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Mood - Ambivalent

Mood - Ambivalent


This is sheep who is dwelling in ambivalence at the moment. The culprit has yet to be caught but I’m not going to excavate my heart for reasons and answers.

Furthermore, it’s just a trivial matter hence it is ok to dismiss it. <^-^>/


Anyway, here’s another artwork of mine which I did last night. ↓

(Laughs) It’s Koiya Cha-In~

I really enjoy drawing her. <^-^>v

Regarding the background, please don’t ask me what kind of background is that. Sheep doesn’t know how to draw background. Seeing that there were so much of space left… I added the dummy, shadow and dotted-vertical lines. (Laughs)

Just let you know this for fun: I know jack squat about the shadows.

I remember when I was in primary school, year 6 — The final exam papers for Science included questions about shadows; and the questions were in a poem format.

At the end of the exam, everyone talked about it and I discovered that I was the only student who did not answer a single question in that section. The other students insisted that it was the easier section in the paper while I found it to be the hardest. <o_o>

What a dullard… <_  _>lll

Anyway, I scored B for Science back there. (Laughs nervously)

Baa~ I gotta go now. <T_T>

I still have one more artwork to complete. This one is a tough one…<¬__¬>

That said…

Ta ta~