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Mood - Swinging

Mood - Swinging


Although it’s night time now — I prefer to greet aloud “GOOD MORNING~!” rather than “Hello” because, personally — “Good morning” sounds much more cheerful and perky compared to a mere “Hello!/Hi!” (Laughs)

Baa~ That’s just your sheepish Ms.Aya with her own theory and perspective~. (Laughs nervously)

Yesterday, my neighbor gave me a bowl of jelly to share with my family. <—ω—>/~

She’s a very nice mother of 3 children and my mummy often talks to her. They share a lot of things in common such as their passion for plants/flowers, cooking and Christianity. <^-^>/

My mum will also cook or bake some food for her family and if she needs a ride to somewhere, my mum will gladly drive her there since she is quite handicap in transportation wise.

Despite that we’re of different race, it doesn’t mean that there’s a barrier to communication and acceptance. As long as people share the same interests, desires, passion and goals — Then we already have not one — but many factors to link with one another. \<´v`>/

Anyway… It’s really nice to have good and friendly neighbors like her. I wonder if people still cultivate this neighborly traditions and bonds… <u_u>

If per chance I move to a new neighborhood and start a new life on my own — Sheep wants to cook something for her neighbors. Provided by then — Sheep is able to cook a decent meal. (Laughs)

But sheep is very confident in cooking porridge~☆. (Laughs)

Beneath is a short video… ↓

Lately, sheep enjoys recording videos of Auwlithe and whatever sheep is up to. It’s really fun~♫! <^▽^>/

Baa~ Sheep has to go now. If you happen to read this entry and your previous comments has not been replied — Don’t feel disheartened. I’ll get back to you later because right now, sheep wants to eat the curry that her neighbor gave her~. (Laughs)

Yup, given from the same neighbor. <^-^>

With that said — Excuse sheep~♫

I’ll be back and will definitely check out your blogs too~

So consider this as a head start for you to quickly update your blogs before sheep is done savoring her curry~


!! ROAR !!

[ . . . ]

[Edit: 12:04am] WY (Kiri-Kirino), Sachi-chan, Szanne, Saru-chan and Daisuke has failed to update their blogs!


!! ROAR !!

[ . . . ]

PS: Sorry for the boring entry. At the moment, my mood is unable to stay in one fix direction. It keeps changing coast like a confused compass.

PPS: Do you have a nice neighbor? Or you have neighbor problems? Suppose you have neighbor problems, how vicious are they? <.__.>{?] (Laughs)