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Mood - Ambivalent

Mood - Ambivalent

Good afternoon~♫

Sorry for my absence. I was too engrossed in watching Hell’s Kitchen. (Laughs) <´•ω•`>

I’m now watching the finale of season 2 on YouTube and you know, it’s very addictive. I like Gordon Ramsay’s choice of words and the way he pressures the contestants with him utmost vulgarity. <^▽^>

Baa~♫ Thanks Nigel (whom agrees that Gordon Ramsay does resemble Horatio from CSI Miami) for introducing such a nice and interesting reality show to sheep. It makes me want to pick up cooking. <^v^>/

Back to blogging concerns, this entry marks the 100th post by sheep alone~.

In addition to this record, there are 1,486 comments in this blog by far AND STILL TO COUNT~. <O_O>{U~waa!]

I’m a bit excited at the same time, overwhelmed by the many comments in my previous entries. I didn’t think I’d see a handful of comments and a couple of new people during my short absence. (Laughs)

Sheep is really happy to have people interacting with sheep here and with this, I want to blog more and establish a blog that is also my bridge to communication and the outside world~☆!

Therefore, I thank each and every one of you (those who share their opinions openly, send me emails and a number who are reading in silence…) for your support. PaperDiaries would only be papers without words if not for your support.

So, thank you very much~!

*(Humbly bows down in respect)

Yossha! Let’s perk our energy together, shall we~☆!? \<^▽^>/

!! BAA !!

Etoh, regarding the side bar picture — I read everyone’s opinions and tried to take some good shots however it turned out to be a miserable failure. But it’s not minna-hun’s fault. It’s just that I don’t have anyone to help me cam-whore. (Tears) <´,•___•,`>

I’ll get it done eventually. (Laughs nervously)

As for now, I want to show everyone the latest thing I bought~♥! ↓

Let me introduce to you — F Cup Cookies~!

This batch of cookies aren’t the type that you can just go door-to-door and sell to your neighbors. These cookies contain ingredients for bust enhancement!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I want bigger boobs and I’m crazy enough to spend RM168 for products like this. (In fact, I bought 2 boxes!)

Well… I spend my money on these kind of things while you spend yours on clubbing, drinking, games and hanging out with friends. In other words, we got our own needs. ↓

I chose chocolate flavor and hopefully I can witness some increment in my chest area soon. (Laughs)

Oh ya, I vehemently told my brother not to consume my cookies because this fella doesn’t read before he eats.

I’m just afraid that after he consumes them, he might turn into a F-cup princess the next day.

That would be extremely shocking for him, me and you. (Laughs) <ºДº>!!!

Sheep has to go now~♫

I have lots of comments to reply and blogs to catch up~♫



PS: So male readers, who wants to some of my F cup cookies♥? (Laughs) <^ε^>/

* Don’t even think of anal rape, I tell you!

Mood - Floating

Mood - Floating

Good day everyone~!


As sheep is blogging right now, sheep is overshadowed by darkness despite that it is only 4:36+pm. Well… In some countries like Japan and China, the sky falls by 5pm. Anyway, I hear the thunder rumbling and shortly, a storm might occur~. (Laughs)

Those of you who are still out there, please remember to equip yourself with an umbrella or raincoat~! <—ω—>/

Etoh — <.__.> Sheep is here to give her latest report and that is — ↓

(Laughs) My brother bought a PS3 ({Y~ay!]) yesterday, followed by — ↓

The game that had him waiting in anticipation, Resident Evil 5~!

(Smiles) I didn’t expect to see a PS3 beneath our gaming TV so soon.

(Laughs) I’m still in shock! <ºΔº>{!!!]

That said, I’ll be watching my bro play RE5 and perhaps later, I’ll write a short review about the game. <^v^>/~

This is all from Ms.Aya. Sheep better log off before the lightning strikes sheep and its laptop~!

Nupo! <≥A≤>/

Before I leave, you might still be in disbelief that sheep has a PS3 however, you can consider this as an April Fool’s joke — It’s totally up to you. <^-^>lll (Laughs)


PS: Thank you Pixy for giving me a bean of information about the PS3 and its price~. <^ω^>/

PPS: I want to change my sidebar picture but lately, I can’t seem to take nice photos. Any tips, people? <.__.>{?]