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Mood - A bit annoyed

Mood - A bit annoyed

Hisashiburi ya, people~♫!

How was your Valentine’s day?

Did you all have a splendid time of your life? <.__.>

For couples, I’m pretty sure you all enjoyed your romantic moments together. Though I personally feel that you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to show how much you appreciate your partner.

Then again, perhaps Valentine’s day is when you go BEYOND the average day of showing your love… Whatever… My mind can’t comprehend this. (Laughs nervously)

As for the unfortunate singles — All I can offer you is a gentle pat on the back. <u__u>

Right now I have no comments about Valentine’s day because I’ve never celebrated this occasion for I’ve never gotten the feel of dating. <;__;>

Why? Well — Maybe you’ll find the answers within the 25 random things about me~! (Laughs)

Yup~ I got tagged on Facebook (by Nic). Therefore, now I’m about to reveal 25 random ‘facts’ about me — Here. (Laughs)

May I start the tag? <^x^>/


*** 25 Random Things About Ms.Aya ***

1. I’ll turn ‘blackjack’ in the middle of this year

2. I’m left-handed. I only use my right hand when playing badminton and using the computer’s mouse. The rest is ultimately handled by my left hand — I think.

3. I can’t pronounce ‘R’ and ‘W’ properly. For example: Suppose I call you a ‘HO’ — I am actually calling you a ‘WHORE’.

4. Teasing you too much doesn’t mean I’m flirting with you. Sometimes they say, if a person teases you too much — it means they like you. In my case, if I’m teasing you with degrading names and I seem to be over powering you… It does not mean I am fond of you. In fact, I don’t like you nor respect you at all. So for that reason, I’m calling you names. <^-^>lll

5. I LIKE to ignore people on my MSN. I think it’s funny. (Don’t ask why)

6. When I tie my hair, I will normally scoot it to my left side. I don’t do this in order to stand out in crowds or try to be fashionable. It happens that I carry my handbag on my right shoulder and my hair tends to get caught in the bag’s handle. ↓

O~wie… <;__;> (Tears) For this reason, I’d tie my hair up like this: ↓

7. My favorite firearm(s): Shotgun and magnum. My ideal of a gun is: One bullet per life.

8. My favorite sword: Wooden iaido. For your information, this is how it looks like: ↓

9. My mind automatically switches off when eating ice-cream. I don’t like to talk and be talked to when I’m savoring my ice-cream. So be sure not to tell me any crucial and important information when I’m doing so because nothing will be registered. (Laughs) Oh yes, I like being patted on the head when eating ice-cream. Having that said, PAT ME!

10. I tried to kill my food once. Back in the year 2000[?], I went out to eat Japanese food with my mummy and uncle. One of the dishes appeared to be moving and at that time, I knew that some Japanese food are raw. Stupidly, I thought that dish was still alive so I begun to whack it with my chopsticks. Later, my uncle told me that it was a thin layer of fish skin[?] and because it is so light — it moves along with the smoke[?]

I don’t know what that food is called but as a reference to what it looks like, see the picture above. ↑

And beneath is a visual idea of sheep stabbing her dish with a pair of chopsticks. <^-^>lll ↓

11. I always kept my hair at shoulder length prior to now. I used to keep my hair at shoulder length because I was active in sports and long hair would only be a hinder to my eyesight. However, I’m not active in sports anymore so keeping long hair is now my goal to becoming more feminine.

12. I DO have double-eyelids. It’s very unnoticeable because the line is only half way. I know — I’m so weird and pathetic! (Cries)

13. My handwriting is micro-puny. Back in school, my teachers used to lecture me about my itsy-bitsy handwriting. They said to write bigger or else they will deduct my marks or criss-cross my answers even though I’m correct. However, I still persisted and finally they gave up. (Laughs)

14. I love porridge and liver since birth. Mummy said that while she had me in her womb, she craved for porridge despite how much she detested it (She’s not a fan of porridge by the way). Apparently, it was me who demanded the porridge and liver. <^x^>lll Until today, I still love eating porridge and liver~♥

15. As a child, I was convinced that babies are created using Nestle milk powder and clay (Play-Do). I’m clueless where I got this idea last time but I insisted that babies were made of milk powder and clay. In the end, my mother told me briefly about sex and I’m pretty sure I was only 6 or 7 years old. <_  _>lll Please don’t ask me to tell you how she explained the theory of sex to me!

