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Is the New Layout Lovely?

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Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy


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This is Ms.Aya the sheep who moments ago discovered drops of blood on the floor. Along with my brother, we alertly checked our feet for cuts to have found nothing. Whose blood was on the floor kana?

Not my mother for she has already retired for the day. <T_T>

My brother jokingly said, “My balls can’t be bleeding right?” as he inspected the inside of his pants. Baa… If they were bleeding, it wouldn’t be a joke anymore, na? <.___.>{?]

[ . . . ]

Well it’s 2:00am+ now and sheep has finally finished creating a new:

1. Header
2. Background
3. Title bar
4. Page (My Art Folio)

Although they are just minor changes, I’m quite happy with the results. I might tweak some more but not right now; Sheep is sleepy plus I need to wake up early to workout at the gym later. By right, I was suppose to go yesterday but mum suddenly needed to go to the supermarket. <_  _>lll

Though I’m quite tired right now, I’m determined to muster my whole strength to blog my current interest because I won’t be blogging for this whole week. <¬___¬>

That said — ↓

I’m currently listening to a couple of songs from VISTLIP which is a J-Rock band consisting of (from left to right):

Note: Click on their names to visit their Ameblo blog.

I read their brief bio on Wikipedia and learned that they formed VISTLIP in year 2007 hence they are kind of new I guess. The most interesting thing I found out is — All of them are A blood type. <O_O>

Baa… My type of men~. (Laughs)

Ok ok… I’ll suppress my female instinct now and save it for my dreams later. (Laughs nervously)

Those of you who enjoy heavy metal music by Japanese Visual Kei freaks, then by all means do check out their songs~

Here are a couple of songs by VISTLIP which I found on Youtube~:


EDY PV ← My favorite!


So.. Can you guess which is sheep’s favorite VISTLIP member?~ <´•ω•`>

This is all from the self-proclaim, Great Almighty Sheep~! ↓

↑ Sheep in her usual house clothes~

Oh! Happy Labor Day to all the workaholics out there~