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Black Jack Ni Narichatta!

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Dear Friends and Readers,

This is Ms Aya who just turned into a fine 21 year old sheep. I want to thank all those who wished me Happy Birthday on such a significant day~

Also not forgetting those who greeted me in advance. <^-^>/

Thanks for the email, smses, Facebook messages and the comments in PaperDiaries!

It was very thoughtful and sweet of everyone~!

Todays Outfit

Today's Outfit

One naughty fella even tagged me in this photo! <`ω´>/ ↓

(Laughs) <^v^>/

Overall, I had a pleasant day~

My neighbors even cooked dinner and bought me a cake. ↓

(Smiles) . . .

How kind… <°ˆωˆ°> Baa~

So once again, I thank everyone for wishing and remembering my birthday.


[ . . . ]

Other than saying “Thank You”, I don’t know what else to say… <´•__•`> (Gulps)

[ . . . ]

!! runs away !!

My neighbors and mum

PS: Baa… Where’s my mum? <.__.>{?]