Mood - Swinging

Mood - Swinging


Although it’s night time now — I prefer to greet aloud “GOOD MORNING~!” rather than “Hello” because, personally — “Good morning” sounds much more cheerful and perky compared to a mere “Hello!/Hi!” (Laughs)

Baa~ That’s just your sheepish Ms.Aya with her own theory and perspective~. (Laughs nervously)

Yesterday, my neighbor gave me a bowl of jelly to share with my family. <—ω—>/~

She’s a very nice mother of 3 children and my mummy often talks to her. They share a lot of things in common such as their passion for plants/flowers, cooking and Christianity. <^-^>/

My mum will also cook or bake some food for her family and if she needs a ride to somewhere, my mum will gladly drive her there since she is quite handicap in transportation wise.

Despite that we’re of different race, it doesn’t mean that there’s a barrier to communication and acceptance. As long as people share the same interests, desires, passion and goals — Then we already have not one — but many factors to link with one another. \<´v`>/

Anyway… It’s really nice to have good and friendly neighbors like her. I wonder if people still cultivate this neighborly traditions and bonds… <u_u>

If per chance I move to a new neighborhood and start a new life on my own — Sheep wants to cook something for her neighbors. Provided by then — Sheep is able to cook a decent meal. (Laughs)

But sheep is very confident in cooking porridge~☆. (Laughs)

Beneath is a short video… ↓

Lately, sheep enjoys recording videos of Auwlithe and whatever sheep is up to. It’s really fun~♫! <^▽^>/

Baa~ Sheep has to go now. If you happen to read this entry and your previous comments has not been replied — Don’t feel disheartened. I’ll get back to you later because right now, sheep wants to eat the curry that her neighbor gave her~. (Laughs)

Yup, given from the same neighbor. <^-^>

With that said — Excuse sheep~♫

I’ll be back and will definitely check out your blogs too~

So consider this as a head start for you to quickly update your blogs before sheep is done savoring her curry~


!! ROAR !!

[ . . . ]

[Edit: 12:04am] WY (Kiri-Kirino), Sachi-chan, Szanne, Saru-chan and Daisuke has failed to update their blogs!


!! ROAR !!

[ . . . ]

PS: Sorry for the boring entry. At the moment, my mood is unable to stay in one fix direction. It keeps changing coast like a confused compass.

PPS: Do you have a nice neighbor? Or you have neighbor problems? Suppose you have neighbor problems, how vicious are they? <.__.>{?] (Laughs)

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20 comments so far

1.  Wy
March 30th, 2009 at 1:27 am

Want me to teach u how to use spoon ? =D Hahax ! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! I’ll update now, lol !

2.  szanne
March 30th, 2009 at 1:46 am

you’re a lefty ms aya? :D

really generous neighbour! got curry some more! *jealous* btw, updating soon!

3.  kim-chan
March 30th, 2009 at 9:12 am

RawR!! XD XD

Jelly! so red. But why dino cannot see Sheep’s reflection? And I just watched the video XD XD XD AWWW so kawaii lol guess the jelly so smooth and soft and sweet and yummy. =)
XD XD Watashi mo tabetai na.

Sheep knows how to cook porridge? Cook for me onegai? *flies* XD XD XD

I have a funny neighbours desu.
IF let say, we put a nice plant in front of our house, they will do that one week later.
If their in-laws came and visit them, they will talk loudly for attention. Kind of like copycat and show off cases ne.
But is weird not bad because they came to visit grandma’s funeral so….

watashi mo wakarimasen o.o.
hen desukara….

@Based on my blog’s comment: SOU? Vanilla I guess is vegetarian food ne. XD XD XD XD *laughs like a pig lol*

4.  Rocket Boy
March 30th, 2009 at 10:41 pm

Say, how many hours took you to finish that jelly? lol.

My neighbors at both sides of my house are ok, they’re not cool but they don’t suck ha ha ha, my neighbors living in the front house, well let’s just say it’s an old couple with 5 daughters, 2 of them are already married but the other 3 are still single and hot, the youngest is 19… she’s got the nicest legs I’ve seen… too bad her bedroom’s window is not facing my window….

By the way, my dog hates everyone in this neighborhood and she barks to all of them, I trust her tick and I’m always careful about getting too involved with them.

