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Mood - Swinging

Mood - Swinging


Although it’s night time now — I prefer to greet aloud “GOOD MORNING~!” rather than “Hello” because, personally — “Good morning” sounds much more cheerful and perky compared to a mere “Hello!/Hi!” (Laughs)

Baa~ That’s just your sheepish Ms.Aya with her own theory and perspective~. (Laughs nervously)

Yesterday, my neighbor gave me a bowl of jelly to share with my family. <—ω—>/~

She’s a very nice mother of 3 children and my mummy often talks to her. They share a lot of things in common such as their passion for plants/flowers, cooking and Christianity. <^-^>/

My mum will also cook or bake some food for her family and if she needs a ride to somewhere, my mum will gladly drive her there since she is quite handicap in transportation wise.

Despite that we’re of different race, it doesn’t mean that there’s a barrier to communication and acceptance. As long as people share the same interests, desires, passion and goals — Then we already have not one — but many factors to link with one another. \<´v`>/

Anyway… It’s really nice to have good and friendly neighbors like her. I wonder if people still cultivate this neighborly traditions and bonds… <u_u>

If per chance I move to a new neighborhood and start a new life on my own — Sheep wants to cook something for her neighbors. Provided by then — Sheep is able to cook a decent meal. (Laughs)

But sheep is very confident in cooking porridge~☆. (Laughs)

Beneath is a short video… ↓

Lately, sheep enjoys recording videos of Auwlithe and whatever sheep is up to. It’s really fun~♫! <^▽^>/

Baa~ Sheep has to go now. If you happen to read this entry and your previous comments has not been replied — Don’t feel disheartened. I’ll get back to you later because right now, sheep wants to eat the curry that her neighbor gave her~. (Laughs)

Yup, given from the same neighbor. <^-^>

With that said — Excuse sheep~♫

I’ll be back and will definitely check out your blogs too~

So consider this as a head start for you to quickly update your blogs before sheep is done savoring her curry~


!! ROAR !!

[ . . . ]

[Edit: 12:04am] WY (Kiri-Kirino), Sachi-chan, Szanne, Saru-chan and Daisuke has failed to update their blogs!


!! ROAR !!

[ . . . ]

PS: Sorry for the boring entry. At the moment, my mood is unable to stay in one fix direction. It keeps changing coast like a confused compass.

PPS: Do you have a nice neighbor? Or you have neighbor problems? Suppose you have neighbor problems, how vicious are they? <.__.>{?] (Laughs)

Mood - Jovial

Mood - Jovial


O go kigen ikaga~? (How are you?) <^▽^>

I’m Ms.Aya, the sheep who didn’t expect to post a new entry so soon. Come to think of it, I blogged quite a lot in this week alone, na? <.__.>{?] (Laughs nervously) Baa~ <u_u>

I can’t help it. \<≥Д≤>

Sheep is too perky at the moment. <^v^>/

Etoh — Today, I followed my mother and brother to a tailor’s shop. My brother wanted a customized suit for his upcoming event and since he’ll be participating more functions from now onwards — He said he’d better get a proper suit that matches his size. <—ω—>/

When we arrived the tailor’s shop, my brother and mother entered the shop first while I just stood at the door — putting this face on. → <ºДº>lll

My mother kept ushering me to come in but sheep was really reluctant to because — ↓

This eerie-looking mannequin was starring at sheep. I mean — ‘She’ wouldn’t be starring at me if I hadn’t stared back at her. It’s just that — Sheep was rather spooked out with this mannequin which greeted sheep upfront. (Laughs)

In every angle, she does look very real — ne? <´•__•`>

Let me tell you.

When I was a small girl, I used to play with dolls like any other girls (but I lost interest in them quite fast). The ones I had were usually the soft toy types and has a non-detailed face. Well, I detest those dolls that possess real looking faces even until now. Barbie doll is one of them. (Laughs)

I used to have a friend who lived nearby my house. She would always invite me to her house and we’ll play lots of home-made games. One time, I got curious and asked her why are all her Barbie dolls stationed next to her father’s bed instead of her own room.

She then told me that she was afraid the dolls will come to life and harm her so for this reason, she abandoned them in her father’s room. I did suggest that she can throw them away or keep them in her cabinets but she refused too because she doesn’t want to hurt her father’s feelings since he bought them for her.

Baa… If what she said is true, about the dolls coming to life and being violent — Then wouldn’t her father be the first to bite the dust? <OAO>(Laughs)

Anyway… <.___.>

To me… Barbie dolls aren’t scary at all. They look too friendly and they are probably too engross with fashion, clothes and Ken dolls. <_  _>lll

I think the scariest type of dolls are the baby dolls that can open and close their eyes! <`Д´>/

Those type are a real shocker! And it can give you the heebie-jeebies! If that doll is faulty, the eyes can simply role up and down uncontrollably (especially if you’re carrying it) resulting the doll to seem alive and the shocking part is it stares back at you in the eyes!

!! Screams !!

Ok ok, I’ll stop freaking myself out with my silly hyper active imaginations. <^-^>lll

You know… I never really asked myself why a portion of people are afraid of dolls despite that sheep is in the equation. <.___.>

Therefore, I went into thoughts and I came to a conclusion. <_   _>

Maybe some people are afraid of dolls because they look real and closely resembles us[?] <.___.>{?]

And with that, we keep having the tendency to feel that they are just as alive as we are with their given realistic appearances. <o_o>{?]

I’ve watched and read some folklores and ghost stories about dolls. They normally say that doll makers carve and make dolls because they are unable to have their own flesh and blood children. Therefore, they treat their dolls as though they are really their children.

