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Restoring the Flair

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This is sheep who is rather happy that it rained today. For the last few weeks, the sun was so hot to the point sheep was drying up like a prune!

I really hope the rainy season can stretch to as long as 2 months. <^v^>/

[ . . . ]

On second thoughts, I can’t be too selfish because there are people out there who walks to school and work everyday. They aren’t like me who is fortunate to be able to work from home. <.__.>

Therefore, I eat back my words… <´•__•`>

Anyway, for today’s topic — I’m wondering — How can an interest and passion be restored again?

As in restoring the flair in an old interest and goal. <^-^>

For instance, once upon a time you love to draw pictures then suddenly — you stopped doing what you loved most. Either you got bored of it or you no longer have the talent in it — The reason varies depends on the individual. <T_T>

This is my current situation. I have the tendency to lose my flair in not just drawing but also everything which includes ‘living’. <;__;> (Cries)

The root of my dying passion is rather obvious for I very well know that I don’t have the love for the things I do. Whenever I do something, it’s always due to authority or merely because I feel it’s the right to do. <u_u>

Now when I think deeply about it, my discoveries unveils how loveless I actually am. <;__;>

It’s no wonder I’m never a victor. Even if I was, deep down somewhere within my consciences — I never felt that I won anything. <u_u>

I don’t intend to be like this anymore because it’s very lonesome and it’s getting me nowhere in life.

So I’m wondering… Is there a way to overcome this? <.___.>{?]

And how would you bring yourself up from such a downfall?

Come on, tell me something!

Otherwise you’re proving to me how right I am about humans being self-centered and cruel! (Laughs)

(I know, I’m such an asshole to say this)

Ok, let’s put it this way: ↓

I want to see faeries and in order to do so, I have to purify myself! \<^ε^>/~☆

!! Laughs !!

I bought this book long time ago at a discounted price. I don’t really have interest in faeries and neither have I ever debated about their existence. In fact at that time I purchased this book, my mind was functioning at the rate of the first Pentium chip. <x_x>

Yes… Very slow… (Laughs nervously)

In this book, it is said that there are many types of faeries that we’re unaware of. The faeries that we normally hear from tales are called the Flower Faeries. They normally dress in the same color as the flowers that they attend to.

Apparently, we can commute with faeries through certain means. One of them is to go to a forest and allow the breeze to lead you. By appreciating the wind, you’ll attract the Sylphs which are air elemental faeries.

Well.. I’m just thinking — That would be awesome! Imagine how much we can learn from creatures which has lived longer than us on this planet. Imagine the load of fascinating knowledge and information! \<^v^>/

If given a chance, I don’t mind giving this a try (whether it’s true or false, I do love wind very much) however.. When I think about REALLY doing this here.. In Malaysia… My excitement sinks gradually because our jungles here are —- You know… Very tropical and infested with mosquitoes.

Furthermore, our jungles are famed for Pontianaks, Poyongs[?], Hantu Pisang (Banana Ghost) etc… <_  _>lll

Nobody would want to run into those kind of spirits. <x_x> (Except Russell Lee)

Oh ya, I’m aware that this has absolutely nothing got to do with the whole ‘restoring the flair’ question above but I’m just forcefully relating them because I don’t want to sound like a whiny-sour-sheep moreover, a moody-gloomy-boomy.


I’m so lame~ (Tears)

[ . . . ]

Sheep wants a hug so badly… <;__;> (Tears)