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Mood - Silly

Mood - Silly

Everyone…. <^-^>/

Please watch the video message from sheep below~☆

Baa~ \<^x^>/ ↓

Everyone: (=__=)lll{ What the . . . . ]

[ . . . ]

My apologies… <;___;> (Tears)

In this video, I wanted to inform everyone that I’ll be going to KL on the 20th March but the dialog somehow slipped away from my head the minute I lost grip of my camera.  (Laughs nervously) <x__x>

Anyway, I’m just going outstation for a couple of days so I don’t think I can meet anyone… (Truth to speak, I just want to be alone…)

Therefore —- I’m dearly sorry~! m<_  _>m

PS: I bought a new hair clip~♥ ↑