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I’m Busy — Not Lazy!

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Mood - Lifeless

Mood - Lifeless

Nupo! Sheep is not lazy~ It’s just that I have an avalanche of work at the moment. <;__;> (Cries)

I’m so busy to the point I keep postponing my date with the gym. I was suppose to workout last Friday and this Monday however, I didn’t go until today. And to my horror, I discovered that I gained weight!

45.9kg — Can you believe it!? <OAO>!!!

!! Screams !!

Prior to this, I proudly weight at 43kg. (Tears) <∏A∏>/

Anyway, I humbly admit that it’s my fault for not disciplining my eating habits during the wee hours. I’ve been indulging in too many good food lately and my workout has not been as intensive as before. <u_u> Baa…

There you have it — Ms.Aya who gained weight… reluctantly. <∏A∏> ↓

↑ Today’s outfit~☆!

Although I was rather devastated about my current weight, I couldn’t help but to eat a heavy lunch at Nando’s~♫. (Laughs nervously)

↑ I normally add Garlic Peri-peri to my chips.

The chicken in Nando’s is way much better than Kenny Rodgers if you ask me.

Why? It’s because Nando’s provides at least 3 – 4 flavors of your choice; Lemon & Herb, Mild Peri-peri, Hot Peri-peri….

While Kenny Rodgers only consist of 2 flavors; Black pepper or mushroom gravy.

However, Nando’s is more costly than Kenny Rodgers. <_  _>lll

Baa~ Strangely though… When I got home and weight myself again, the machine indicated that I’m at 44kg. <o_o>

Maybe the digital weighing machine at the gym hates me OR it’s programmed to show extra 1.9kg so that the members there will freak out and keep returning to the gym for more workouts? <.___.>{?]

Sa~ <u_u>

I have to go now. It’s time to take Auwlithe out for his evening walk~♥

PS: I doubt that I will be able to post more this week judging by the current workload given to me. So I apologize in advance. I hope to be able to blog more again and sweet heavens, please inspire me to write fun articles in which we all can relate to. <u_u>