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Hair of Revenge!

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Mood - Pathetic

Mood - Pathetic


KIMETA! \<`A´>/

Sheep shall not post any photos of her face in this blog (and Facebook) until she has fulfilled her hair of revenge~!

!! Roar !!

(watches everyone let out a relief of being spared from her ugly face)

Yes, I feel good too. (Laughs)

Mood - Normal

Mood - Normal

Last night, after watching ‘Diary of the Dead’, an American film by George A. Romero — I started thinking to myself, “What happens if a zombie infection occurs? How can sheep and other living beings survive this apocalypse?”

You know, when the ‘dead’ walks and feeds on living beings — What if this shit really happen one day? <≥A≤>/ ↓

For instance, on one lovely, sunny afternoon, you are at a park with your girlfriend, sharing an ice-cream and all of the sudden, a commotion roars across the both of you. People screaming at the top of their lungs and runs amok in fright. Curious, you and your girl cautiously take a few steps forward to find a flock of bloody people limping unusually. Some bodies are lying on the ground, lifeless, while what seems to be a ‘live’ human, is feasting on the fearful hot dog vendor. Then slowly, you digest the situation and realize that you have seen this on the cinema’s screen.

“This is incredulous”, you mutter under your breath. (Or if you’re a Malaysian, you might say, “Babi betul…”)

From there, what would you do? <.___.>{?]

Before we get around to answering that, let’s talk a little about zombies and their attributes.

* Zombies: Beings (humans, animals..) that are supposedly dead but still living and walking the earth. They are also known as ‘The Undead’ and ‘ The Walking Dead.’

There are a variation of sources on how zombies come about. In the folklore and mythology saying, zombies are made through spells like voodoo in which a sorcerer grants life to a corpse in exchange for his labor. Despite his resurrection, he is still lifeless and do as foretold. Another type of zombie is the restless, once-upon-a-time living beings that continues to walk above the surface with the help of spiritual or supernatural forces. They will live until they accomplish their mission or purpose.

Those are zombies in the folklore and mythology concept which resurrects through supernatural means. The kind of zombie apocalypse I’m referring to is the modern type that are often portrayed as mindless, flesh-eating — which can only be killed by putting a bullet in the head–  zombies. The type that can infect other living creatures and convert them into their kind as well. “Hey! Join the party!” *Bites*

[ . . . ]

… I hope I’ve successfully articulated my point by now. <´•__•`>lll

So back to the main question… By whatever means, virus outbreak or so, what do you think you can do to survive this horror?

If you want to know what I think, well — I watched zombie movies like ‘Night of the Living Dead’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Quarantine’ and many more. And I must say it’s quite saddening because in this sort of situation, it’s very hard to win because when the infection grows, chances of surviving are as thin as paper.

I really wish I can say, “I’ll load myself with firearms, just like the movies, and barricade myself in some place safe. Then, play a game of sniping from the rooftop until a chopper comes to my rescue.” But unfortunately, I live in Malaysia and reality speaking — we’ve got no damn gun stores along our streets! It is illegal to keep guns in your house here to begin with!

So yea, if there is a zombie apocalypse in Malaysia — We are doom for extinction! <`A´>

(Laughs nervously)

Ok, seriously — How to survive in a zombie infection situation…?

Well, I will have to go with Dawn of the Dead’s strategy. The survivors barricade themselves inside a deserted shopping mall, which I think is a good place because there’s food, drinks and lots of equipments that can be useful. Also, security cameras to monitor other parts of the building.

In the movie, the escape plan is to make their way to a boat and sail across the sea where the zombies can’t reach them. Sounds like a good idea..And it will be provided the zombies can’t swim. <^-^>lll

(Laughs) I guess if such disaster happens, I would probably resort to this strategy, after assessing other possible solutions of course. Hopefully I don’t die so soon because according to the Facebook’s quiz result, sheep’d be one of the first to die. (Cries) <;__;>

Sucks…That’s why sheep is posting this entry in hopes of discussing a practical survival guide. (Laughs)

Though… I somehow feel that sheep is the only silly idiot who is thinking of this kind of stuff. How lonely… <u_u,> (Tears)

Oh well, this is Ms Aya the sheep, the culprit of this really ridiculous entry. <—ω—>/

Oh, one last question: Suppose your love one turns into a zombie and starts attacking you, will you have the heart to put an end (as in ‘don’t-come-back-to-life-again’ end) to his/her life? <.___.>{?] How do you think you’d feel after pulling the trigger? Remorse?