16. I’m a Dear-Diary-type of person. I started writing in diaries since small but unfortunately, I threw away most of my old diaries. Now I’m only left with diaries from the year 2001 – 2007. I hardly write in diaries now because I can’t bring myself to explore my inner thoughts and emotions. Besides, the more one digs for the truth, the more hurtful it can be. So I’ve decided to remain oblivion about my needs and dreams.

17. I enjoy deleting contacts and files. In other words, digital spring cleaning. There are 2 reasons for this: 1) I’m very stingy with space and memory. 2) I don’t like to keep useless contacts and files.

18. I will not let go of my fork/spoon/chopsticks no matter what until I’m done eating. It’s an unexplainable habit of mine.

19. I have a very keen nose and I have the ability to detect the presence of cockroaches. Some people say that cockroaches don’t have a smell until their body is splat open and slimmy-yellowish green-liquid starts oozing out. Strangely though, I can still smell them even when their body is still intact. So whenever I sniff their odor, I would quickly run away or

20. Multi-tasking people aren’t cool in my humble opinion. Personally, I see multi-tasking as a way to just quickly finish all the given task but the quality of the work is low. It’s like they divide 100% of their effort into doing everything at once and as a result, only 20% of effort and concerntration is put to each work. That said, I’d prefer to do things one-by-one and giving each 100% of effort and focus. After all, what’s the point of being the jack of all trades — BUT master of none?

21. I’m a pure Chinese who can’t speak nor understand ChineseSimply because my family did not send my brother and I to Chinese schools at the same time, we mostly interact in English with one another despite that our parents could speak Hokkien.

22. I have luck in finding money on the ground. Just yesterday, I found a stray RM10 bill and I used it to pay my lunch.

23. I often find myself attracted to these 2 types of guys: Silent, mysterious vs Badass *MO.FU. Both these types of guys are total opposites from one another and they do have their own charming points. However my ultimate choice will normally be the silent type because I feel that they are loyal whereas the badass MO.FU can be rather wild and hurtful with their choice of words. I will however not deny that badass guys can be great and fun buddies.

24. I’m very terrified of loud, banging and mechanical sounds. This fear started when I was small. I kept hearing those sounds late at night and I would often leave my bed for the window. If I didn’t, the sound would get even more violent and loud, causing my chest to feel great pangness of urgency. Sometimes, it drove me mad and I had a tendency to be violent and mentally out of control upon hearing those sounds. This doesn’t occur anymore but whenever I hear of such sounds, I still feel scared. The sound is something like the soundtrack in Silent Hill 2, titled “Betrayal” and “Black Fairy”. If you’re not familiar with those, then another example is to describe the sound is the out of control door in DEAD SPACE where Isaac has to use stasis to slow down the door that keeps opening and closing at a fast pace.

25. My score board in the game of LOVE LIFE:

Boyfriend(s): 0, Been admired: 0, Valentine(s): 0, Date(s): 0, Receive confessions by guys: 0, Been in a relationship: 0…. Zero zero zero zero~!

[ . . . ]

Phew! Finally I’m done! It took me days to complete this tag for I couldn’t think of 25 random things about myself. Plus, I’m not a narcissist to explore every nook and cranny about myself. (Laughs)

Alright, now to pass this tag to a random number of random people~♫!

Sheep tags:

Rocketd, Saru-chan, Daisuke, Sachi-chan, Szanne, Mau-chan, NPS, Pixy, Ms. Pufa, Kim-chan, May.. and those who are dying of boredom — Please do this tag as an exercise for your brain~!

Baa~♫ I got another tag and it’s from Mau-chan. I guess I’ll do that some other time. <—ω—>/

For now, this is all from Ms.Aya — a sheep who is rather absent minded at the moment due to lack of social exposure~☆!

