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Mood - Normal

Mood - Normal


Sheep had a hair brush roller stuck to her wool yesterday.

It’s not cute and definitely not funny.

Imagine losing a chunk of hair…

My hair is already depleting on its own… (Tears) I feel there is someone casting a curse on me… <_   _>

Anyway.. Thanks to mum, she managed to carefully untangle the brush out of my wool at the same time saving an amount of hair that could have gone to waste.

The minute I had the brush in hand, I threw it against the wall. <u_u>

So everyone… Please be careful when using a hair brush roller.

Moving on… Well I had no intentions to blog for the rest of the week however, I’m so excited to publish my latest artwork~

The character beneath is the same guy I drew with the theme of “The Watchdog of Hell”. ↓

I didn’t find a need to ink him mainly because I like the hair as it is. If I were to ink it, the hair wouldn’t have the same wave and flow.

Now… The real master piece of the day is~… ↓

“Still Looking” – Inspired by Kokomoo~

I was looking through “The Garden of Eye Candy” again and upon viewing Kokomoo’s artwork, this image ↑ came out from the vast imaginative world. The main concept in this picture is having a pair of eyes hiding behind the bangs yet she is still looking at you.

I’m thinking of drawing more of this character and she’ll probably be known as “Scissor Sally”. (Laughs)

Sheep will elaborate more on this next time~

The tools/medium used in this art piece: Pencil, pen, black paint, brush and straws.

Ok… Over and out~! <^ε^>/