5.  krayle
March 30th, 2009 at 10:48 pm

今晩わ! *watches video* haha! sheep-chan はほんとうかわいですね! xD i just got home after a super long day and lazy to blog. and oh! i was the one on the right in the picture! ^^ anyway i have just disabled the friends-only commenting thing so that you can now comment! (: very honoured to have you visit my blog hehe.

sheep-chan も Christian ですか?(:

6.  Sachi-chan
March 31st, 2009 at 3:32 am

HAHAHAH! Sachi-chan was totally cracking up while watching sheep’s video! LOL, How long did it take sheep to finish that bowl of jelly? [>.<]

People on Sachi-chan’s island are very kind and generous. I don’t have any actual neighbors, my house kinda sits all alone by itself, but we always get people who pass by to bring mangoes or guavas, food, juice or any other random goodies. [^-^] How nice of them. And, for instance if it’s Sachi-chan’s birthday, she might get a cake just from a family friend or someone from the church or so. That’s one cool thing about living on a small island.

Oh! Yes, Sachi-chan has indeed been very busy and has not updated her site much. I need to post again soon.

7.  soon
March 31st, 2009 at 7:31 am

you sure u didnt drop the jelly on purpose? hahaa

8.  Pixy
March 31st, 2009 at 8:32 am


wow …

Well I can tell u that my neighbors is not as good hearted as yours …

9.  Ms.Aya
March 31st, 2009 at 1:14 pm

Dear Kiri-Kirino

YES! Sheep wants to teach other sheep how to use spoon with their hooves!

Good boy~!

Dear Szanne

Yes, I’m lefty~

Good~ Something for sheep to read~ *Sings*

Dear Kim-chan

The jelly is very slippery. It taste good though. But I wonder whether my porridge will be tasty too. (Laughs)

About your neighbor, waa —- I also got one neighbor who is something like that, always trying to compete or show off their prestige. Sometimes it’s so hilarious to see what they can do.

Baa… At least your neighbors have the decency to offer their condolence. I don’t expect them to copy your family’s situation by starting their own funeral. It won’t be funny anymore. (_ _)lll

How long already, you have this neighbor?

Vanilla comes from a plant[?] so .. It can be categorize as a vegetarian food! Yay! We can eat that and don’t feel any guilt! Whoo!

Baa~! How is Kim-chan the dinosaur feeling lately? Much better?

Dear Rocketd

I ate half-way only because it was quite filling and too slippery. In other words, sheep got fed up. (Laughs)

but the other 3 are still single and hot, the youngest is 19… she’s got the nicest legs I’ve seen… too bad her bedroom’s window is not facing my window….

Spoken like a true pervert. (Laughs)

Oh, you have a dog!? I didn’t know that! What breed!? I don’t recall you talking about your dog ever or much. (T_T) Baa~

Only the squirrel that was sitting up your cable wires. (Laughs)

Dear Krayle

Ohayo~! Sou ka? Ookini. Anmari kawaii to omou kedo, ma ii.

Looks like sheep can now spam in Krayle’s blog~ Yay!

Communication everyone! (Laughs)

My apologies, sheep got out from the extremely hyper side of the bed hence the inability to think accordingly.. (_ _)

Yes, sheep is a Catholic Christian. Lamb of God. (Laughs)

Dear Sachi-chan

Sheep couldn’t finish it. It was so slippery to scoop up the jelly! (Gah!)

Baa~ Your neighbors are very kind, generous and thoughtful ne. So that means — During your birthday, you get a lot of cakes from here and there? (o_o) Sugoi!

It’s ok. Shepe understands~ Sachi-chan has new responsibilities and the moment~

But this reply of yours is very much appreciated. At least I know you’re still around. (Laughs)

Dear Soon

Didn’t have to. (Laughs) You all should notice that the jelly was already eaten at the starting of the video.

Before that, I struggled to scoop up the jelly so I figured — why don’t I just record it and show minna-hun how slippery it is. (Laughs)

Dear Pixy

Wow~ Pixy is sure quiet and has little words to say lately.

(o_o) I miss the BAMBAMBAMBAM Pixy. (Cries)

10.  Saruchan
March 31st, 2009 at 9:00 pm


tricky using a small spoon to eat the jelly . ? (savory?) speaking of that .. it have been ages since I ate jellies ..

QUESTION : Do you have a nice neighbor? Or you have neighbor problems?

NO , my neighbour(s) are some Vietnamese workers that cant stop singing those bloody Avril Lavigne Songs !!! and he sounds atrocious !!! he even sing when he is bathing and he blasted her songs on the speaker sometimes in the morning !!!

Man .. a guy singing to Avril songs like some no.1 die hard fan … that is so wrong … wtf … + the singing gave me nightmares ..

Its nice that you have a good neighbor , why not try to make another different jelly and give it to your neighbour ~ maybe have have the “sheep” Logo on it ! @___@


Mouu .. *pokes* why suddenly so down ?? judging by ur writing patterns .. somethings going on ?


