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Korean Barbecue

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Mood - Full of energy!

Mood - Full of energy!

Go kigen yo~♫

I’m trying my best to stay as happy as possible so to those out there who are feeling down — I want to share my current gleeful spirits with you however, we both know that ultimately — You are in control of your mood, not Ms.Aya <^-^>lll


For a strange reason, today went by quicker than usual. <.___.>{?]

It’s like not I’ve been doing much. (Laughs nervously) <^x^>lll

Baa~ So before I end my day, sheep would like to blog about her dinner today~☆ \<^v^>/

I had Korean barbecue with my family after we attended mass. This isn’t our first time though. But lately we’re into Korean food because their barbecue steak is really tender and delicious! <•ω•>

↑ The restaurant that we went to had a very nice view. We could see Singapore from where we were sitting. <—ω—> (Laughs)

For those who have never dined in Korean BBQ restaurants before, let me give you a rough idea how they prepare the food for you. <n_n>

Eating at a Korean BBQ restaurant isn’t like eating at any Chinese restaurants where they take your order, prepare the food in the kitchen and then serve. <¯へ¯>

Instead, the helpers will cook the steak in front of you. To be precise, there will be a grill in the middle of your table and on the spot, they would cook it for you and your family~♫. ↓

As you can see from above, there are many other side dishes. Those are meant to be eaten with the provided lettuce. You can select whichever is favorable to you, roll them up with the lettuce and then eat it. By the way, the side dishes are included. You do not have to order them. <T_T>

Now exactly what kind of side dishes are they? Well… You can find sweet sticky anchovies, bean curds, some vegetables like bean sprouts… It varies depending on which restaurant you go to. I went to 3 different Korean BBQ restaurants by far and was served different side dishes. But one dish that remains consistent is the sweet sticky anchovies. <^-^>lll (Laughs)

As for the steak, you can choose what kind of meat you want; Pork ribs, Sirloin beef… If you’re dining for the first time, you might be unsure about the portion of food so it’s best to ask them how many people can eat in one pax. Usually it should be able to feed 3 mouths.. Depending on one’s appetites. (Laughs)

After that, they will barbecue the steak of your choice at your table’s stove.

Some of you might be wondering whether to eat your dishes with rice. The first few times, I was surprised that we have to order the rice separately. But later I found out that adding the rice is going to be a heavy meal because the side dishes and the meat are more than enough. Perhaps you can order soup to go along however…

Here are 2 things to remember:

1) Your dining table is going to be very crowded.

2) Korean barbecue is NOT cheap.

The bill can total up to RM100+ for 3 people. (Gulps)

Oh, one thing I noticed about Korean’s chopsticks. They are kind of thin (and metal too)… ↓

↑ Taken in another Korean restaurant.

(Yawn) Sheep needs to sleep soon. Before I end this entry, here are more photos that were taken at the same day as the photo above~ ↓

The meat is marinated so well with the sauce. (Drools)

Here’s a closer look. ↑ Mouth-watering isn’t it? (Laughs) <^v^>/

Here’s the stick anchovies that has a sweet taste. It’s quite sticky and it might get stuck in your molars. The last time I ate this, I had a hard time getting them out. So be sure to stand by some tooth picks. <¯へ¯>

Lastly… ↓

If you have a dog, please be thoughtful enough to pack the leftover bones for it. I’m sure your dog will appreciate them. <^-^>v

Sheep is done~ \<´v`>/~¤

What to blog tomorrow~kana~~♥ <^ε^>/