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This is sheep whose birthday is nigh. (Laughs)

Besides Pixy, Kenny and sheep, are any of you born in the month of June too? <.__.>{?]

If I can list out 11 people who are born in June, then we can form a football team called “The Gemini Cancer!”. <•`ω´•>

Sheep will be the goal keeper. (Laughs)


I’m done with 2 new artwork~.

First piece:

I don’t have any comments about the character above because I just drew him for the fun of it. I just wanted to test out the new marker to see if it can create the kind of strokes I need. <•`__´•>

Looking at the strokes… I think it will be an asset to my future drawings. <´•__•`>

Second piece:

↑ Above, is my second artwork on Scissor Sally. Similar to before, I used a paint brush and straw to create the splats. As for the clothes, I shaded using an oil pastel.

(Laughs nervously) Before Daisuke says it, allow me to point out my own mistakes:

  • The scissor and the hands are not proportionate.
  • Lack of details and folds on the clothes.
  • The heart shape is not on the pocket and not above it.
  • Chintzy[?]
  • Senseless and messy.

I only realized my mistakes after inking the drawing so — Nupo! <≥A≤>/

As expected from an ordinary O type girl… (Tears)

Oh ya, I dug out my old books and found some old drawings. ↓

Silly huh? <^-^>

[ . . . } <´•__•`>

A~ah well… ↓

As usual, much apologies from this untalented sheep. <´•__•`>

Until next time, baa-bai~

Tonight’s drink will be — Choya~!

PS: Boring entry, I know… <-__->lll Gomenapai.

PPS: I’ll post some pictures of the house I created for my Sim soon!

PPS: I hurt Pixy’s eyes through MSN just now with my army of chomp-chomp emoticons — at the expense of lagging my own laptop though. <T_T>