[ . . . ]

PS: Baa~ From the 25 facts above, I wonder if any of you have any similarities with sheep… <T_T>

PPS: Does anyone have this song; “The Game” by Motorhead (Triple H’s entrance theme) If so, can someone send it to me? <^-^>lll

* MO.FU = Mother fucker.

Stop Harassing Me!

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Mood - Mad!

Mood - Mad!

Argh! <`A´>/

This is Ms.Aya who is fuming over a pathetic caller who can’t stop harassing sheep!

For goodness sake! I’ve just changed to a new number and I’m already getting unwanted anonymous calls and messages?

You see, this son of a B mistook my number for his so-called “Brother” and when I told him that he called the wrong number, he just wouldn’t leave me alone.

It started out with a text message in which I ignored and eventually, he phoned my number. I vehemently insisted that he got the wrong number and he still persist to disturb me!

And at least twice a day he will give me a cheap miss call and some stupid eye-sore messages. \<`A´>ξ

Perhaps upon learning that the receiving caller is a girl, he thought that he had a chance to woo sheep or something. Seriously, how low can one be?

Does he in all seriousness think I would entertain his calls and arrange to meet up with him? Would any girls do that to an annonymous caller? I doubt so.

This isn’t the first time I get such harassments via phone calls and text messages. I received a fair number of indecent ones along the way to the extend I tried to divert all their calls to the police station or to Domino’s Pizza.

You know what? There’s one thing in common about these guys: They all speak and interact in MALAY!

I’ve never come across any morons with such desperate and inappropriate behaviors who speaks in English, Chinese or Tamil. It’s always a Malay behind the call.

Indonesian, Bangladesh — Whatever race they are — Please stop it. You can never get laid that way, you bastards.

You can never be friends with girls OR guys for the matter.

!! Roars !!

Thankfully, my LG KF350 has this feature that allows me to reject a certain caller.

Those of you ladies who are having the same idiotic problem as me and happen to own an ice-cream phone, here’s how you can reject that scum bag automatically:

  1. First and foremost, save his number as whatever you want to name him. In my case, I named him REJECT ME. As much as you don’t want to save his number (believe me, I don’t want to either) but you have to in order to use this feature.
  2. Create a group. I created a group called “Blacklisted” and selected him to be in that category.
  4. Click OK and switch REJECT to ON.
  5. Followed by REJECT LIST, select GROUPS.
  6. Then select your blacklisted group under REJECT GROUP 1.
  7. Finally… Click DONE.

By far, I haven’t heard of him and I don’t know whether it’s due to the reject feature that I activated. I haven’t tested whether this function truly works but hopefully, it does.

As for text messages, I’m unsure if it can be block. (Sigh)


One other problem I’m having is the inability to send out picture messages and surfing the Internet via phone. It’s not my cellphone’s problem but the service provider, Hotlink. I guess it’s because I’m using a new SIM number so I have yet to activate the extra services. Because when I used my previous Hotlink number on this phone, it worked perfectly fine.

Furthermore, Hotlink’s server to deliver phone settings is currently down as said by the customer service which I called the other day.

Baa… <u_u,> This is sheep’s luck for you… (Tears)

Oh if you have no other options to prevent that disgusting-low-life-creep… Then I suggest you get your guy friend to answer his call. I’m very sure your guy friends are more than willing to help you in this crisis. <^v^>/ (Laughs)

Ok, I’ll stop whining — period. <T_T>

Baa…. <u_u>

My Few Days in KL

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Mood - Nemui

Mood - Nemui

Tadaima, my darlings~♥!

I’m so happy to be home in JB where my dearest Auwlithe has waited patiently for my arrival~♫

Of course as the few of you who have been refreshing my blog for updates — here I am. <^-^>lll (Laughs)

I forgot to announce that I will be outstation for a few days which is very unlike of me to do so. Anyway, thanks to my brother’s iPhone, I was able to notify everyone about my absence. (Laughs nervously) <n_n>lll

My purpose to KL was to celebrate a friend’s birthday and most importantly, shop for new clothes~☆!

