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Mood - Best you dont know

Mood - Best you don't know

Although I said not to show my face (as in literally) in this blog, it doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging until my hair of revenge is completed which might stretch for 6 months. (Laughs nervously) <^v^>

Anyway for the past few nights, I’ve been having my own LOST -Season 1- marathon. I became interested in LOST after watching the 3rd and 4th season however, I hardly understood because I have not watched the earlier episodes.

So I thought I catch up. My interest in LOST is also partially because I like one of the characters which is Sawyer, acted by Josh Holloway~. ↓

I don’t know what you think about him but I like him, especially his characteristics in LOST~.

A friend once asked me whether I’m into Western men; other than Asians. It got me thinking awhile before I could come up with an answer, which was still clouded with uncertainty. At that time, all I could think of was that I like men with black hair. <¬__¬>lll

I told her that and she asked, “Like who?”

“MMmmmmm…”, I pondered. “You know Sawyer from LOST? I  don’t mind a Western man like him — I guess.”

She shot a confused look at me and stated the obvious, “But he doesn’t have black hair.”


The conversation later dried up as I couldn’t answer her question as there were uncertainties biting into me. (Laughs)

My answer till today remains unspoken. <^x^>lll

[ . . . ]

Anyway — while going through some thoughts — Something funny came up~.

Western, Asian — whatever…One thing’s for sure — My destined man MUST NOT share the same face AND name as any of my family members!

I mean — In the name of — Uh — Jelly beans! <≥A≤>/

Imagine bedding a man who looks almost like your father…or uncle. <OAO>

Same goes for name. Imagine moaning your sister’s name.

How would you response to this?

For me…Well…. <._.>

[ . . . ]

[ ! ! ! ]

“Gross!” <≥A≤>/

“Scary shit!”

“It’s like incest!”

“One of the many horrors of copulation!!!”


[ . . . ]

Ok…Simmer down… <u_u> That won’t happen because I won’t let it.

[ . . . ]

(Laughs) There you have it, another out-from-nowhere thought. <u_u>

Now time to wrap up this nutcase by apprising minna-hun of my new cellphone~


It’s a Samsung Star, a touch screen phone with Wee-Fee access. I might write a review on it but not so soon as I only got it under a week. I want to fully understand how to use it so that I can write a proper review.

That said, this is the sheepish sheep — floating out into DEAD SPACE~! ↓


Baa-bai~! <^ε^>

PS: ↑ Auwlithe has not been making much appearance lately. Baa…Give my dog some love, please~♥

PPS: There are holes in this entry but — I think some things are meant to just not exist yet. Again, sheep is being elliptical so uh — Baa. <T_T>