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The Watchdog of Hell

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Mood - TIRED!

Mood - TIRED!

It’s nearly reaching the demon hour… <OAO>

Oh nu~! (Cries) <∏A∏>

Ms.Aya better tuck herself in bed after she’s done posting this quickie~♥


I’ve just finished my latest art work~☆↓ o<´ε`>o

I was listening to “The Watchdog of Hell” by SSH while working out in the gym yesterday. Out from nowhere, I conjured up the image above. Although — it didn’t precisely turn out to be the initial image I had imagined. (Laughs nervously) You see, I wanted to draw a gate as the background with a couple of fierce looking dogs. <^-^>lll

Unfortunately, sheep is not skillful enough to draw such pictures. (Cries) <;__;>

O~oh well… Sheep will draw more pictures in the upcoming days~☆

Oh yes… I listened to Meta B (also by SSH) while inking the art work above. This song is so addictive and it kept me awake until I completed the art work! <´v`>/ *Happy*

Plus, I’m happy to read Dragon Ball Z over again because from Akira Toriyama’s work — In a way I’ve learned to draw muscular bodies for my male characters~♥ (Laughs)

Baa~ <u_u*>

It’s 3:06am already. (Gasp) I need to sleep now~☆

Good night everyone~♫ \<n_n>

Oh wait… This is Ms.Aya — yesterday~♫. ↓

I wonder.. Will there be any difference in me when I wake up the next morning? <.__.>{?] (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

PS: I’ll reply your comments the next time I check my blog. Sheep is incredibly sleepy now. (Tears) <:__;> Sorry… <u_u,>