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Unboxing New Illusions

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Mood - On cloud nine

Mood - On cloud nine

Yo, *minna-SAMA — Care to jump and dance with sheep for a minute? <^ε^> (Laughs)

Right now I am exulting in happiness~

It could be due to the new dress I bought the other day. <^-^>/~

Well, some time ago on Facebook — I announced that I’ll only start buying clothes once I lose weight. However, the targeted goal came pretty fast for I have lost 2kg~! (Laughs happily)

Therefore, upon Gray’s request — I shall show minna-SAMA my new fitting dress~! ↓

(Baa… Did he like my status because I lost weight and got a new dress OR because I got scolded by my mother?) <.___.> *Puzzles*


I bought this dress from COLOURS for RM49.90. Somehow when I put on this dress, I felt my boobs look bigger than usual~. (Laughs)

Currently, I’m keeping my tabs on COLOURS boutique. Every 2 weeks, I’d pop in to see what new dresses and skirts they have. The price seems reasonable too. <^-^>/

(↑ … Was testing out the brightness of the phone’s camera~)

Now moving on — This discombobulated sheep still haven’t got the slightest clue on how to complete her latest artwork. I’ve already transferred the base of my illustration into the paper however, I’m gonna use a different medium this time. (My primary tools/medium: ink, pencil and pen strokes) <´•ω•`>

(Sighs) I got one more visual image to express. You see, I had a dream before I woke up yesterday and it just came out from the box. I wonder what has my subconscious mind been seeing until weird illusions are popping in my head — now and then… <¬_¬>lll

A~ah well… これわARTISTです。 <—ω—>/

Sheep is going to be home the whole day so there’s an ample of time for sheep to conduct her experiments. (Laughs)

With that said, I hope to show minna-SAMA my new artwork(s) soon~

PS: Tags.. I’m dying to do a tag… (Cries pitifully)

PPS: I said I’ll dedicate a post entry on how to blog and win readers… So do remind me, ok?

[ . . . ]

* Baa… Too happy until I use this suffix. (Laughs nervously) <^x^>lll