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Mood - Jovial and vibrant

Mood - Jovial and vibrant

Baa~ Today’s the eve of Hari Raya~!

Baa~ <^v^>/ My neighbor seems to be having a good time. Her house is brightly lighted with vibrant colors as well as lots of food and cheerful visitors gathering outside. This being so — Their cars are blocking my gate! (Laughs nervously)

But what the heck? This only happens once a year!

Therefore — to all the Muslims out there, sheep wishes you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri! May you enjoy catching up with your family members and — the food~! (Laughs)


On my side, I spent the day reading, napping and a short outing. (Laughs)

Around tea time, my mother and I went to check out the other side of town, in which we bypass — but never once entered that area. Today out in the blue, mother decided we should go there for a look.

It was the type of area that has rows of old shop lots; usually sundry shops for the convenience of the town’s people.

I don’t think I’ve told you this before but — I like these kind of shops. The old, run down, sundry shops.

The minute I stepped out of the car, I saw children running around the shops and parents catching up to them. It’s typical that these kind of shops are run by families. You can see the whole family handling the shop’s business. Kind of comforting to see them spending their time together, even when working. Especially with their toddlers. <^-^>

However, it’s saddening to see the younger generation don’t take over their family business anymore. Many opt to get jobs in the city, leaving the parents and family business behind and when the parents pass away — so does their family business too. <;__;>

Oh well, while these shops are still on the surface — best I appreciate them before they extinct.

One other reason I like sundry shops is because they sell all sorts of knick-knacks that are no longer easy to obtain. There are some things that you just can’t find in Jusco and Cold Storage. Furthermore, they are cheap! <´v`>/

We went in this shop to check out what stuff they have. ↑

Sundry shops are tedious and crowded with things, so be careful — Particularly in the hardware section. (Laughs)

Sheep had to be very careful because if sheep were to trip and fall, the place will be even more of a mess than it already is OR injured self. (Laughs nervously)

Anyway, I didn’t knock on anything — thankfully… <´•ω•`>

↑ Baa~ I used to have a mug like this. Mother would use it to keep the eggs warm and sometimes when the Soya Bean lady drops by our back door, she would fill this mug with soya for us.

Very nostalgic indeed. And that brings me to my memory of my favorite toaster. (Laughs)

It was a green, quite dirty and burned out toaster. For some reason, it toasted better bread compare to the ovens and toasters that I’ve used by far. I was told that it was handed down by my grandma.

Sadly, we don’t have it anymore. I think it got lost while we were moving out of PJ. (Tears)

…I miss watching Mr Toaster melting the cheese on my bread. <;__;>

As I was browsing around, I came across some baby bottles. (Laughs)

When I was a baby, mother said I never liked drinking from the baby bottle, neither do I sucked my thumbs. I started drinking from the cup very early because I hate sucking in general. <_  _>

There was a time, some bottled drinks and tumblers had the sucker cap. Apparently, it was a cool thing back then (not to me, I don’t even bring tumblers to school for a start) but after the hullabaloo on the SARS attack, people stopped sucking and simultaneously — some churches stopped shaking hands during the ‘Peace be with you’ minute.

…So ya, you can foresee that my hubby will never get any oral jobs from me. <´•ω•`> (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

Time to put a fullstop to this pointless entry. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)



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1.  krayle
September 20th, 2009 at 11:49 am

I can’t imagine a time when all these shops gradually go extinct. Will we all be simply buying from supermarkets?

Yet when thinking about the younger generations, I don’t really have it in myself to say that they’re not filial or dutiful to their families to take over the shop business. After all, it’s not fair to impose things on someone else’s dreams and aspirations, isn’t it?

And… what an ending to the entry, Sheep-chan!! o_____O lol!

2.  dino-chan
September 20th, 2009 at 9:00 pm

aaaaa that mug =D

Now I dun have that mug anymore too, to boil egg, now we are using the metal-type of mug.
Not that anymore though, but it brings back memories…hehe

3.  Sandage
September 20th, 2009 at 9:50 pm

Y’know, I like that kind of stores too, plenty of them over here and as crowded as the ones in Malaysia I reckon :)

We used to have a toaster at home too but the little fuck’s hobby was to give me electric shocks every time I’d dare to put my hands on it and therefore I ditched it and that was the end of it.

Ha ha ha ha!!, so you think that sucking sucks?? :lol: you mean you’ve never used a straw or sucked a lollipop?.

*mustn’t comment the last topic, mustn’t comment the last topic, mustn’t comment the last topic* *bites own tongue*

4.  Ms Aya
September 20th, 2009 at 11:53 pm

Dear Krayle

I agree. We can’t fault the younger generation because they all have their own goals to go after. Good parents would encourage their children to pursue their ambition. It’s just sad that these shops will be gone in time to come. (_ _)lll
So while it’s still here, let’s just cherish these shops. Who knows? The things they have will one day become antique and rare items.

Dear Dino-chan

(Laughs) You also had this mug. I think it’s quite common for Malaysians to have this mug.
Natsukashii na…

Dear Sand
(Laughs) That’s so comical. Man vs toaster.
I do drink from a straw. As for lollipops, I prefer to lick, suck a bit until it’s loose then only I bite the whole thing and throw the stick away.
(Laughs) Resist, Sand — Resist. (^v^*)

5.  Sandage
September 21st, 2009 at 2:03 am

The toaster may have won some battles but I did win the war, take that you little piece of junk!!.

6.  kioko
September 21st, 2009 at 1:32 pm

I lovee those little shops too, things there are pretty cheap and you can get almost everything you need there^^
….and the end of your entry got me pretty speechless, you know lol

7.  krayle
September 22nd, 2009 at 10:29 am

When I read your reply, I imagined myself as a grandmother, holding one of those plastic scoops that are used for scooping water to shower, and telling a kid that it is a rare and antique item.




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