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Mood - Bored

Mood - Bored


I’m left alone in my brother’s place. I’m kind of thankful that he left behind his laptop for me. Otherwise, it will be hard for me to by pass the free time~ <^ω^>/

I won’t be meeting my friends until Thursday so I’m just gonna stay up here and read this giant book of The Punisher~. ↓

… A very thick book that is filled with gory and sadistic methods of punishing criminals. The Punisher, Frank Castle, is a real bad ass vigilante. Has anyone read the comics or at least, watched the movie yet? (Punisher: Warzone) <.__.>{?]

(My favorite page: ↑)

Prior to this, I don’t really like comics that are based on heroism (especially American heroes) such as Spiderman, Dare Devil, Captain America, Incredible Hulk etc. They just never appealed to me however, I probably like The Punisher because of the sadistic and hard core methods he uses to dispel crime. Other heroes are too lenient. <¬_¬>

Anyway, when it comes to vigilantes, there seem to have lots of controversial opinions whereby some people disagree with the illegal action taken upon criminals by a citizen while others support vigilantes for finishing jobs that cops can’t or won’t do.

In the first place, do you know how fictional superheroes like Batman came about? <.__.>{?]

Well, I was told that these heroes were inspired during the dark ages when crimes were rising to no limits. Innocent people who were living in those days could only dreamed of someone to help clear the streets from vicious and malicious criminals. <u_u>

With this pure hopes and dreams, heroes like Batman and Captain Nazi[?] were born. <^-^>

Now that I think about it properly, we can’t seem to create new  and fresh fictional characters with strong heroism and personailty because — their inspiration is not strong and pure enough. I mean, if Batman and Spiderman inspired you, that outcome would probably be as close as Batman and Spiderman thus, creating a ripped off character. I just think that we should get inspiration from ourselves and not look at others to get any. This way, what you create is something that came out from your heart and no one else can ever create the same thing that you do.

I won’t be surprise if some movies are created solely for the reason of profiting a fortune. This is exactly why they can’t beat the classics.

Baa… <u_u>

I’m not one to speak though…

[ . . . ]

(Laughs nervously)

What am I babeling here… <^-^>lll Sorry, sorry! I got lost in thoughts.


Regarding the very first picture in this post (no, not the sheep avatar), my hair looks very frizzy and dry, ne?

Here’s a closer shot~: ↓

It has been damaged badly by the previous perm. Even my hair color has gone wild! (Tears)

… I want my brown hair back. <∏A∏>

Oh well… On the good side, my hair has grown longer, which makes me very happy~. ↓

I wanna carry on growing my hair of revenge~!!! (LAUGHS)

…Baa… I must go now. <u_u,>

Blog to you all again some other time!


Before I go…  I should think this is the first time you all have ever seen me wearing other colors besides pink, white and brown…Correct? ↓


Shoot…Looks like I’ve put on some weight. (Cries) <;__;>

PS: I’m missing my dearest Auwlithe. The other day I gave mum a phone call to check up on her and Auwlithe. Mum said he stopped drinking water ever since I left the house. Auwlithe knows that when I go out with a large luggage, that means I won’t be around for some time. Poor baby…I hope by now he has already drank some water.