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Mood - Genki level is over 9,000!

Mood - Genki level is over 9,000!


This is Ms.Aya who is bursting with lots of energy to blog, entertain and irritate you as much as possible in just one day~! (Laughs) \<´v`>/~¤

She is also the same girl who saw a naked kid today but still couldn’t tell apart the child’s gender despite the obvious exposure. (Laughs nervously) <´•__•`>

Honest! Sheep still cannot fathom out that child’s gender! (Cries)

Anyway, that’s not important so let’s dismiss it. (Everyone: But you brought this up first… Sheep: *Shrugs*)

It rained heavily awhile ago and as usual… Auwlithe got terrified of the lightning and thunder. Every time when the sky starts to down pour, Auwlithe would come close to the grill and shiver out of fear. Sometimes he would even vibrate violently! ↓

So when it rains heavily, I would normally sit beside him at the door, talk to him and pat him until he feels safe. Now that I think about it… Even a dog wants a companion by its side to allay it at times of fear. <o_o>{!]

All this while… I try not to yearn for anyone to be by my side. I always feel that I’d look stupid and too dependent on others so — I resort to imprisoning myself mentally. As time goes by, I adapt to this mindset and eventually lost the faith in having others by my side. <_  _>lll

I admit… Last time when I hear people pleading to have someone by their side.. I would have ill perceptions about them. Such as “Heh.. Such a weak fella who easily feels lonely” or I’ll plainly call that person a loser.

But after observing my dog carefully… I start to realize one thing. The first time I had to comfort him throughout the rainy seasons, it was really tough to console and calm him down. He would persist in coming in the house and sometimes he would keep calling for me as he cries in fear.

We don’t allow him to enter the house because we’re afraid it might become a habit later on. Also, we wanted him to be strong and learn to adjust himself outside whether it’s rain or shine. <¬_¬>

Anyway… I began to accompany him whenever it rains and sometimes when I leave him for just awhile — Auwlithe will start to cry. <TAT>

Yes, he’s very needy under this particular circumstances. However… I came to notice that he no longer cries or whines a lot during the rainy seasons. In fact, I don’t have to keep patting him until the rain stops. <^-^>lll

Just now, I saw him shivering and just when I was about to come over — He stopped his shivers and calmed down. It was as if having me in his sight was more than enough to allay him. <´-` >

So my point is… Even a dog has this instinct and sense of wanting a being to be by its side at fearful and needy times.

Prior to this I seem to be worse than an animal.. What a shame. (Laughs)

And I thought dwelling on my own is an act of bravery. <T_T>

[ . . . ]

Baa~ <u_u>

Having that said, yearning for a companion to be in one’s side isn’t a foolish crave and certainly not something to be ashamed of. It’s part of our nature as what the saying goes: No man is an island~☆!

In addition, this is the same for animals too!

(Folds arms) What a valuable lesson…~♫ (Nods in agreement)

[ . . . ]

Everyone: What the– Now only sheep knows?

Sheep: Shut up. lll<¬_¬> *Blushes*

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1.  kim-chan
February 28th, 2009 at 11:25 pm

sou desuka. *hugs*

But still, that does not make you are not normal ne Ms Aya ^^

You are not worse than animal. Because you are you. You are not uhm…doraemon…you are not…sailormoon *sweats* hehehe…

if you think that depending on others is a not good act, is not your fault. That is your opinion. Everyone have rights deshou? hehehe

but when depending a lot towards others is a bit scary….+_+???

ma…you will be genki ne. I hope this matter didn’t make you sad a lot

2.  Sachi-chan
March 1st, 2009 at 11:29 am

*nods* Sachi-chan feels very similar about this like Sheep.

Sachi-chan is not a very touchy-feely person at all. Even if Sachi-chan was in love with a person and that person tries to come very close to Sachi-chan, she would back away.

That’s why I know it’s gonna be kinda tough for me when I get older and start to try to find a boyfriend.[-__-] I’m afraid I’m be too closed off and not allow him to be there for Sachi-chan. [;_;]

*sigh* But I guess I’ll see what happens when I get into the whole dating phase. I got a long time to prepare anyway. *shrugs*

3.  Ms.Aya
March 1st, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Dear Kim-chan

Why out of the sudden got Sailormoon baa? (.__.){?]

(Laughs) I wasn’t really sad about it. More like my eyes were open. (^-^)lll

Thanks a lot for your comfort Kim-chan~ *Starts posing like Sailormoon*

Dear Sachi-chan

I wonder.. Are we doing this because we’re shy? Timid? Or we don’t think it’s right to do so?

(.__.){?] Maybe like what $5 shake-hun says… We’re just insecure with ourselves and have difficulties leaving our comfort zone, ne?

Baa~ Sachi-chan ganbatte! Don’t be like me, always moving but not doing anything. (Laughs nervously)

Sheep is a bad example..


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