The whole trip was to some point fun but I just didn’t feel too good because I dislike traveling a lot. (And to think I once upon a time aspired to be a tour guide…) <¬_¬>lll

Let’s move on to the highlights of this trip~☆:

Day ONE:

My brother dropped his cell phone onto the LRT (train) tracks. <OAO>{Eraitkotcha!] ↓

We were on our way to KL Central to meet up with our Iranian friend and we could have gotten there sooner however, my brother accidentally lost grip of his phone and it fell on the tracks at Bangsar station.

It was quite a silly incident and everyone in the train gasped at my brother for losing his phone to the tracks. Some asked what phone model was it, is it a new phone — those kind of questions. But after I reminded my brother that we were indeed on our way to get him an iPhone — everyone gasped again. /<O[]O>\

Actually, all this can be avoided if the train does not leave its door open for too long. I notice that the stop at Bangsar is longer than usual. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way since I haven’t took the train in a long time. <+_+>

Anyway, a woman told us that we could retrieve the phone back by reporting to the station master. With that, we alighted the train at the next destination and took a ride back to Bangsar station to retrieve the phone. Thankfully, the station master was cooperative and helped my brother get back his phone by switching off the electricity for a while in order to go down to the tracks. ↓

Of course, my brother was not permitted to retrieve the phone by himself. They had one of their people to do it for him. Apparently, this is the first time someone has dropped his/her cellphone onto the tracks according to the station master. <_  _>lll

Nanda yo, oni-chan… <_  _>lll

After we successfully retrieved the cell phone, we met up with our friend in KL Central and we journeyed to Low Yat Plaza in search for an iPhone. The 3 of us spend some time in Low Yat before we could have our dinner. I was really famish, you know. And when I’m hungry, I’d keep quiet and refuse to talk until I’m fed. (Laughs) <^-^;>

But all the waiting was well worth it because I had my first try on Iranian food~☆. ↓

The meal you see above is the Iranian style of Chicken Rice. The special and unique point about Iranian food is their rice. Unlike our Chinese rice which is plain and short, Iranian’s grain of rice is longer and it’s usually mixed with a bit of butter or margarine which gives the rice some flavor even on its own. <´v`>/ Yummy yum yum~♥!

The little red dots you see are somewhat raisins but they’re not. Just looks and tastes like them.

The taste of their version of Chicken Rice is beyond words. I enjoyed the meal so much that I wiped every single grain of rice. <^v^>/

Day TWO:

I went to 1Utama with Ms.Ladan in quest of shopping for new clothes. Sadly, I only bought one skirt from Momoe because most of the boutiques there were simply not suited for my taste. Money isn’t the obstacle but I’m just not willing to pay a lump some of money for something I am only half-satisfied. <x__x>

In the evening, my brother and I celebrated her birthday in our hotel room. Most of the photos were taken with their cameras, not mine. So I apologize for the lack of visual aid. (Laughs nervously)

Once we indulged in the cake, we left for Time Square to do more shopping. <^w^>/

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the clothes that I wanted! (Cries)

We then had our dinner at another Iranian restaurant called Naab. ↓

This time I tried GohmaSabzi[?] — I don’t know how to spell it… Sorry! <∏A∏>/ ↓

The vegetables and gravy tasted a bit similar to the sour vegetable dish. It was quite tasty but I still prefer their Chicken Rice. <^x^>/

And this wraps up for the 2nd day in KL.

Oh ya, we came across this Inmovable Silverman outside Time Square. <=__=>lll You have to pay him RM2 to take a picture with him. But since he can’t move, I guess even if you don’t pay — he can’t harm you otherwise the show is over~

[ . . . ] Ok, sheep will stop being mean. <_  _>lll


Sheep went to The Curve by herself~♫. <´•ω•`> ↓

Still, I couldn’t find any nice clothes. I even crossed over to IKANO but found nothing that pleases my style! Seriously, I was fuming throughout the day but later console myself by freeloading the bookstore. I read several chapters of RAVE and probably in one of these days, I’ll get the DVD.

