, there’s going to be some adjustments made in time to come. <^-^>lll


Time to leave. <TTATT>

Blog to you fellas once sheep is fine and dandy again~!

…If I update the blog any quicker, that means I’m seriously trying my best so please root for me~! (Laughs)

From the legs of Auwlithe, baa-bai~!