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Mood - Bubbly
Mood – Bubbly

Good evening~!

Writing to you is Ms Aya, the sheep that finds it hard to curl her lips into a smile. I guess I’m used to smiling with my heart~. (Laughs nervously)

In my previous entry, I said that I’ll show minna-hun my Sim’s house, didn’t I? <´•ω•`>

Well without further ado, allow me to give you a quick tour around my Sim’s house~. (Laughs)


I admit — I used the cheat to get more money to build this house. Because for starters, I don’t think you can afford to occupy such a huge compound. (Laughs nervously)

Let’s go in together from the front door. (There isn’t a backdoor for my Sim’s house anyway)

Here’s the top view of the house. As you can see, there’s ample space in the living hall. While building this house, I underestimated the space count and as a result — I’m left with an empty looking hall.

The TV set area. Until now, my Sim has never switched on the TV. <—ω—> ↑

The work station → Treadmill, painting stand[?], computer and bookshelf. The arched entrance leads to my kitchen and dining hall. ↑

This is my country-style kitchen. When I have my own house one day, I would love to have wooden materials all over my house! — Provided there won’t be termites around. (Gulps)

You can enter the room from the hall. My Sim’s room is divided into 2 sections; Study room (↑) and then the bedroom (↓).

My spacious bedroom~♥

I like sunflowers a lot so I put as many as I could in the bedroom.

Reality speaking, I attempted to keep my own sunflowers a few times but failed. The last time I grew my own sunflowers, I religiously took care of it until I discovered I was actually nourishing WEEDS! <≥A≤>/

Back to second life… ↓

The house have only 1 toilet which links to the bedroom. Well… I don’t like other Sims to use my Sim’s toilet. In fact, when they want to use my Sim’s toilet, I would take away the door and let them suffer.<`A´>/

Baa.. Maybe I should put a small public toilet outside my house since I have so much of space. <u_u> (Laughs)

So there you have it, a quick tour to my Sim’s house. <^x^>/~

A very simple house with little creativity. I’m sure you all can design better houses than sheep. (Laughs) <^ε^>/~

Alright, I need to speed up now. In awhile, sheep needs to go to church and she’ll be wearing… ↓

… This RM49.90 dress which she bought at SUNFLOWER~

I also bought a new pair of sandals~! ↓

It has been some time since I last wore a pair of wedges[?]. The other day, I playfully tried on a pair of stilettos. I always avoided stilettos because I’m quite clumsy and heavy-footed. However, I thought maybe I’m more graceful now so I tried them on.

As expected, I tripped before I could even take a step. <_  _>lll (Tears)

Baa~ I shall stick to wedges[?]. <^x^>lll

I don’t know whether some of you church-goers feel this but — Whenever I attend mass, I normally sit in front and sometimes, I get scared that the priest might notice that I’m not paying attention to the readings and that he might point out to me and scold, “You there! I can read your mind! Stop dreaming of running along the hills!!!”


So with that… I’ll usually cover my face with every strand of hair I have, thinking that the priest won’t be able to catch me drifting away, mentally. <T_T>

However today is going to be different… I’m gonna clip up my hair and expose my obscene forehead. (Laughs) ↓

(Stop staring at my baby hair!!!)

Let’s see if the priest can see through me today. (Laughs) <`ω´>/


I’m leaving the computer now~

Sheep will reply everyone later in the night, ok? <.___.>

If I don’t.. That means I’m either reading a book or watching “Boys Over Flowers”. <^-^>lll ↓


PS: I’m listening to Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody” and “If Everyone Cares” via Youtube. The lyrics for these songs are beautiful~!

Does anyone have these songs? If so, can someone please email me them? <´•__•`>

[UPDATE - 9.09 p.m]

… I just learned that… One of the priest passed away on the 10th June and tomorrow is his funeral ceremony… (Tears)