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Mood - Vibrant

Mood - Vibrant

… <.___.>

Here you go~☆!

My latest drawing~☆!

It’s rather simple and probably nothing new since it’s Dion Castlock again~♥. <¯▽¯>

With the help of Mrs.Puppet, I was able to draw him from the top angle. ↓ <¯▽¯>

Click to view the full picture

Click for a larger view


My primary motive was to draw a female character however, GazettE music was booming into my ears and knowing how bad ass this band is — I just can’t think of girls. (Laughs) <_  _>lll

Every time I listen to Gazerock, I would always think of Dion for some reason. Especially Remember My Brave. <T_T>


I want to develop Dion more into depth so that he’ll have a more original and fresh image. <^-^>/

Ergo, sheep better get going now~♥

More pictures might be coming up shortly~☆

How shortly? — No clue~! <^v^>lll (Laughs nervously)

[Edit: 12:06+am]

One more! ↓