In the bookshop, I also found my brother’s book~☆! ↓

Baa~♥ He’s slowly expanding him reputation and business. <—ω—>/

Later, I hung around Pet Safari… ↓

And then I moved on to …. ↓

Ok from this point onwards there’s going to be an avalanche of photos that I took in IKEA. It may be boring to you (heck this whole entry is a bore) so exit while you still can~ (Laughs)

I took many photos of their display rooms and furniture. Sheep likes this kind of things and one day when I have a home of my own, I want to decorate it nicely and turn it into a pleasant home! <^ε^>/~♥

When that day comes, I’ll refer back to these photos for inspirations and creativity! ↓

Sheep wool carpet!

Sheep wool carpet!

Baa~ Ore-sama da yo!

Baa~ Ore-sama da yo!

Showing off my phone!

Showing off my phone!

That’s about it for my third day. I had to walk back to Ms.Ladan’s condominium and at that moment, I felt like a damsel sheep in distress thanks to the rain. (Groans) \<`A´>ξ

Late in the evening, we accompanied my brother to see him off at the air port. He will be in Sydney, Australia for a week and if his memory does not fail him — I do hope he remembers to get me 3 things: 1 Kangaroo, 1 Koala Bear and 1 Sheep!


Sheep left KL for JB. While waiting for the train’s arrival at Star Bucks, sheep managed to draw Dion Castlock. ↓

Baa~ And now…

I’m in the comfort of my home… <u_u>

Sheep is such a boring traveler, don’t you agree? A~ah well…

This is Ms.Aya, reporting out. ↓


PS: Sheep bought this at Record Tower, 1U. Has anyone watched this yet? Pixy? <.___.>{?]

Mood - Perky

Mood - Perky


While I was taking Auwlithe out for his usual morning walk, I came to notice that my favorite tree has started blooming some flowers~♥

I was delighted to see the tree covered in yellow petals because for the passed 4 months, the green leaves were rather lonely. (Laughs) Little things like this is enough to make sheep smile for the rest of the day~♫ <—ω—>/
Out from nowhere, a comforting thought came to me out of nowhere. Just by staring at my favorite tree, somehow I felt that from this day onwards — Life is going to be different for me. <.__.>{?]

Sheep has no idea how this idea came about but perhaps it’s because Chinese New Year is still going on. This is the time of the year when most people (especially the Chinese) will return to work/school with a brand new attitude, goals and of course — Fresh new looks~☆ \<^v^>/

One of the many things I notice about Malaysians is that they don’t really start their new resolutions in the beginning of the year — 1st January. Maybe some of them does but when it comes to changing their styles (especially hair), they’ll normally wait until Chinese New Year. <•ω•>

So those of you who have returned to school this week, you must be pretty impress with your friend’s new hair style and his/her sudden change of attitude~☆. <^x^>/

In my schooling days, admittedly I wasn’t the type who changed myself after Chinese New Year. <_ _>lll

I’d only trim my hair which results to my usual looks and nothing new. (Laughs nervously)

But I do remember there were some students who changed their hair styles and gave away a very different appeal. Sheep doesn’t know how to describe all this in words but the bottom line is — There come a time when we all want to see changes in ourselves, whether it’s during the start or in the middle of the year — We want a brand new self.

Looking at myself right now, I don’t think I’ve changed at all. According to Poh Sim who spoken to sheep via webcam not long ago, she said sheep still looks the same!

And the last time she saw sheep in person was 4 years ago when we were schooling. At that time, sheep had mid-hair length and lots of pimples! <x_x>

Baa~ <;__;> (Tears)

Oh well. It’s decided!

Sheep is going to make some changes from this day forward~☆!

I hadn’t have a clue on where to begin with until I recalled a saying that small changes can make a whole lot of big differences.

There’s no guarantee to that saying however, perhaps I’ll see the results for myself~ \<^v^>/

So far, here are the small changes/removals that I made:

1. New phone which is the LG KF350 Ice-cream phone – This is wishful thinking but — I certainly hope that by changing to a new and lovely phone, I’ll start having pleasant calls. May this be the phone that connects me to him~♥!

