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Mood - Fatigue

Mood - Fatigue

Finally — A tag~!

This one is created by Sandage, who heeded to sheep’s request on making a tag for the sake of killing our boredom. (Laughs)

Well, to what I see in some of the questions — you can expect some long-winded answers from me. (Laughs)




1. Currently digging: … My closet for clothes. ↓

A~ah! Can’t see sh!t from here!!! <ºДº>

Fine, in all seriousness… ↓

Vistlip - Im watching their videos and following Ruis blog.

Vistlip - I'm watching their videos and following Rui's blog.

2. Bad habit I just can’t get rid of:

I like to send an army of animated emoticons via MSN. Here’s what I mean: ↓

I tend to believe that it can lag the recipients computer hence I keep doing it. (Laughs)

That said, I don’t encourage people to add me on MSN partly due to this bad habit of mine. (Laughs nervously)

Side note: Nudge for losers.

3. Do ya collect something?

Yes, I do. Things like diaries, notebooks, stickers, hair accessories and pictures (of windows, doors, beds, stray animals, food…).

I would love to collect knives and teapots but that hobby will have to wait until I have my own house. (Laughs)

4. Do you believe in life on other planets?

Never come across my mind at all. <o_o>

5. Is there any other people’s bad/annoying habit that specially drive you crazy?

Yes, I have a few which drives me up the wall! ↓

  • Putting food on my bowl/plate without my consent and chivvying me to eat this and that – Normally happens when I’m eating with my family members. They tend to tell me what is delicious and start dumping whatever they can on my plate even though I clearly told them I don’t want. Apparently they are trying to be courteous by distributing an equal amount of food to everyone. However what I hate out of this is when they found out I didn’t eat some of the given food, they start to scold me for wasting it. Well some people just don’t pay attention, do they? If a person really does not want it, putting on his/her plate is already a waste.
  • Conveniently taking my share of food/drink just because they are on diet or have no money – To me.. This habit stirs up an amount of animus. I dislike people who refuses to buy their own food and then they casually tell me, “Oh, I’ll just share from you” as if I’m oblige to give them half my food/drink. If you want to eat something, buy and eat the whole blady meal — not just a spoon full. If you’re on diet, don’t fucking eat at all. No money but hungry? I’ll pay for your food. Just don’t leech on mine and expect me to share from my plate all the time.
  • Changing my words or so called ‘correcting’ me – Showing and correcting my mistakes is something I can understand. What I don’t get is people changing my words when I’m indeed using the right choice of words. To what it seems, they are trying to show me that they have a better and wider range of vocabularies compared to mine. So in this case, it’s no more about correcting but showing off, agree? With that, please don’t use “I’m correcting you for the better” as your prime excuse; you’re just being a bitch.
  • Copy cats – Will blog about this some other time. <¬__¬>

6. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? If so, post a pic showing them off:

I used to have 3 piercings on my right ear and 2 on my left. I’ve stopped wearing earrings since year 2006 because I find it bothersome to change them every now and then. The hole marks are still visible though…

7. Post a pic of you wearing your favorite (one of your favorite) outfit(s):

House clothes~♫!

8. What personality traits do you look for in a partner?

I look for aloof, cold, serious, mature and his sexual orientation has to be straight. (Laughs) In addition, I’m attracted to loyal, steady, domineering and pragmatic type of guys.

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

In the mountains with Auwlithe and my own herd of sheep. (Laughs)

10. Do you own any sexy undergarment?

Bought a couple by accident. I thought they were the pants type of undies but they turn out to be transparent with G knots.

11. Which part of your body would you consider the sexiest?


12. You are about to walk the green mile, what would you have as your last meal? Include a pic of that meal:

Raw scallops and a real Japanese cuisine~!

13. Post a pic of your pet (if you have any):

Auwlithe, my dog

Auwlithe, my dog

6 of my brothers tortoise, which now falls under my responsiblity too

6 of my brother's tortoise, which now falls under my responsibility too

14. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a guy/girl?

I get good compliments however, none stand out to the point of imprinting my skull.

15. Current favorite song, share it!

Something Lacking, a track in Demento (Haunting Ground)

16. Ever wished you were born the opposite sex? If so, why?

I used to think I’d be cool if I was born a male because at that time, I did a lot of sports and you can say I was quite a tomboy. As for now, I’m alright being a girl though sometimes — I still think being a guy does have an upper advantage especially when it comes to blogging.

For instance: You can cover your blog with foul words, do the DX’s trade pose ‘Suck My Cock’, take ugly pictures and still be cool, talk shit — and at the end of it, nobody frowns upon you because boys are boys.

If a girl were to do the above — Chances are she’ll never hear her wedding bells ringing. <_  _>lll

17. When you look at yourself in the mirror this morning, what was the first thought that came to your mind?

“Morning. old hag.”

18. Current desktop picture:

Had always been using this wallpaper since the day I got this laptop. (Laughs)

Had always been using this wallpaper since the day I got this laptop. (Laughs)

19. Which virtual networks do you belong to?

Facebook, Innit, Nuffnang, AO and WordPress[?]

20. Post 4 random things you like: videos, songs, pics, poems, quotes etc.

Quote: Bitches ain’t nothing but whores and tricks.

The type of pictures I capture and collect (as a referrance to no.3):

Beautiful video by KeeperOfFlowers: ↓

Lastly, tag some people! ↓

Pixy, Daisuke, Mau-chan, Kiri-Kirino, Krayle, Kim-chan, kioko, Synjie, Poh Sim, Naomi-chan, Sachi-chan, Szanne… Did I miss anyone out? <.___.>{?]

– The End –