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Mood - Unusually hyper

Mood - Unusually hyper

So.. I’ve been tagged by Saru-chan at his joint blog. Although he tagged me long ago, I guess now only I can do it. Sorry, Saru-chan~! m<_  _>m

I’m going to do them now before I move on to my next assignment~

Ready? <•ω•>/




Zeiro! \<^v^>/

Rules: Once you’ve got tagged, you have to answer ALL the questions HONESTLY. Lastly, choose 6 people to be tagged.

How old were you when you had your first relationship?
I never had a relationship before.

Are you single/taken?
Single but not available. I say this because I don’t want hyenas to think that just because I’m single, my goal is to hit on any Dick, Tom and Harry.

Do you like anyone right now?
Define ‘Like’. But if you want to know if I like any guy in the romance interest — then no, there isn’t anyone.

Ever had your heartbroken?
Heartbroken? That’s too childish. I would say — Just a minor crack.

Miss anyone right now?
No one.

Who was the last person you sent a text to?
A guy whom I call “Mimi-chan”.

Last person to text you?

Last person you saw?
Saru-chan’s photo. I just visited his blog, that’s why. (Laughs)

What was the last thing you said to someone?
“No, I’m not going to bath yet. I want to get started with my work” – to mummy.

Who is your top friend(s)?
Auwlithe — Even though he is a dog, he does things that even a human never does. He rushes into my bed room early in the morning and waits beside my bed until I wake up on my own. He doesn’t like to walk for too long but he still follows me faithfully even though I let him loose so that he can go home himself. He shows his dismay when I’m not around by refusing to drink water and when my mummy takes him out, he will try to look for me. Sometimes when I tell him why I’m sad, he does not understand but he will come to me and do some funny things to make me laugh. Beat that, human beings! (LAUGHS IN THE UTMOST SINISTER TONE)

Who do you trust the most in your life?
I’m not certain whether I truly put my whole trust in God, however — I know very well that I don’t trust people. Therefore, the answer is no one?

Who do you love most?
My family and pets (Auwlithe, tortoise).

Ever been in love?
I THOUGHT I was in love but I guess they were mere crushes only because I preferred to rival more than love them. (Laughs)

Who has hurt you the most?
My father. He could have been a good man and father but in the end, he couldn’t. Yesterday while I walked pass the office buildings, I dredged up a piece of childish memory where I barged in my dad’s office in school uniform or sometimes in just 3/4 pants and shirt, wailing my arms around for my dad. “He is a good father somewhere”, I tell myself sometimes.

Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?
Tragedy like getting involve in a flood, fire or earth quake situation? — No. <—ω—>

Are you happy?
I’m beginning to feel happy in certain aspects of my life, I suppose.

How many good friends do you have?

Are there some songs you cannot listen to because they remind you of someone?
No. If I want to listen to that song, I don’t care what might come in mind. After all, I’m not oblige to stop myself from listening to a favorite song for the sake of people, right? <`A´>/

Have you ever cheated on a partner?
I don’t have a life partner to begin with.

Ever been cheated on?
I’m not sure if I can classify those as cheats since they never said so and denied the fact… O~h well~.. It’s best to be ignorant of the truth sometimes~♫

Ever been told someone loved you?
Mummy and perhaps older folks told me that God loves me.

Ever told someone you love them and meant it?
To my family, pets and readers — Yes, I meant them well.

Not meant it?
Maybe I did, but just can’t remember.

What is your idea of true love?
A person who fell in love with another for his/her pure individuality or opposite attractions — Not the body.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Perceiving from appeal, no. But if I’m looking at the person’s characteristics for the first time, then maybe I believe so.

Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
Honestly, I can’t imagine my type of guy blabbering about the whole ‘friends forever’ rubbish. So I’d say ‘No’. I’m more into the formal acquittance then slowly climb up to breaking boundaries. (Laughs)

I Tag:
(Though Saru-chan already tagged some of them.. Who cares?)

  1. Kim-chan
  2. Rocketd
  3. Pixy
  4. Sachi-chan
  5. Szanne
  6. Naomi-chan
  7. (Whooo~! I have more than 6 friends! Boo-yah! <°Дº>/) Daisuke
  8. Poh Sim/NPS
  9. Mau-chan
  10. Krayle?
  11. GRAY-KUN! (Just to annoy this A blooded tensai!)
  12. Ms.Pufa (She’s busy at the moment but no harm tagging her)
  13. WY — Can I tag you, Mr.Kendoshi? <.___.>{?] (Laughs)

Now that sheep is done… This is Ms.Aya, assigning tags to the above people~♥

* kiss kiss *


Mood - Unusually chatty

Mood - Unusually chatty

A very good morning to minna-hun; boys and girls of all ages and genre~☆!

