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Mood - Crabby

Mood - Crabby

Today sheep went to the gym and as usual after her workout, sheep would have a drink at StarBucks and do some reading there~

I’m aware of how inadequate my English vocabulary is so lately, I’ve been doing some self-study with the help of the Oxford English dictionary. <´•___•`>

It’s quite fun you know, to randomly flip the pages and learn the words that appeal most or whichever seems practical for daily usage. <´v`>/~

What I normally do is drote the new words down in my notebook and start forming sentences. I enjoy inserting Bleach characters into my example of sentences; eg:

Avid (Adjective) – Very interested or enthusiastic. [Avidly ← Adverb]

Sentence example: Kira avidly pays attention even to the most boring speech as long as the speaker is Ichimaru Gin, his squad captain.

That’s how I play around with words and practice. (Laughs)

So for those of you who are studying English, you could try this method. <^v^>/~

Now regarding the title of today’s entry — While I was reading attentively in Starbucks, there were 2 guys sitting in front of me. One of them seemed so normal to the point of disdain however, his friend was hard to dismiss. <`A´>/

No, he wasn’t a hunk nor was he eye-catchy at all. <=__=>lll

This guy I’m talking about wore a very tight pants, revealing his insanely skinny legs and in addition to his attire, he wore a very flamboyant blouse which was also extremely tight-fitting. <OAO>

He had very fair and flawless skin, plus chubby cheeks and wore a very geeky glasses. <_  _>lll

Each time I laid down my book for a sip of Caramel Coffee, the horrible sight gets in the way. <`A´>/

Although he did nothing wrong to me (probably didn’t even notice there was a sheep fuming through her ears across), I just can’t stand guys like this. Is it cool to be a sissy, down right to the voice? <T_T>

To what I can remember, sissies are the underdogs who always get bullied. And that’s not cool!

The major tick-off was the fact he had better skin complexion than me! <OAO>

Whenever I stand next to guys like this, I’d always feel that I’m more manly than them accompanied by a hollow feeling of “Looks like I’m gonna be single for life”. <;__;> (Cries)

If this isn’t enough, another sissified guy added more charcoal to my fumes by sitting beside me with his girlfriend who appeared to be more masculine than him. <_  _>lll

He wore a pink T-shirt and snuggled his girl while she was reading a Chinese magazine. Baa… They were looking so avidly at a pedicure[?] *something got to do with nails. I don’t really know what they are called* page. At that time I was wondering, “Who’s planning to paint nails? The girl or the guy?”

I grinned to myself to later find that pink shirt guy starring daggers at me. I must say — He stared like a bitch.

Gee… This is not an issue to be angered by however, some people itches me to wanna punch them in the face regardless of how harmless they are.

Speaking of which, last week I saw a pair of beautiful legs in front of me. It was hairless, slim and long.

I thought to myself, “U~waa! I better work harder to get those kind of legs!”

Then slowly… I looked up to meet the proud owner of the legs… and I gasped in horror.

[ . . . ]

It was a GUY. <OAO>

!! E.rai.kot.cha !!

I felt a strong sense of defeat and suddenly, I was in state of dismal. <ºAº>

Baa… Sheep thinks that there is something wrong with today’s world… What do you think?

Oh… Today’s outfit~

PS: I bought a discounted book from MPH today. The book is called “The Garden of Eye Candy”, a compilation of artwork by renowned artists. ↓

The artworks are whimsical and absolutely enchanting; some may seem dark and disturbing though.

My favorite artists featured in this book are Amy Sol and Juri Ueda. Just so you know, here are some of their artwork embedded with links to their website. ↓

Moon Paper by Amy Sol

Moon Paper by Amy Sol

Sophie by Amy Sol

Sophie by Amy Sol

Kokiri Carousel by Amy Sol

Kokiri Carousel by Amy Sol

Doll House by Juri Ueda

Doll House by Juri Ueda

Plum by Juri Ueda

Plum by Juri Ueda

Bunnies Dream in the Moon Light Hill by Juri Ueda

Bunnies Dream in the Moon Light Hill by Juri Ueda