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Baa-Bai, Old Hair Style!

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Mood - Ennui

Mood - Ennui

A very big and warm “Hell~O!” to all of you~!

I apologize for my absence in the passed few days; I took a bus ride to Klang unannounced. (Laughs nervously)

It was really an impromptu trip. <´•__•`>

On Thursday, my brother suddenly announced that his friend will be staying over our house for a couple of nights. So knowing my house, we can’t accommodate more than ourselves so my brother chased us out; in a friendly way of course. Initially he said my mother and I could go over to Singapore however, we decided to go to Klang and visit my uncle instead. (Laughs)

Well, that said… This is sheep — with her puffy smile for you~

And here’s another one~!

Haha… I kinda noticed how drab and boring my hair is so I went to the hair saloon in Klang and had my hair permed. <´v`>/

In case you didn’t know this, I have 0 tolerance for barbers. It’s not that sheep is so particular about every detail but it’s just that they can’t seem to deliver the simplest thing of all. <`A´>/

Anyway, in spite of sitting through the horror of bearing with the barber who did my hair (she pulled my hair as if I’m a rag doll) — I’m quite satisfied with the curls. <´•ω•`>

I’d love to show you but it’s night time now and I’m going to sleep soon. Therefore, I’ll reveal my new hair style tomorrow~

Oh thank goodness she didn’t alter my length. (Cries)

Baa~ In this trip, I met my little cousins~. ↓

It’s really hard for me to believe they are my cousins because we rarely communicate with one another. Probably due to the language barrier; They are Chinese educated while I can only speak English. (Poor English)

Ok, sheep has to go now~ <^ε^>

I’ll catch up with everyone in the comment’s area tomorow~. Also, your blogs too~