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Mood - Enthusiastic
Mood – Enthusiastic

Good morning~!

Last night in my bed around 1am+, I was thinking of starting a horror fiction starring my new character, “Scissor Sally”. While I was contemplating on which plot to go for, I heard a dropping sound outside my room.

Alarmingly, I jumped out of bed and began inspecting the whole house but to have found nothing. <x_x>

Kowakatta… Now I’m having second thoughts not to bring Scissor Sally to life.(Laughs nervously)

Anyway, regarding the title of today’s post — Sheep re-embellished her LGKF350 [ice-cream] phone!

I removed the old blings, flowers and gems by peeling out the whole screen protector. After that, I went back to the shop to apply a new layer of screen protector. This second guy was quite lenient with the price; He charged me RM45 while the previous guy demanded RM75. Plus he did a better job compared to that RM75 guy! <`A´>/

Some people just don’t know their worth… <-___->

Back on track.. Like before, I purchased my decora from Strapya-World~

(Laughs) Let me show you the progress of the phone’s transformation~

Before I mixed the glue, I arranged the gems and decora items first until I see satisfaction in the design. This time, I did it like the following: ↓

Initially, I thought it would be alright to leave it simple as shown above. However as I was sticking the decora bits, I got a bit carried away and as a result to that… <^-^>lll ↓


Isn’t it beautiful~!? <^ε^>

… It ain’t so bad, na? In fact, I think it looks pretty~! <´•ω•`>

And needless to say, I bought a couple of hangers to go with my newly decorated phone! ↓

If I’m not mistaken, this is an llama — right[?] ↑ The animal from Disney’s “Emperor’s New Groove”? It strike me off as a sheep initially though… Baa~ Meccha kawaii~ <´v`>

As for the handbag and sandal…↑

Well apparently if the sandal falls off the bag and a guy picks it up for you/return to you — It means both of you are destined to be together[?].

You know… The magical kind of romance like Cinderella~☆. <^-^>lll (Laughs)

Suppose this is true, I must be careful not to drop it in back alleys where the drug addicts rot. <x_x>

Oh well…

The time now is nearly 8am. Sheep is surprise to be awake at such an early hour. <°A°>

(Laughs) For once, Auwlithe doesn’t have to wake me up.→

He was so delighted to see me at the door before the sun risen. If not for this dearest baby, I wouldn’t wake up at all — believe me.

Baa~ Now that I’m wide awake and active, sheep should go to the gym and then proceed to studying English in either Coffee Bean or Starbucks. <^x^>/

With that said, everyone — Let’s keep our spirits as high as the sky~

Ms.Aya — Over and out.

[ . . . ]

PS: I hope today got some happenings~♥ It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about events and things that are more practical and interesting! <≥A≤>

PPS: I miss doing tags. What happen to “I taggie you”? <´•__•`>

!! Update – 6:25pm, 7th May 2K9 !!

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