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RUN!!! R-U-N-A-W-A-Y!

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Mood - High (Laughs)

Mood - High (Laughs)


I’m in a hurry now so I’ll update this entry later, when I have some spare time.

Mean while, feast your eyes on my latest drawing~!


!! Flees !!

— Update: 7:18 p.m —

Sheep is back from watching G.I Joe! Before I comment on the movie, let me first write a bit about my latest drawing which has been displayed earlier in this entry itself. ↑

Last week, I went in a boutique to browse for clothes but somehow, I taken more interest in their decorations, especially the musical carousel. Unfortunately, I was told they were not for sale.

So — as a revenge, I drew my own. (Laughs)

I don’t know why but when I think of horses in a carousel, I always feel that they wish to runaway to their freedom. Like they are not meant to be eye-candies, going in circles to a melody. I’m not good in words thus, the drawing. (Laughs nervously)

Can’t say I did a good job because they look very stiff and lifeless…By the way, I did some copying too so the art is not 100% original. (Tears)


Moving on to G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra,

It’s totally filled with non-stop action and best of all — No stupid intense kissing/making out scenes! Woo hooo!!!! More air-time for trading punches! (Laughs)

My favorite part is the accelerator action! *As to what my brother describes them; a couple of crazy jumping jelly beans. (Laughs)* You’ve probably seen this action on the trailer but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much more to it! 

So if you like fast-paced action with explosions and lots of ass kicking — by all means, watch G.I Joe. Do keep a lookout for 2 familiar actors. Here’s a clue: The Mummy. (Grins)

O~h well…The upcoming movies that I’m looking forward in excitement are:

  • 2012
  • Final Destination 4[?]

In case I don’t blog in the coming weeks, just know that I’ll be going on a road trip with Nic and Fe again. (Laughs) It seems that my plans to work outside has been postponed for some reasons. <u_u>


Sheep is tired.

Good night~♥

Today’s main meal: ↓

Can I survive on one meal a day? (Gulps)

PS: Sorry for the lack of emoticons. Sheep is very sleepy and can’t wait to retire for the day. Good night. <—ω—>/

PPS: What comes to mind when I think of Hasbro? Baa… <u_u> I’m imagining Furbies blinking their huge, ferocious eyes and singing lullabies in my head. <x_x>