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Painted Sheep on the Roll

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Mood - Genki

Mood - Genki

Hell~o, people!

Ms Aya is all cheered up and ready to blog — with high spirits! (Laughs)

I thank those of you who were concerned for me. Although I did not speak out my problems, you all were caring enough to comfort me. Thank you! <`v´>/!

With the given encouragements, I’ll blog a long entry in order to make up for last week’s absence. But it won’t be long enough to compensate for next week’s absence! <`v´>/

Well, sheep will be going outstation to meet 2 childhood buddies. It has been 5 long years since we last hung out together plus, as a special reunion and us reaching 21 years old, we are going on a road trip somewhere to do our very own photoshoot. <`x´>

The girls are planning to use make-up and even though I don’t fancy using cosmetics, I guess I’ll go along with them. It would totally suck if I ended up spoiling their photos with my plain and ugly face. (Laughs)

Furthermore, I don’t want to be the only spoilsport between the girls. How can I let my noobish side get to me, right?

FIGHT~O! <`v´>/

With this intention, I went shopping for make-up last week. ↓

At first, I was pretty excited upon the thought of photoshooting with the girls. However, upon reaching the facial shops, my sheepish face slowly turned into an incredibly dumbfounded expression. <º−º>lll

“What am I suppose to buy anyway?” <º−º>lll

All that I had in mind came to a pause as though my clockwork got jammed and moments later, I found myself leaving the complex — empty handed. (Laughs nervously)

I know jack squat about cosmetics! <`A´>

I see them in magazines but never give much attention because in my eyes, everything looks the same. Though I admit, I admire the color palates and the cute bottles and boxes~. <—ω—>

Come to think about it, I hardly browse through the make-up section and whenever I happen to glance over, I always think of fruits and candies because of the way they are packaged. Sometimes I feel that it is the packaging that attracts women to buy them. It is because of the colors and the fanciness? Or they look like yummy sweets?

Who knows… <u_u>

Speaking of make-ups and sweets, when I was small, I thought make-ups were sweets, just like I mistook condoms for chewing gums. <_  _>


The following day (after equipping myself with bits of knowledge on cosmetics), I went to the same place and decided to do all my make-up shopping in Etude House (By the way, I chose based on the color of the shop). (Laughs)

↑ Cosmetics from Korea

While I was sampling the foundations, I couldn’t help but to be amazed either at the artistry of cosmetic or my ignorance towards them.

“Eh? What’s the difference with this foundation and the other one?”, I fumbled. When skin color is concern, they are almost the same.

Either I saw everything yellow because of the dim lights OR I am indeed blind. Anyhow, I just picked one foundation and a lip tint to go with it. ↓


If you’re wondering how I look like with make-up, here’s a reference: ↓

*Winked out of genkiness*

I applied:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Lip tint
  • Eye mascara

(Laughs) Instead of beautifying, I feel more like I’m dirtying my face. Imagine a guy kisses me on the cheeks…he would definitely go, “Bluuueeek! You taste so artificial!” Then again, I’m not in a relationship so there’s no one to kiss me. Y~ay! “Keep your tongue to yourself, dick!”

But seriously, the taste sucks. I accidentally licked a bit of foundation from the corner of my lips and after drinking so much of water and other beverages, the awful taste is still lingering. Yuck!


Initially, I thought I’d look scary with make-up on, just like my mother and that woman. But I guess I won’t as long as I stick to a pinch of cosmetics.

Just so you get my meaning of scary…

Mum used to be a typical 9a.m. – 5p.m. working woman and everyday, she wore make-up before she goes to work. After work, she often returned home with her cranky mood and with that, her temper flared at even the smallest and insignificant matter. In addition to her yells and screams, her painted face emphasized more fear as she looked like a witch.

As for that woman, the 3rd wife of that man…I remember it took 1 word from my mouth to make her cry until her make-up begun smudging all over her face. I was 9 years old at that time and did not know much about cosmetics so I actually thought her face was melting — literally…It wasn’t a likable sight.


Ok…I must stop now before I get too random with this post. <u__u>

I suppose I’ll be blogging again after I return from outstation.

In the mean time — Everyone, please take care and enjoy your summer~

Today’s breakfast: Eggs and bread ↑

Today’s clothes and hair style: Pink dress and hair tied in 2 loose buns. ↑

PS: Hey…I just realized that this entry mostly consist of negative words such as “don’ts”, “never”, “—n’t”…

Looks like I gotta learn how to use positive words to color my entries! ROAR!

PPS: According to the doctor, the red patches on my cheeks are all along — freckles. <OAO>{!!!]

“Eraikotcha” indeed. <OAO>