2. New mobile number – I was persistently told by my brother to change my cellphone number due to a personal problem however, I couldn’t bear to discard my number that has been with me for 8 long years. It was my very first number and the best thing about it is that — It’s very easy to remember! Anyway, my family refused to be harassed by that caller so there goes my number and here comes a new one. <^-^>lll

(Dreams) May this be the number that sheep’s true friends will reach sheep whenever sheep is down~☆ ! \<^ε^>/

… Nupo! How come I can’t send out MMS and surf the Internet? (Cries) <;___;>
3. DVD player – It kept ejecting while I was watching Dragon Ball GT. I guess my Dragon Ball marathon is the caused of its malfunction. <=__=>lll Sorry, DeeVeeDee.
I wonder, what can I gain by changing my DVD player? How will it spiritually affect my life? (Laughs)
4. Useless contacts on MSN, Facebook and phone book – What’s the point of having 500+ of contacts in a list when only 10 give their responses and support? <_ _>lll

The things that I haven’t change/remove yet but planning to:

1. Hair style - I’m sick of being the owner of a shoulder-haired length! I’ve been like this since the time of my birth! Oh wait, I was bald so rephrase: Since 5 years old! Sheep is gonna wait until her wool is incredibly long (as long as Rapunzel’s hair) and then sheep shall style it like Medusa! (Laughs) Just kidding. Medusa for losers. <^-^>lll

2. New clothing style - Last year’s style was mostly knee-length skirts with floral printing and the colors were white, pink and brown. In other words — decent. I’m thinking this year I should be more revealing and confident. Say — tubes and shorts? (Laughs nervously) That sounds so whorish… Nupo!

3. Friends - I’m in serious need of real friends.

4. Old objects and clothes – Apparently if you get rid of old things, you are actually giving ample space for new and positive energy into your life. That said — Sheep is going to spring-clean her closet and shelves.

5. New bras(Laughs very foxily) Thanks to the bust cream, my boobs are now more ‘kitsui’ than ever. <n_n>

Things that I will NEVER change/remove:

1. My dog, Auwlithe – NO WAY IN HELL will I ever exchange my beloved Auwlithe for a better shot in my life! I rather be S.A.D (single, alone and desperate) than to give up Auwlithe!

2. Animal image - Sheep will always be a sheep no matter how different it gets.

[ . . . ]

This is about as far as I can plan for now.

By all means, I must make my efforts reveal its rewards~☆!

!! Roar !!

So how about you? Any new changes in your taste, interest, outlook and style?


Baa~ What I’m about to post beneath here is totally unrelated to the above entry so — Pardon me ok?

I was just too pissed off with this woman. ↓

Do you see a woman up there? ↑

She didn’t do anything to me directly. It’s just the way she lines up that blows out smoke from my ears. I don’t understand why she can’t stand in line.


She wants to let people jump queue is it?


Is she afraid that the man in front of her might fart in her face?

Some more this kind of people can be very nasty when you cut in front of them. Although I don’t see a reason why they should get mad when they move far away from the line. (and I really mean move FAR away) How can they expect to claim their spot when they seemingly leave?

If you’re thinking that maybe she’s lining up on the other lane — No, she isn’t. Don’t bother creating excuses for her. Because as harmless as you think this may seem, imagine more than 10 people doodling like her, unable to stand in line like a herd of obedient sheep.

Believe me in Malaysia — It’s not hard to imagine such unsystematic beings who can’t seem to line up straight. Go to Mcdonalds, banks, Malaysia’s immigration center for instance. You’ll feel like running a tank over them. Or at least that’s what I’ll feel. <_ _>lll

In the end, the deposit cash machine malfunctioned so none of us got to use it. Bummer… <_ _>lll

A~ah well… Though I said little things can make me happy for the rest of the day, conversely — It applies to my temper too. (Laughs) Sheep can be flabbergasted over a small issue for one whole day.

That — needs to be removed from sheep’s system too, ne? <.__.>

[ . . . ]



Rocketd’s tag! How can sheep forget!? ↓

I present to you — My desktop wallpaper that has been like this since the day I owned this laptop.

So Rocketd, how do you depict my personality according to my current wallpaper? (Laughs)

Ok. The need of a new wallpaper is now added to my list of changes in order for a big difference and improvement in my life. <^-^>lll

Baa~♫ <^ε^>/

For now, this is Ms.Aya who has just got her blood extracted for a thorough checkout — signing off! ↓

O~wie… <;___;> (Cries)