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Mood - Dandy

Mood - Dandy

Looks like there won’t be any entries for you to read until the sheep returns from her road trip. <u_u>

Baa…Gomenapai, people. <;__;>

Sheep has been enjoying a lot lately at the same time, feeling guilty for being ‘too greedy’. (Laughs nervously) So with that said, may you all have a share of fun and happiness too. \<^v^>/~★!

Regarding my Twitter, you might not be able to see many updates there because my cellphone can’t seem to connect to the Internet at the moment. Something is awfully wrong with my Opera Mini. (Tears)

Baa… <—ω—>

Sheep has to go now. Baa-bai~♪! \<ˆεˆ*>

RUN!!! R-U-N-A-W-A-Y!

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Mood - High (Laughs)

Mood - High (Laughs)


I’m in a hurry now so I’ll update this entry later, when I have some spare time.

Mean while, feast your eyes on my latest drawing~!


!! Flees !!

— Update: 7:18 p.m —

Sheep is back from watching G.I Joe! Before I comment on the movie, let me first write a bit about my latest drawing which has been displayed earlier in this entry itself. ↑

Last week, I went in a boutique to browse for clothes but somehow, I taken more interest in their decorations, especially the musical carousel. Unfortunately, I was told they were not for sale.

So — as a revenge, I drew my own. (Laughs)

I don’t know why but when I think of horses in a carousel, I always feel that they wish to runaway to their freedom. Like they are not meant to be eye-candies, going in circles to a melody. I’m not good in words thus, the drawing. (Laughs nervously)

Can’t say I did a good job because they look very stiff and lifeless…By the way, I did some copying too so the art is not 100% original. (Tears)


Moving on to G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra,

It’s totally filled with non-stop action and best of all — No stupid intense kissing/making out scenes! Woo hooo!!!! More air-time for trading punches! (Laughs)

My favorite part is the accelerator action! *As to what my brother describes them; a couple of crazy jumping jelly beans. (Laughs)* You’ve probably seen this action on the trailer but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much more to it! 

So if you like fast-paced action with explosions and lots of ass kicking — by all means, watch G.I Joe. Do keep a lookout for 2 familiar actors. Here’s a clue: The Mummy. (Grins)

O~h well…The upcoming movies that I’m looking forward in excitement are:

  • 2012
  • Final Destination 4[?]

In case I don’t blog in the coming weeks, just know that I’ll be going on a road trip with Nic and Fe again. (Laughs) It seems that my plans to work outside has been postponed for some reasons. <u_u>


Sheep is tired.

Good night~♥

Today’s main meal: ↓

Can I survive on one meal a day? (Gulps)

PS: Sorry for the lack of emoticons. Sheep is very sleepy and can’t wait to retire for the day. Good night. <—ω—>/

PPS: What comes to mind when I think of Hasbro? Baa… <u_u> I’m imagining Furbies blinking their huge, ferocious eyes and singing lullabies in my head. <x_x>

The Sheep — Rants!

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Mood - Vibrant

Mood - Vibrant

In front of the laptop is a mouth-itching sheep that can’t wait to feast on her potato chips~! ↓

You can imagine the nasty grin hidden behind that bag of chips~! (Laughs)


Sheep doesn’t understand…Why do some people park their cars in prohibited areas despite having plenty of vacant lots? <.__.>{?]

For instance, these cars. ↓

These cars are parked under this shady walkway that is meant for pedestrians. Knowing Malaysians, sad to say most of them adopt this ‘Never mind, it’s ok!’ attitude when it comes to consideration, little do they know the consequences that happens to other people in regards of their selfishness. <`A´>

What’s so grand about their cars that they have to be shaded? Can’t stand the heat? <`A´>

Do know, there are people who have their cars parked at the far end and they have to walk under the sun to get in the complex. How about when it rains heavily? <u_u>

Last week, I came here with mum and we got caught in the rain because the cars occupied the walkway. Sheep was flabbergasted indeed! <`A´>

So anyway today… ↓ <´•ω•`>

I deliberately left the trolley in front of one the cars. Usually, I put back the trolleys to where they belong no matter how far the distance is, but just for today — Sheep decided to be an asshole. (Laughs)

It’s a small revenge however, I’m pretty sure it will annoy and get to the other car owners. I say this because the owner of this Toyota Vios would probably just push the trolley to the next car and then, the next person would push it to block the other car and so forth. <`ε´>/

If you are shitty enough to park for your selfish convenience, it’s no surprise that you will block other cars with the trolley just because 15 steps is equivalent to 1,000 steps for you.

Baa… <u_u>

Although this car matter is a trivial one, it’s very hard to overlook such attitude. They don’t just apply this lousy attitude when it comes to cars; they also cultivate it in many other ways that you can think of.

What other ways do I speak of? You tell me. <¬__¬>lll

Sheep has to leave now. Must—eat—potato chips–before bro finishes them on his own–! <TAT>/


Meet sheep and her brother~! ↑

We are about the same height. (Laughs) <^x^>/

Mood - Fatigue

Mood - Fatigue

Good day, everyone~!

It’s obvious — my blog’s layout has changed~! ↓

Originally, this blog theme is painted in blue but I decided to add some personal touch to the theme and voila — This is the result of my amateur skills in CSS. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

Nevertheless, credit still goes to Prelco, for creating this awesome blog theme and allowing other fellow bloggers to download it for free. <^x^>/

There are some minor editions that I might be doing later however to my regrets, I have to apprise everyone that if you wish to fill in comments, you’ll have to click on the title of the post because for some reason, there isn’t an upfront comment button that is suppose to lead you to the comment form. <´.__.`>lll

It can be very troublesome thus, I don’t expect many comments from now on, as long as this theme is in use. Unless miraculously, sheep suddenly turn into a computer wizard and resolve this problem. <—ω—> (Laughs)

Having that said, sheep apologizes for the inconvenience. <_  _>lll

About the colors, I was very tempted to ‘pinkify’ the blog however, upon the thought of my male readers, I brought myself to use colors such as blue and yellow. I really hope my combination of colors isn’t hurting anyone’s eyes — boys or girls. <´.__.`>lll

For now, baa-bai~! <^v^>/