How’s everyone? Are YOU busy too? <^ω^>o

Is someone giving you a hard time or do you just want to take a day off and spend some time to yourself? <^x^>/

Well fortunately for me, yesterday I was permitted to take a break and chill for the rest of the day until I get my next assignment. So with that, I happily decided to visit Singapore~♫!

I really wanted to visit the amusement park but they only open on the weekends. (Tears) <;__;> Anyway, I arrived Queen street and it was drizzling at the time so I took cover at the nearest row of shops.

From there, I headed to the nearest shopping complex. Truth to speak, I didn’t do much in Singapore. Throughout the my day there, I only:

  • 10% (of my time) - Scouted for clothes. I saw some nice dresses and was very tempted to buy them however, after I tried on — They all made me look fat so my temptations immediately faded away. I’m just not into the whole baby doll fashion. I mean — They look like maternity dresses! <OAO> (Screams)
  • 20% – Mall-hopping.
  • 3% – Food. Of all the variety of food provided such as Mapo Tofu, hawker food, Long John Silver’s… I ended up eating at Mcdonalds along Bugis street. <x_x>
  • 3% – Office intrusion. I entered Park View’s compound.

Office Building

I went inside to look around and I was told that no photography was allowed. It’s regrettable because the interior design of the building was beautiful and they had a pub in the lobby. I saw one waitress there wore a silver gown. “It’s noon now so isn’t it too early to wear that kind of clothes?”, I thought to myself.

It was very grand and I’m wondering now… What office building is this? They had statues of Collin, Dante and other figures outside. I forgot to ask the bellman about that. (Tears) <;__;>

The building from afar

The building from afar

I went pass this building but did not enter.

I went pass this building but did not enter.

  • 64% – Wondering on the streets.

Let’s just say — I started my journey from Queen street…

To… ↓






Walk~♫ Here, there were so many people staring at me. I guess I intruded the Muslims’ territory and even walked pass their mosque during their worshiping hour. If I’m not wrong, it was somewhere in Sultan street. (Laughs nervously)


Stop by a shopping mall's loo to take a picture of myself, the great almighty sheep! (Laughs)

Then I exited the building and… Walk some more~

At this point, I disconnected my brain↓

Oh what’s this? Never mind~ Walk walk walk~

By the time I switched on my mind, I found myself in Orchard road… <OAO>

!! e.rai.kot.cha !!

(Laughs nervously)

I wanted to walk back to Queen Street and board the bus from there however — I couldn’t exactly remember the route back. I could follow my instincts but the sky was getting dark. So I took the MRT train from Orchard to Kranji. <_   _>lll

So yeah.. This is Ms.Aya the stray sheep who walked from Queen Street, weaved along every street until she somehow reached Orchard road — unknowingly~☆. ↓



In addition to her walking adventures, she also walked from the Singapore immigration back to JB. Before they constructed the new immigration center in JB, the road was quite short say — Maybe 150 meters. But now — It’s much longer than that AND more dangerous. ↓

There was one particular road that I wanted to take a picture of to show you how risky it is for pedestrians but — It was too dangerous even for me to extend my hand out to take picture. Who knows? The next thing I might NOT see is my hand! (Screams) <O[]O>!!!

Well.. There were a herd of us journeying our way back to JB. So I didn’t feel too lonely and vulnerable. (Laughs)

This is how much our government is concern for us in terms of the pedestrians’ safety. <u_u>

Baa~♥ <—ω—>/

The only thing I bought from Singapore is a wooden doll. ↓ \<´ε`>~♥

It’s a female model~☆! \<^v^>/

Initially, I had the male model in hand and was ready to purchase it but luckily I asked the shop keeper to open and let me see. I then discovered that the feet was dismembered. So seeing that the female model was the last remaining doll — I shrugged and decided to adopt her at the price of SD$51.80~♥. (Laughs)

Mrs. Woody, nice to meet you~☆! ↓


I’ll be using her as a reference to my drawing especially when it comes to postures~☆!

She can’t stretch too extensively but I’m contented with just that.  <—ω—>V

With that said, always check your goods properly before making a purchase. Don’t be shy to try out the clothes or ask the shop keepers to open the package for you to inspect the quality and its state! \<´v`>~¤

[ . . . ]

PS: Surprisingly, my legs aren’t suffering any pain now. Last night, I was pretty certain that I’ll be immobilized today. (Laughs) I hope that somehow, my legs won’t develop into “The Chun Li’s Legs”! ↓

PPS: I enjoy long walks. What about you? <.__.>{?]