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Is Sheep an Ambidextrous?

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Overload with stars and rainbows

Mood - Overload with stars and rainbows

(Laughs) <¯▽¯>

I won’t be blogging until next week because I have lots of games to play~☆

After more than half a year of not playing with my PSP, I’m fulfilling my revenge now~!

The games that sheep is currently playing on her PSP:

  • Final Fantasy 7 – Crisis Core
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Bleach 6 ← Scratch this out. I asked for the Japanese version twice at 2 different shops but similarly, both gave me the Chinese version. Some people just don’t pay attention, do they? <`A´>
  • Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

Other games that are in queue:

  • D.O.A
  • Loco Roco 2
  • … Perhaps many more~!

In addition, I bought the DVD set for Kuroshitsuji *Yummy* and some books to keep me preoccupied at the moment. ↓

Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji

Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji

Baa... The ice-cream phones camera is not bad.. Quite good Id say.

Baa... The ice-cream phone's camera is not bad.. To be able to capture an image on TV..Quite good I'd say.

One of the books Im currently reading

One of the books I'm currently reading

If that’s not enough, I still have some artwork and a tag from Synjie to complete! <¯▽¯>

U~waa! There’s just no room for social events, na? (Laughs) <´•__•`>

Well… I’m gonna get a job sometime soon. Therefore until then, sheep is going to enjoy her free time to the fullest~!

As a finale for this entry…

I present to you, today’s lunch~! ↓ <ˆεˆ>o

Flame-grilled Salmon

Flame-grilled Salmon

and …

Sukiyaki Nabe

Sukiyaki Nabe

Both can be found in Sushi King. The flame-grilled Salmon is seasonal so eat it while you can. It cost RM14.90!

Though… I wonder who actually eats the salad dressing.. ↑

Count sheep out. <_  _>lll

Baa~ This is Ms.Aya the sheep — reporting out until next week/when happenings springs out. \<ˆ▽ˆ>

- Update [same day, 5:39+pm] -

What the — Is this for real? ↓

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. <`A´>

- Update [same day, 8:22+pm] -

Out of excitement, I oversticked my Ice-cream phone’s interface… <¯ω¯>~♥