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Mood - Crack on Happy Pills

Mood - Crack on Happy Pills

A very jovial and gleeful hello to all of you~

This is the curvy, small-waistline and sheepish Ms.Aya writing to you~

(Laughs) Ok, ok — Ignore the curvy and small-waistline statement please. <^-^>lll

Sheep is so happy because sheep is wearing her new dress but most of all — happy because sheep is blogging to the few yet faithful readers. <^x^>/

In my previous entry, I mentioned that I’ll reveal my latest artwork as well as blogging tips on how to win/capture readers’s attention. Well I’ve completed my artwork however honestly speaking, I wouldn’t declare it as a masterpiece. In lieu, it’s horrible and I’m gonna have to redo it for the third time. (Laughs nervously)

As for the blogging tips, before we get to that part — Here is the most important question you must ask yourself and reflect upon:

What/Who inspired you to blog?

There must be a solid reason why you started blogging, agree?

Well in this post, I want to share with everyone my first blog discovery and what triggered me to blog.

I know I’m not a Blog Star or someone great but I feel that blogging seems to be the only shining star for me. (Laughs)

Another reason I want to share this with everyone is to remind myself what and how I was intrigued to start a blog. In other words — Re-inspire myself. <´ー`>

The Hobby of Writing Open Diaries

This hobby started when I was in primary school. I used to have a little book where I’d write whatever came to mind; which normally revolved around the friendship type of topic. Everyday my friends would ask me for the book and they would sit and read it together. Those days were very peaceful and simplistic for everyone talks nice things about one another and never too vicious with their opinions.

I only wrote at the maximum of 7 lines of *tiny,tiny* words along with *puny, puny* cute drawings and they could happily read as well as share their thoughts and comments.

Sooner or later, I brought forth my diary hobby to some other girls (including Mira, my ex-co-blogger). It was like our little book of secrets where we could write about everyday’s events and footage of our school life together.

After I got into secondary school, I still continued writing however, it became more private because my friends were adopting this knack of gossiping without a care. Eventually, my diaries were just written to myself and it became somewhat lonesome thereafter.

The thought of writing to a person diminished for some time until my final year in secondary school. A classmate of mine suggested to have a secret book which only the few of us can read. It was a happy and exciting moment for me to be able to write again. I know if I wanted to write my thoughts, I can always do that but the feeling I get when writing TO A PERSON is different. It makes my words alive and real compared to addressing to “Dear Diary”, a dead end book which remains in the comfort zone and never advancing or striving to reach out to people.

Incidentally around this time… I came to know about blogs.

The Starting Point of My Blogging Hobby

It was nearly the end of my final year in secondary school and in time, we would not be able to write in a book together again. Thankfully, I discovered blogging and this memory will always remain vivid and imprinted in my head.

I was debating with somebody about Christianity, precisely; the difference between the Catholic faith over those of other denomination. Although I was bent on proving my point, in the end I failed to for I couldn’t response spontaneously in a verbal argument.

So it was frustrating for me to speak my mind out at the same time, I read Maddox’s website and got the inspiration to write my thoughts online. Wanting to get my opinions written and read, I begun by creating a blog via Friendster. I managed to do my brain dump there, had some strangers reading ‘em… but as time ticked-tock away, I got fed up with Friendster because there were a swamp of assholes harassing me on my Friendster inbox (never to the point of haranguing me though).

From there I hopped from Friendster to Blogspirit and to whatever I could find until Gray recommended WordPress to sheep.

*Thanks Gray*

Then onwards, I blogged… Blog, blog and blog until I am discovered. <^x^>

I don’t need friends (whom I know in person) to read me. It can be anybody as long as they have good intentions. I don’t want the spot light to always be on me so I let my readers share their point of view in the comment section where I can read and response to; it’s a two-way communication.

Ultimately, I enjoy writing and expressing through writing (& blogging) despite how lousy my English can be. I think I have better chances when it comes to writing than talking. (Laughs)

I know I blog rubbish for instance: What I bought today, what I ate etc…

And I’m surprise that people actually read my crap, agree with my points and accept my recommendations. (Laughs)


I guess we do cherish the little things that happen in our daily lives. <*^_^*>


Therefore …. Heh, enough about sheep. <x_x>

Your turn, peeps~!

  • What or who inspired and driven you to blog?

In addition —

  • How much do you love blogging and your readers?
  • What is blogging to you?

PS: Before I blogged this entry, I wrote the content in advance while drinking at Starbucks. ↓

Caramel ice-blended coffee accompanied by sandwiches!

Caramel ice-blended coffee accompanied by sandwiches!

Minutes later… ↓

The sandwiches disappeared!

The sandwiches disappeared!

