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Mood - Groggy

Mood - Groggy

Yoi, I’m gonna reveal my so-called ‘Master Piece’ when in truth, it’s a horrible failure.. (Tears) <;__;>

Oh… Sorry about posting too frequently. <_  _> After this entry, I’ll slow down and take my time to draft my tips on blogging, ok? <^ε^>/

Therefore without further ado… (Holds breath)

I used color pencils and wet brush for the coloring. As for inking the lines, a waterproof pen was used. (Sighs) I re-did this drawing twice and probably will redo it for the third time.

Pardon me if I don’t sound enthusiastic upon introducing this picture; It really needs to be re-done.

Moving on… I said I would draw Kim-chan in her Dino form. So here it is~: ↓

Dino is hungry!

Dino is hungry!

And here is the specially requested picture —- (Laughs)

Hentai no Dino-chan!

Hentai no Dino-chan!

↑Hohoho! <^v^>/~

Lastly… ↓

Dino-chan and Sheep

Dino-chan and Sheep

Hope you like my version of Dino-chan, Kim-chan~ (Laughs)

Now there is something puzzling me a bit.

I’ve never taken much interest in my eyes but a few days back, I took a good look at my eyes while I was plucking my eyebrow.

Then I noticed something weird in my right eye… ↓

What is a black dot -which is similar to my pupil but smaller- doing there? /<º◊º>\

I asked my mother about it and she shrugged saying, “Could it be? You have been cloned?” followed by a chuckle. <_  _>lll

Freak… <¬__¬>

Baa… As long as it does not hurt or interfere with my vision — This is your ignorant sheep, taking her leave now. \<—ω—>/


PS: This fella is awesome~ A good read indeed. → Smack Kei

UPDATE! [20th May 2K9, Wednesday - 11.55pm]

Here’s a monochrome image of what I dreamed not long ago; A wool tree with many twisted and distorted faces (mostly rams). The image came to me right before I woke up. What triggered this image, I wonder… What did I see prior to this dream? <.___.>{?]

I’ll never know. <u_u>