Baa~♥ Sore ja! \<^v^*>

[ . . . ]

No, this entry isn’t blogged by a boy who’s obsess with the undead. Instead, it’s blogged by a sheepish girl who loves pink and rainbows very much. <^-^*>/

* Information extracted from:

More info on zombie survival:

Mood - Merry

Mood - Merry

Not very long ago, I skimped through my autograph book that was signed by my buddies from the National Service camp. They jot down their contact numbers and left messages like “Wish You Luck in Life”, “Be Happy!”, “Keep in Touch!”, “Friends Forever!” — the kind of words you can find in greeting cards. As a bonus, they also wrote their first impressions about me. <^-^*>

(Laughs) Impressions… <u_u>

This is something we all like to know. I’m sure you do get curious and want to know what do people think of you at the beginning and whether you succeeded in making a good and strong impact to people’s minds. We want people to think nicely of us at first sight because only then we are able to win their favors.

First impression is everything to initiate a good bonding. By means, we want to discrete people who ‘I-want-to-meet-again’ and simply the ones to stay away from. We all observe, criticize, judge and categorize people in such a way.

It is our nature to be judgmental. <T_T>

Although some people denies it, the fact remains. Or perhaps a more modest word to be used in this situation: Just being cautious.

On the first meeting, you wouldn’t even think of dating a man who talks a mountain of his ex-girlfriend because you can tell that throughout the acquaintance, he’s going to drown you with stories of his ex-girlfriend. You’d get the impression that this man dwells too much in the past and it’s not going to be healthy for you. Just like you wouldn’t want a man who keeps stuttering to be the guest speaker of your upcoming event.

The importance of giving out good impressions needs no emphasis as I trust you all are already aware of it. It could earn you a friend, a lover or a business opportunity at the same time, loose them all –  Results of first impressions.

(Laughs nervously) I’m actually wondering if I’m doing a good job in making significant and positive impressions. Despite my ignorance towards people and their feelings, sheep needs a job therefore, sheep will just have to hang in there and gulp everything down the throat. <¬__¬>lll

I guess the key to creating an incredible impression is to be honest — at all times. Be yourself.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you can get away with your bad habits. You should study the situation and then act accordingly; behave appropriately.

Yosh~! Sheep has to work hard in being human! <`A´>/

So anyway, on your side — How do you impress a person whom you meet for the first time? And what do people normally think of you?

Do they later discover that they were wrong about you when they first met you?

In addition, what do you want them to think of you and what NOT to? <.__.>{?]

Baa…Talk to me~

The flow of this entry is bad so, I apologize. Sheep’s mind is very muddled and can’t seem to focus. Maybe it’s because I have not eaten dinner yet so the brain is drying up. (Laughs nervously)

PS: I changed my ice-cream phone’s look~! ↓




While traveling, some of the flower petals came off so I removed everything. A~ah well, I like the way it is right now. Simple and easy. <^-^>/~

Mood - Sick

Mood - Sick

(Laughs nervously)

How is everyone? I hope none of you are sick like sheep. This sheep got food poisoning and now in the process of recovery. Doc said I need to drink lots of water, eat fruits and force myself to vomit whenever I have the urge to. So please be careful with what you eat. Vomiting isn’t a smooth-go and it can be very painful. <u_u>

Though vomiting has helped me loose some weight. (Laughs nervously)


I’m back from my road trip~ As much as I love to blog about my road trip with Nic and Fe… We’ll have to wait until I get the remaining photos from Fe. <^-^>lll

Fe hugging Nic~

Therefore, I’ll share my trip stories with you another day, ok? <^-^*>

For now, well…I suddenly have the urge to play with my old tamagotchis again~

You know, those little virtual creatures that you can’t make out what the hell they are, lives in a plastic egg-shaped device, behind a mono-screen and 3 little rubber buttons [A, B, C] for you to rapidly press.

Every 5 minutes or less, the thing beeps for attention, shits, sleeps, gets bored…etc. But when you are too busy to entertain the damn thing, you either: Pause it, put it to sleep or get your little siblings to baby sit it.

Days later, it evolves into some weird ass creature which you might not like and then, what do you do? <.__.>

You restart the tamagotchi.

Seriously, I hate it when it just hatched out of the egg. Damn irritating and noisy. Grr! <`A´>/ (Frustrated)

[ . . . ]

Well yes, I’m still going to play with that annoying thing again. <—ω—> (Laughs)

Apart from this, sheep is also going to play… ↓

(Laughs) Successfully installed Dead Space~! I think the next time my bro wants to install any games, I should do it since he doesn’t have the patience to go through it. Baa~ <^-^> I bet Silent Hill Home Coming can be played on his PC. So will probably try that later. (Laughs)

By the way, I saw Pixy and his family in Penang. I waved happily at him but he never responded. In lieu, he and his family just gave me some sort of deviant smile! ↓

Pixy, you bastard… <TAT>

De, Ms Aya, taking her dog out for a short walk — reporting out~!