Hours later… ↓

[ . . . ]

I lost my pen. <;__;> (Tears)

Unboxing New Illusions

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Mood - On cloud nine

Mood - On cloud nine

Yo, *minna-SAMA — Care to jump and dance with sheep for a minute? <^ε^> (Laughs)

Right now I am exulting in happiness~

It could be due to the new dress I bought the other day. <^-^>/~

Well, some time ago on Facebook — I announced that I’ll only start buying clothes once I lose weight. However, the targeted goal came pretty fast for I have lost 2kg~! (Laughs happily)

Therefore, upon Gray’s request — I shall show minna-SAMA my new fitting dress~! ↓

(Baa… Did he like my status because I lost weight and got a new dress OR because I got scolded by my mother?) <.___.> *Puzzles*


I bought this dress from COLOURS for RM49.90. Somehow when I put on this dress, I felt my boobs look bigger than usual~. (Laughs)

Currently, I’m keeping my tabs on COLOURS boutique. Every 2 weeks, I’d pop in to see what new dresses and skirts they have. The price seems reasonable too. <^-^>/

(↑ … Was testing out the brightness of the phone’s camera~)

Now moving on — This discombobulated sheep still haven’t got the slightest clue on how to complete her latest artwork. I’ve already transferred the base of my illustration into the paper however, I’m gonna use a different medium this time. (My primary tools/medium: ink, pencil and pen strokes) <´•ω•`>

(Sighs) I got one more visual image to express. You see, I had a dream before I woke up yesterday and it just came out from the box. I wonder what has my subconscious mind been seeing until weird illusions are popping in my head — now and then… <¬_¬>lll

A~ah well… これわARTISTです。 <—ω—>/

Sheep is going to be home the whole day so there’s an ample of time for sheep to conduct her experiments. (Laughs)

With that said, I hope to show minna-SAMA my new artwork(s) soon~

PS: Tags.. I’m dying to do a tag… (Cries pitifully)

PPS: I said I’ll dedicate a post entry on how to blog and win readers… So do remind me, ok?

[ . . . ]

* Baa… Too happy until I use this suffix. (Laughs nervously) <^x^>lll

Mood - Ambivalent

Mood - Ambivalent


This is sheep who is dwelling in ambivalence at the moment. The culprit has yet to be caught but I’m not going to excavate my heart for reasons and answers.

Furthermore, it’s just a trivial matter hence it is ok to dismiss it. <^-^>/


Anyway, here’s another artwork of mine which I did last night. ↓

(Laughs) It’s Koiya Cha-In~

I really enjoy drawing her. <^-^>v

Regarding the background, please don’t ask me what kind of background is that. Sheep doesn’t know how to draw background. Seeing that there were so much of space left… I added the dummy, shadow and dotted-vertical lines. (Laughs)

Just let you know this for fun: I know jack squat about the shadows.

I remember when I was in primary school, year 6 — The final exam papers for Science included questions about shadows; and the questions were in a poem format.

At the end of the exam, everyone talked about it and I discovered that I was the only student who did not answer a single question in that section. The other students insisted that it was the easier section in the paper while I found it to be the hardest. <o_o>

What a dullard… <_  _>lll

Anyway, I scored B for Science back there. (Laughs nervously)

Baa~ I gotta go now. <T_T>

I still have one more artwork to complete. This one is a tough one…<¬__¬>

That said…

Ta ta~

Mood - Enthusiastic
Mood – Enthusiastic

Good morning~!

Last night in my bed around 1am+, I was thinking of starting a horror fiction starring my new character, “Scissor Sally”. While I was contemplating on which plot to go for, I heard a dropping sound outside my room.

Alarmingly, I jumped out of bed and began inspecting the whole house but to have found nothing. <x_x>

Kowakatta… Now I’m having second thoughts not to bring Scissor Sally to life.(Laughs nervously)

Anyway, regarding the title of today’s post — Sheep re-embellished her LGKF350 [ice-cream] phone!

I removed the old blings, flowers and gems by peeling out the whole screen protector. After that, I went back to the shop to apply a new layer of screen protector. This second guy was quite lenient with the price; He charged me RM45 while the previous guy demanded RM75. Plus he did a better job compared to that RM75 guy! <`A´>/

Some people just don’t know their worth… <-___->

Back on track.. Like before, I purchased my decora from Strapya-World~

(Laughs) Let me show you the progress of the phone’s transformation~

Before I mixed the glue, I arranged the gems and decora items first until I see satisfaction in the design. This time, I did it like the following: ↓

Initially, I thought it would be alright to leave it simple as shown above. However as I was sticking the decora bits, I got a bit carried away and as a result to that… <^-^>lll ↓


Isn’t it beautiful~!? <^ε^>

… It ain’t so bad, na? In fact, I think it looks pretty~! <´•ω•`>

And needless to say, I bought a couple of hangers to go with my newly decorated phone! ↓

If I’m not mistaken, this is an llama — right[?] ↑ The animal from Disney’s “Emperor’s New Groove”? It strike me off as a sheep initially though… Baa~ Meccha kawaii~ <´v`>

As for the handbag and sandal…↑

Well apparently if the sandal falls off the bag and a guy picks it up for you/return to you — It means both of you are destined to be together[?].

You know… The magical kind of romance like Cinderella~☆. <^-^>lll (Laughs)

Suppose this is true, I must be careful not to drop it in back alleys where the drug addicts rot. <x_x>

Oh well…

The time now is nearly 8am. Sheep is surprise to be awake at such an early hour. <°A°>

(Laughs) For once, Auwlithe doesn’t have to wake me up.→

He was so delighted to see me at the door before the sun risen. If not for this dearest baby, I wouldn’t wake up at all — believe me.

Baa~ Now that I’m wide awake and active, sheep should go to the gym and then proceed to studying English in either Coffee Bean or Starbucks. <^x^>/

With that said, everyone — Let’s keep our spirits as high as the sky~

Ms.Aya — Over and out.

[ . . . ]

PS: I hope today got some happenings~♥ It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about events and things that are more practical and interesting! <≥A≤>

PPS: I miss doing tags. What happen to “I taggie you”? <´•__•`>

!! Update – 6:25pm, 7th May 2K9 !!

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