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Mood - Hyper and perky

Mood - Hyper and perky

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The cutting is too low~! <∏A∏>

(Laughs) This is the extremely happy Ms Aya who dug out an old dress from her closet~ v<^ε^>b

I wore this dress a couple of times and if my memory serves me right, I stopped wearing this provocative dress ever since I got my ass groped by a bastard. (Tears)

Though the touch lasted for less than 5 seconds, it had me frightened for days and it stretched to weeks! I hope that bastard had his hands chopped off in the most slow, painful and malicious way! In addition, may a rhino anal-fucks him each time he thinks of grabbing other woman’s ass! Plus each time he wanks himself, he shall start having diarrhea through his dick! (ROAR!) <`A´>/

Don’t tell me that I’m being mean and unreasonable or the fact that I shouldn’t wear such a dress in public. It is not my fault for — Rephrase — NOT ANY WOMAN’S FAULT for the mishap things that happens to them. A woman’s dressing SHOULDN’T be the cause of their misfortune with men! The misfortune I’m talking about is getting molested, raped, flashed and any other forms of sexual assault.

I’m not sure if there’s still a debate about women DESERVED to be sexually assaulted because of their dressing code. But I should think everyone knows that victims are victims — no one asked for it.

There was once, in the newspaper column, a woman wrote about female victims of sex predators and how they had to live through the scars and fear everyday. The following week, a man replied to the column saying that some women DESERVED to get raped — because of the way they dress.

Likewise, many people opposed his stupid statement. How in the world can this person say that women deserved to fall victims to their prey with the way they dress?

It’s like saying one deserves to die for happening to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. ← (Can’t think of a better phrase…But you get the idea, I hope)

Give the victims a break, will you? They are already suffering physically and mentally, there’s absolutely no need to add salt to the wounds by saying they DESERVE it.

Ok, I know that dressing like a skank is very tempting for some guys to hover the air with lust. Revealing clothes make it seem very inviting for men to fantasize and eventually, develops the urge to get in her pants. This is why some women fall victim to their prey because they displayed such invitation. However, that does not mean they asked or deserved it and that it’s alright for the offender to do such a thing.

In fact, there are women who were sexually assaulted even though they were fully dressed up! Take the Malays for an example. They are fully covered from head to toe and yet they get targeted by fucking sex predators. Do they deserve it? Did they ask for it? No…There wasn’t a banner stamped on their foreheads saying, “Just bang me hard!”

So what makes anyone think that girls in less clothes are calling out for a bang?

As you can piece this out, it does not take provocative clothes to lure these sick bastards — They are sick to the point some are desperate enough to ram their rods into any woman or girl let her be just a mere baby, blind, ugly or autistic.

These bastards shouldn’t be pardoned nor should we provide excuses for their actions such as  — Oh, the girl dressed too skimpily and he couldn’t control his lust hence it’s her fault. That wretch!

Anyway about the column, another point which probably angered people the most was that he said, since the women got raped, why not enjoy the sex while at it?

Damn, this article was years ago — If I can find it, I would definitely let you read what this fella has written.

You would be flabbergasted, I tell you. Unless you agree with him… <T_T> (Stares daggers)

!! ROAR !!

I like this dress and would love to wear it again… But as you can see from above, I might get unwanted attention so… ↓

I better wear a blouse inside…Just to be safe…

Suppose anything happen to me, I don’t want to be blame for wearing such a low cut dress despite that it shouldn’t be my fault. Baa… <u_u>

You know…I’m very lucky that nothing ill has bestowed upon me. I have some friends who got their asses grabbed many times whereas it only happened once for me. I do get obscene flashers from time to time but none too vicious. Speaking of which, last week — There were 2 maybe-unintentional flashers.

First one happened while I was about to climb up the stairs. A man descended and stood 3 – 5 steps away from me. I didn’t pay much attention at first for I was trying to carry my luggage (I was exhausted so it was difficult to even lift the luggage up the steps). Then I felt suspicious because he stood there too long.

So I looked over to have found him pissing by the side. It was a hideous sight and not something I wanted to see after 5 hours of train ride.

The following day, I saw a man lifting up his shirt and beneath was an exposed underwear G-string; PINK and BLUE was the color. If I had been closer, his pubic hair would be scarily visible. <x__x>

If I’m not mistaken, this could be the same man that I mentioned in one of my old entries. <o_o>


Enough of my rants… <u_u>

Let me hear yours regarding this topic, ok? <^x^>/

↑ Baa! I went to the hair saloon yesterday to have my hair colored. The color is not going to be apparent until a few washes so let’s wait together to see how brownish it gets, ok?

That’s all for today’s entry~!

This is Ms Aya the sheep, ending this post with her *‘Mendokusei’ face~

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Hona, sheep is going outstation tomorrow!

Guu~waa!!!! <≥A≤>/

* Troublesome