I guess if you love something so much — You are in a way transmitting love to the recipient let it be a human, an animal or even an object. (In this case, a doll)

[ . . . ]

Love is a powerful force, na? <u_u>

Ok… Back to the tailor’s shop… <T_T>

Baa… There were a several more of mannequins in the shop like … ↓

and … ↓

(Laughs nervously)

I didn’t snapped pictures of the remaining ones. Gomen! <_  _>lll

Baa… So… Any of you dislike/is afraid of dolls? What’s your tick on this?

Why do you think some people (like sheep) is afraid of dolls? Give sheep your own theory~! \<≥Д≤>

Lastly… ↓

Shes watching you~~~~!

She's watching you~~~~!

lll<ºДº> Eraikotcha!

PS: Yesterday~☆ ↓

At the supermarket --- and raw chickens!

At the supermarket --- and raw chickens!

Sheep is on a Serious Diet

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Mood - Perky

Mood - Perky



Below is Ms.Aya the sheep who wanted to publish her so called ‘Boob shot’ however —- ↓

(Taken in the hotel room last Friday)

She has 2 reasons not to do so:

1) Sadly, her boobs are almost non-existence hence not attractive. (Cries) <∏A∏>

2) She doesn’t want to give away the impression that whenever she gets upset or angry, she will start snapping X rated photos of herself and publish them online. I mean — That will only encourage people to fib and aggravate her right? <^-^>lll (Laughs)

Anyway — The boob shot was an accidental shot. Because on my own, I don’t dare to take such pictures of myself let alone publish them. (Laughs)

Let’s move on, shall we? <^▽^>

Regarding the title of this entry, yes — I’m on a diet. This quest has started ever since I discovered I exceeded 45kg. To be honest, I’m having a hard time disciplining my eating habits. <´•___•`>

While I was in KL for a couple of days, I was very certain that I won’t eat extra tidbits because I normally loose my appetite when traveling. But in lieu, I ended up eating more than I expected this time around. ↓

I came across this Japanese snack shop in Mid Valley and my intentions was to just browse around to see what they have. You can find Pocky, some dip in snacks and instant food such as noodles and miso soup.

By the time I left the shop, I had this in my hand~☆. ↓

(Laughs) Sheep was rather excited and perky at that time so eventually, sheep forgotten all about her diet plan. Nupo! <;__;>

It’s just an ice-cream, you say? And it won’t gain me another kilo? <`A´>

Well.. The next day after the seminar ended, I overloaded myself at the buffet! \<`A´>

I couldn’t help it! <≥A≤>/

There were so many good and quality food; Raw salmon, tuna, sakana, scallops, pizza, tofus and so much more on the table!

A~ah… Sheep wants more~♥ <^ε^>/

Anyway, I repented that night so yesterday, I drank pumpkin soup and ate some alphabet fries for dinner. <^ω^>/ ↓

(Sigh) Looks like I’ll be eating more tofus and pumpkin soup for the later days to come… I love tofus and pumpkin soup but I just hope it will loose me that extra 4kg. <_  _>lll

In case you’re wondering why sheep is keen on loosing weight, I’ve already dedicated an entry to answer that. <_  _>lll So please refer to that entry, ok? <^x^>/

Baa~ <u_u>

I know… This whole dieting topic is the most boring subject to speak about. Especially boring for guys since they don’t do this shit.

And that brings us to today’s set of questions:

Q’s for the guys:

  • What are your opinions on girls who starve and deprive themselves from food just to achieve their targeted body weight?
  • Will you discourage or encourage them to diet?
  • If you have negative opinions on dieting, how would you talk them out of proceeding it or would you just let it be?

Q’s for the girls:

  • Do you diet? Whichever your answer is (Yes/No), provide a reason for your actions.
  • What do you eat when you’re on a diet? And how often do you eat in a day?
  • … What’s your secret to the most effective dieting method!? <^x^>/

Oh dear! <OAO>

Sheep has to leave now. I haven’t bath and my dinner is waiting on the table. (Pizza~♥) Plus, I still have not replied Ms.Pufa’s email and my favorite TV programs are about to start soon! (Lost and Prison Break) Eraikotcha~! <OAO>!!!

That said — ↓

From the back of Ms.Ayas head

From the back of Ms.Aya's head


Girly Blog Layout for Sheep!

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Mood - Perky

Mood - Perky

Behold everyone — Sheep’s new blog layout~☆!

*Rejoices!* \<^v^>/

Overall, it’s still the same. Just that the header and background has changed. I also added a new widget and changed the “Email Sheep” as well as the “Notice” widget.

But don’t you think it’s amazing? <^ε^>/

With just a few tweaks here and there — The layout looks so anew, fresh, perky and above all… Girlish~♥! (Giggles)

I always wanted my blog to look like this however, I was afraid that all the pink ribbons and hearts might just scare the male readers away. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

Then again, I want you guys to think about this properly:

It’s better to get caught reading a girl’s blog because it shows that you’re a red blooded male who appreciates girls and their thoughts RATHER THAN stalking your male buddies.


[ . . . ]

You do get my point right? <.___.>{?]

[ . . . ]

Sheep is beyond lame… <_  _>lll (Laughs nervously)

I might tweak the layout a little bit more so expect some minor changes and if you happen to visit PaperDiaries while I’m tweaking, don’t be surprise to see it in a total mess~♫! \<^v^\> (Laughs)

That’s all for sheep’s announcements~♥

I want to give my credits to: Bubbly Funk.

Sheep found some really nice backgrounds from there and sheep just felt wrong if she takes them without handing any credits to that site.

That said — If you love papers and handy crafts, do drop by Bubbly Funk. They have lots of lovely and creative papers and stickers that will make ones eyes go U~waaa~! (Of course, you’ll only get this effect if you are like sheep who adores such stuffs)