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The Sims 3 — GETTO!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - Excited

Mood - Excited

Good morning!

This is the sheep who is still hungry even after eating a big bowl of beef noodles. <—ω—>/

I wonder if my sim is as greedy as me. (Laughs)

Yup, I’m playing the Sims 3 now~

I just got the game yesterday (right after I came to know about it, thanks to Kim-chan)

So, I’m just going to review this game in a nutshell — since I have not explored the whole game yet.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this game where you can create individuals (and destroy them as you like), build houses and in short — play God in your own world. <´v`>

Now with The Sims 3, you are constructing and controlling a town in a more realistic manner. Your sims will have more detailed personality traits, demands, wishes, feelings and responsibilities!

They’re enhanced in both character and physical feature wise. (which I’ll brief shortly afterward)

In addition, the sims now have the ability to explore their neighborhood — freely. Yup. They can just walk out their houses and cross over to their neighbors for a lil chat. There’s no need for cabs anymore. Your sims can just take a stroll to the park, cafe or any shops you like. <^-^>

That said, The Sims 3 grants you and your Sims total FREEDOM~! <OAO>/

Indeed, it has certainly taken off to a higher level! <^v^>/

On to creating a sim: ↓

In this mode, as the creator you are to morph your sim as you please. Group ages are available; so as gender, skin tone and body sizes. Let it be a skinny rotting old woman or a big-biggity man, your choice!

You can adjust the tone of the skin color to your preference. If you like, you can even create a red-skinned sim as shown beneath! ↓

(Laughs) There’s also blue and green if I’m not mistaken. <¬__¬>

The good thing about The Sims 3 is that a wide range of colors are available. You can select from the color pallet, color wheel or by the code number.

That’s not all! You even get to create gradients and shades of colors!

In the picture above, I gave the character white highlights or a brown based hair. (Laughs)

Maybe I should try making a rainbow-colored hair! <—ω—>

With that, we can all say good bye to flat colors! <TAT>/

Above is — The tranny version of me. (Laughs)


If that’s not enough you say, you can also customize and select your own fabric pattern for your clothes! You don’t necessarily have to go by the default colors; the color wheel is available for the clothes, accessories, shoes and make-up  too~

Customizing from head to toe! This is going to be one helluva meticulous game~!

\<^x^>/ For certain clothes, you might find different patterns though.

The process of creating a sims does not stop at morphing the face and designing your clothes. After you’re done customizing your character’s appeal, next stop is applying characteristics to your character!

You are to choose 5 traits out of .. -I think more than 15 traits-. Traits such as:

  • Loner
  • Perfectionist
  • Frugal
  • Flirty
  • Unflirty
  • Klepto
  • Romantic
  • Artistic
  • Paranoid
  • Brave
  • … and the list goes on!

I’m not bullshitting you; The list is LONG!

For my character, I chose: Loner, artistic, clumsy, bookworm and hate outdoors. (Laughs)

Choosing the right character traits will help your character stay in tune with his/her goals and ambitions.

Moving on… Here we have a section where you select your character’s favorite food, type of music and color.

Do you want him to like sandwiches? Classic music? Blue? Whatever.

Plus, adjusting the character’s voice pitch is also available!

Do you want him to say “Soom-soom” in a moody voice or extremely high pitched?

You’re in charge!

Well… This is all I can provide for the time being. I bought a small house and already envying my neighbor’s cabin. I’m thinking of killing her soon but then again, I don’t have to resort to such means.

The cheat to get money is still the same as The Sims 2 which is:


A text border will appear on top of the screen. Type “Motherlode” in it to get sum of money~!

Baa~ <u_u>

Those who are playing The Sims 3, please have fun~♥!

For others — Baa… Go freeload your friend’s comp! (Laughs) \<^w^>/