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Mood - Sick

Mood - Sick

(Laughs nervously)

How is everyone? I hope none of you are sick like sheep. This sheep got food poisoning and now in the process of recovery. Doc said I need to drink lots of water, eat fruits and force myself to vomit whenever I have the urge to. So please be careful with what you eat. Vomiting isn’t a smooth-go and it can be very painful. <u_u>

Though vomiting has helped me loose some weight. (Laughs nervously)


I’m back from my road trip~ As much as I love to blog about my road trip with Nic and Fe… We’ll have to wait until I get the remaining photos from Fe. <^-^>lll

Fe hugging Nic~

Therefore, I’ll share my trip stories with you another day, ok? <^-^*>

For now, well…I suddenly have the urge to play with my old tamagotchis again~

You know, those little virtual creatures that you can’t make out what the hell they are, lives in a plastic egg-shaped device, behind a mono-screen and 3 little rubber buttons [A, B, C] for you to rapidly press.

Every 5 minutes or less, the thing beeps for attention, shits, sleeps, gets bored…etc. But when you are too busy to entertain the damn thing, you either: Pause it, put it to sleep or get your little siblings to baby sit it.

Days later, it evolves into some weird ass creature which you might not like and then, what do you do? <.__.>

You restart the tamagotchi.

Seriously, I hate it when it just hatched out of the egg. Damn irritating and noisy. Grr! <`A´>/ (Frustrated)

[ . . . ]

Well yes, I’m still going to play with that annoying thing again. <—ω—> (Laughs)

Apart from this, sheep is also going to play… ↓

(Laughs) Successfully installed Dead Space~! I think the next time my bro wants to install any games, I should do it since he doesn’t have the patience to go through it. Baa~ <^-^> I bet Silent Hill Home Coming can be played on his PC. So will probably try that later. (Laughs)

By the way, I saw Pixy and his family in Penang. I waved happily at him but he never responded. In lieu, he and his family just gave me some sort of deviant smile! ↓

Pixy, you bastard… <TAT>

De, Ms Aya, taking her dog out for a short walk — reporting out~!