11.  Saruchan
March 31st, 2009 at 9:00 pm

SHIMATA !!!! *starts cleaning cob-webs * O.O”"

12.  kim-chan
March 31st, 2009 at 9:43 pm

eto ….21 years! with those neighbours desu lol. Taihen kana?

Oh yeah, I forgot that vanilla is from plant. T_T Is vege then! Baka mitai na Dino-chan ne..

HAI! IMA DINO GENKI DESU YO. But this morning I was a bit sad, I cried =/ but right at this moment, I’m fine desu. I hope tomorrow will be okay kana, April fool dakara LOL

Sheep-chan mo ki o tsukete! Ashita

13.  Rocket Boy
March 31st, 2009 at 11:05 pm

I have a halfbreed doggie named Katy, I haven’t mentioned her coz as you know, I’m not very fond of writing about my everyday stuff, there’re 2 main reasons for that.

1.-Mexico’s not the safest place on earth, and mexican bloggers should be careful of not sharing too much crucial information about their everyday life… could be dangerous.

2.-There’s certain someone who’s surely reading my blog and I just don’t want her to get the full frame of what I’m doing now, but I promise to leak more info about my daily life in my blog^^, at sheepy’s request=)

I’m a true pervert ha ha ha, man! I don’t know why I like girls so much, it’s not like I’ve had great experiences with them… in fact I’ve suffered and had to go trough a lot because of them. But as far as I’m concerned, just looking at them won’t get me involved in any crap right? ha ha ha.

14.  Rocket Boy
March 31st, 2009 at 11:07 pm

BTW I watched your video again and I just wanted to say that you still have cute knees^^.

15.  krayle
March 31st, 2009 at 11:59 pm

hello again! sure, Sheep-chan can spam as much as she wants (: it will bring some life into my rather dead blog! plus, it’s always nice to hear from you ^^

i can’t stop watching the jelly video! it’s just so cute and makes me laugh so much xD

16.  Ms.Aya
April 1st, 2009 at 5:12 pm

Dear Saru-chan

Those Vietnamese are living on your left or behind? Because Betsie and Boney’s people seems ok.

Uwaa.. Those kind of neighbors… I think because of their lousy voice, they are giving you the bad impression on Avril Lavigne. (Laughs)

That kind of neighbors are incurable. Have you tried to tell them to stfu?

Pixy is high on his new games. So we better not bother him. (Laughs)

Dear Kim-chan

Baa~ It’s so hard to keep our spirits as high as possible na… Mendokusei. (Laughs)

21 years of living beside you. In other words they practically watched you grow!? (Laughs)

They watched Kim-chan grew up to be a dinosaur! How scary! (Laughs)

Dear Rocketd

Sheep understands now. I didn’t think Mexico would be that dangerous to the extend you can’t blog freely. Anyway, since sheep talks to you here often — that’s good enough. (Laughs) Don’t want Rocketd to jeopardize himself.

Well… You’re a red blooded male. So it’s ok to look at girls and go hubba-hubba over them. (Laughs) Be glad that you have the assurance of not turning gay.

A~h… I wish my face is as cute as my knees then. (Laughs)

Dear Krayle

*Hops over to Krayle’s blog*

17.  Saruchan
April 1st, 2009 at 9:13 pm


The one that is now living in Joshua’s house .. = =”"V

Omg … if i really get pissed i will make stink bombs and bombard their house !!! And believe me .. it will stink for a month !


Uwaaa.. you sound like some spy ! but yea… try no to leak out so much .. dont want the readers to get into trouble rite ? ^^;;

I wonder how Mexico looks like .. Care to make a tour ?

18.  Rocket Boy
April 4th, 2009 at 1:51 am

@Sheepy: Your face is ok don’t worry ha ha ha ha (you already know you have an adorable face so I’m not gonna stain my reputation further by pointing that out).

@Saru: I’m not sure if I can make the whole tour (most likely…no) but I’ll start showing you my favorite places, deal?.

19.  Ms.Aya
April 5th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Dear Saru-chan & Rocketd

Throw your rubbish next door. (Laughs)

I think Rocketd is afraid t leak out too much of his personal life online because he might have hit on some girls before and their boyfriends aren’t too happy about it hence seeks Rocketd for revenge!


Say, isn’t revealing your favorite places kind of dangerous? People will know where to find you. (T_T)

20.  Rocket Boy
April 11th, 2009 at 10:21 pm

I can handle some pissed off boyfriends ha ha ha, that’s not what frightens me, and you’ve got a point there, letting everyone know what my fav spots are is like handing an invitation to mobsters and freaks to search and find me.

I’ve had trouble with freaks and creeps before and I don’t want that to happen ever again.


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