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Mood - Sleepy


I’m just here to let you know that the new photo you see on my sidebar (which is this one ↓)

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Another Neck Shot!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Annoyed

Mood - Annoyed


This is Ms.Aya, presenting a new neck shot for minna-hun~!


I don’t have anything in particular to blog about today so — Pardon sheep while she go play Resident Evil 5 … NOW~


Very, Very Common Dreams

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Struggling to smile

Mood - Struggling to smile

Baa… <_  _>

I’m Ms.Aya, the sheep that — blogs like a human~! ↓

[ . . . ]

What an ordinary opening… (Laughs nervously)

Currently, I’m battling to keep my spirits as high as possible. How did I become so languid all of the sudden? (After getting a PS3, 2 boxes of F cup cookies…)

Well, all I can say is — Emptiness is the primary reason to my depression. <_ _>

However, I’ll push aside my negativity for the sake of blogging this entry properly, ok? (Laughs nervously)

In this entry, sheep will blog about the common dreams that most people have. \<^v^>/~

I can’t safely and bravely declare that the following dreams are common, therefore this is where I’ll need you to verify — Ok?

Baa~ Why sheep suddenly wants to blog about dreams? <.___.>

Well, lately I’ve been getting a series of odd dreams and moreover — none to my liking. <_  _>

Also, I’ve been quite curious and keen to know whether I’m the only one who have these kind of dreams or it is completely general to minna-hun~!

That said…

Let’s kick start with….! ↓

  • Flying/Hoping sky high in your dreams?

I’m very sure everyone has this dream where either you’re soaring in the sky or you feel so light that you can jump so high (like Inuyasha).

I get this dream a lot but normally, I’d fly without my consent. It’s funny and weird because every time I’m force to fly in my dream, I feel like I’m in QUAKE (where the player can use a cheat mode to go through walls and fly). \<≥A≤>

I don’t know if we all perceive flying in dreams are scary however, I’m certain everyone is frightful of falling.

Ergo… Please strengthen your mind and imaginations. Remember to equip yourself with a parachute in your dream~. (Laughs)

  • Startle in bed/Feel like you’re about to fall off your bed?

This one is really odd. Sometimes you haven’t even begun dreaming about anything but your body will somehow feel like you’re about to fall off your comfy bed and hit the hard solid floor. But just when you startled and get up in haste, you find yourself no where near the corner of the bed.

The strangest part is you really felt your body moved and inching towards the edge of your bed. Plus, you’re sweating! <o_O>

If a mischievous goblin, brownie or fairy is behind this — Baa! I’m thinking of beating him/her up someday. (Laughs)


  • Being chased hastily but your body becomes heavy?

I hate this dream. I hate getting chased by muggers, perverts and demons. What I really hate most is the inability to run away from them!


It’s like every step you take, your body suddenly becomes double the fold of your initial weight. Sometimes to the point of losing the ability to struggle for your dear life and all you can do is watch what is going to happen to you OR urge yourself to exit this nightmare. <¯Δ¯>

Speaking of double the weight, I think I’ve been a victim to Kira’s zanpakutou (Wabisuke) in my dream, tons of times!

Now that I realized this, I had better stop making fun of his lame almighty zanpakutou. <^v^>lll

  • Have you ever dreamed of losing your set of teeth!?

Baa~ Another senseless common dream (and a very disgusting one too). In your dream, you feel like teeth loosening up and then one by one — you spit them out like watermelon seeds, leaving nothing but only your sore and bloody gum.

Each time I awaken myself from this dream, I’d quickly check my teeth to make sure they are still intact because it would totally suck to get dentures especially at my present age. (Laughs)

  • Using the toilet in your dream?

Careful not to use the toilet in your dream because in reality, you might just piss in your bed. And that’s not cool at all! \<¯Δ¯>/

If you are about to use the toilet in your dream, take this as a built-in notification system and do wake yourself up so that you can USE THE REAL TOILET to relieve your bladder.

Just to let you know a fun trivia — I read in the book of faeries about Wee Willie Winkie, a spirit whom is popular among the children. He helps put the children to bed and he nudges them to wake up when their bladder gets full during the night.

What a great guardian~

  • Preparing to go to school/work?

This is a very *mendokusei dream for me. Picture this:

You wake up from bed upon the ringings of your alarm and in spite of how much you protest leaving your bed, by all measures you are able to summon your strength to sit up and shut your fucking alarm. ← I’m absolutely sure that the alarm clock is the most hated thing in the world. (Laughs)

So you switch off your alarm (slap it, bash it, throw it — whatever your preference is), drag your heavy body to the bathroom and start brushing your teeth, take a shower, dress up and then feast on your breakfast. Maybe in between you quarreled with your mother or siblings. Who knows? Maybe you even arrived your school/work place. \<^-^>/

You go through every minute and second of the process of starting up your day (no fast forwards here) as well as the hassle and bassle of your daily routine. BUT — You suddenly hear your bastard alarm clock ringing again. <ºΔº>{!!!]

“Where’s the sound coming from? I’m outside, how can my alarm clock be ringing?”, you start questioning in confusion to the point of ambivalence.

The alarm keeps ringing and bursting in your ears and only then your real eyes open and your whole body jolts up.

Then.. Then, De, de de, de, de….


You are back to square one! <_  _>

All the effort you have mustered to get started for the day was all in past tense — Worse — In your dream. <_  _>lll

Then you have to start all over again.  <_  _>lll

Strangely though, you might actually feel exhausted as if your body has undergone the whole routine procedure again. <o_o>

  • De Ja Vu

Similar to the above dream just that it expands more. Sometimes you might see yourself in a sequel of something and then in real life, you go “Eh? I’ve seen this movie before… In my dreams…”.

And then it happens again and again. (Laughs nervously)

  • Nude among the crowd of people

“Oh nuu! I’m naked in front of you, you, you and shit… my crush is staring at me… (Blushes)”

[ . . . ]


… What else do you want me to elaborate? I don’t know the meaning of these dreams! <:__;> (Cries)

Sheep just want to know how many of you have similar dreams, how often and if you know of more common dreams — Do share your experience here~!


Right… Back to sulking in the corner of the room.

I won’t reply the previous comments yet. Gomen… <u_u>

Sore ja… Baa-bai~

* Troublesome

PS: I specially drew this emoticon for Auwlithe~☆ →

Mood - Vibrant

Mood - Vibrant

… <.___.>

Here you go~☆!

My latest drawing~☆!

It’s rather simple and probably nothing new since it’s Dion Castlock again~♥. <¯▽¯>

With the help of Mrs.Puppet, I was able to draw him from the top angle. ↓ <¯▽¯>

Click to view the full picture

Click for a larger view


My primary motive was to draw a female character however, GazettE music was booming into my ears and knowing how bad ass this band is — I just can’t think of girls. (Laughs) <_  _>lll

Every time I listen to Gazerock, I would always think of Dion for some reason. Especially Remember My Brave. <T_T>


I want to develop Dion more into depth so that he’ll have a more original and fresh image. <^-^>/

Ergo, sheep better get going now~♥

More pictures might be coming up shortly~☆

How shortly? — No clue~! <^v^>lll (Laughs nervously)

[Edit: 12:06+am]

One more! ↓