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Honey, I’m Home!

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Mood - Nerdy

Mood - Nerdy

I’m back from my trip!

As stated in my previous entry, I stayed at my bro’s place in Damansara prior to the road trip with my friends.

We met up on Thursday (9th July) and the next day, we shoot off to Cameron Highlands, in Fe’s car!

It was only the 3 of us who went up there so without further ado, let me introduce to you my childhood friends! ↓

The Characters

The Wild, Sporting and Don’t-Mess-With-Me Babe

Name: Felicia (Fe)

Age: 20+

Star sign: Libra

Blood type: O

Relationship status: Taken!

The Smart, Animal lover and Know-What-She-Wants Chick

Name: Nicole (Nic)

Age: 20+

Star sign: Scorpio

Blood type: O

Relationship status: Single!

The Uneducated Luggage Who Lives in Her Own World


I should think you already know my details.

By the way, they always call me by my middle name and sometimes “Ash” for short.

As for relationship, sheep is single!

(Laughs nervously)

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