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Mood - Perky

Mood - Perky


While I was taking Auwlithe out for his usual morning walk, I came to notice that my favorite tree has started blooming some flowers~♥

I was delighted to see the tree covered in yellow petals because for the passed 4 months, the green leaves were rather lonely. (Laughs) Little things like this is enough to make sheep smile for the rest of the day~♫ <—ω—>/
Out from nowhere, a comforting thought came to me out of nowhere. Just by staring at my favorite tree, somehow I felt that from this day onwards — Life is going to be different for me. <.__.>{?]

Sheep has no idea how this idea came about but perhaps it’s because Chinese New Year is still going on. This is the time of the year when most people (especially the Chinese) will return to work/school with a brand new attitude, goals and of course — Fresh new looks~☆ \<^v^>/

One of the many things I notice about Malaysians is that they don’t really start their new resolutions in the beginning of the year — 1st January. Maybe some of them does but when it comes to changing their styles (especially hair), they’ll normally wait until Chinese New Year. <•ω•>

So those of you who have returned to school this week, you must be pretty impress with your friend’s new hair style and his/her sudden change of attitude~☆. <^x^>/

In my schooling days, admittedly I wasn’t the type who changed myself after Chinese New Year. <_ _>lll

I’d only trim my hair which results to my usual looks and nothing new. (Laughs nervously)

But I do remember there were some students who changed their hair styles and gave away a very different appeal. Sheep doesn’t know how to describe all this in words but the bottom line is — There come a time when we all want to see changes in ourselves, whether it’s during the start or in the middle of the year — We want a brand new self.

Looking at myself right now, I don’t think I’ve changed at all. According to Poh Sim who spoken to sheep via webcam not long ago, she said sheep still looks the same!

And the last time she saw sheep in person was 4 years ago when we were schooling. At that time, sheep had mid-hair length and lots of pimples! <x_x>

Baa~ <;__;> (Tears)

Oh well. It’s decided!

Sheep is going to make some changes from this day forward~☆!

I hadn’t have a clue on where to begin with until I recalled a saying that small changes can make a whole lot of big differences.

There’s no guarantee to that saying however, perhaps I’ll see the results for myself~ \<^v^>/

So far, here are the small changes/removals that I made:

1. New phone which is the LG KF350 Ice-cream phone – This is wishful thinking but — I certainly hope that by changing to a new and lovely phone, I’ll start having pleasant calls. May this be the phone that connects me to him~♥!

2. New mobile number – I was persistently told by my brother to change my cellphone number due to a personal problem however, I couldn’t bear to discard my number that has been with me for 8 long years. It was my very first number and the best thing about it is that — It’s very easy to remember! Anyway, my family refused to be harassed by that caller so there goes my number and here comes a new one. <^-^>lll

(Dreams) May this be the number that sheep’s true friends will reach sheep whenever sheep is down~☆ ! \<^ε^>/

… Nupo! How come I can’t send out MMS and surf the Internet? (Cries) <;___;>
3. DVD player – It kept ejecting while I was watching Dragon Ball GT. I guess my Dragon Ball marathon is the caused of its malfunction. <=__=>lll Sorry, DeeVeeDee.
I wonder, what can I gain by changing my DVD player? How will it spiritually affect my life? (Laughs)
4. Useless contacts on MSN, Facebook and phone book – What’s the point of having 500+ of contacts in a list when only 10 give their responses and support? <_ _>lll

The things that I haven’t change/remove yet but planning to:

1. Hair style - I’m sick of being the owner of a shoulder-haired length! I’ve been like this since the time of my birth! Oh wait, I was bald so rephrase: Since 5 years old! Sheep is gonna wait until her wool is incredibly long (as long as Rapunzel’s hair) and then sheep shall style it like Medusa! (Laughs) Just kidding. Medusa for losers. <^-^>lll

2. New clothing style - Last year’s style was mostly knee-length skirts with floral printing and the colors were white, pink and brown. In other words — decent. I’m thinking this year I should be more revealing and confident. Say — tubes and shorts? (Laughs nervously) That sounds so whorish… Nupo!

3. Friends - I’m in serious need of real friends.

4. Old objects and clothes – Apparently if you get rid of old things, you are actually giving ample space for new and positive energy into your life. That said — Sheep is going to spring-clean her closet and shelves.

5. New bras(Laughs very foxily) Thanks to the bust cream, my boobs are now more ‘kitsui’ than ever. <n_n>

Things that I will NEVER change/remove:

1. My dog, Auwlithe – NO WAY IN HELL will I ever exchange my beloved Auwlithe for a better shot in my life! I rather be S.A.D (single, alone and desperate) than to give up Auwlithe!

2. Animal image - Sheep will always be a sheep no matter how different it gets.

[ . . . ]

This is about as far as I can plan for now.

By all means, I must make my efforts reveal its rewards~☆!

!! Roar !!

So how about you? Any new changes in your taste, interest, outlook and style?


Baa~ What I’m about to post beneath here is totally unrelated to the above entry so — Pardon me ok?

I was just too pissed off with this woman. ↓

Do you see a woman up there? ↑

She didn’t do anything to me directly. It’s just the way she lines up that blows out smoke from my ears. I don’t understand why she can’t stand in line.


She wants to let people jump queue is it?


Is she afraid that the man in front of her might fart in her face?

Some more this kind of people can be very nasty when you cut in front of them. Although I don’t see a reason why they should get mad when they move far away from the line. (and I really mean move FAR away) How can they expect to claim their spot when they seemingly leave?

If you’re thinking that maybe she’s lining up on the other lane — No, she isn’t. Don’t bother creating excuses for her. Because as harmless as you think this may seem, imagine more than 10 people doodling like her, unable to stand in line like a herd of obedient sheep.

Believe me in Malaysia — It’s not hard to imagine such unsystematic beings who can’t seem to line up straight. Go to Mcdonalds, banks, Malaysia’s immigration center for instance. You’ll feel like running a tank over them. Or at least that’s what I’ll feel. <_ _>lll

In the end, the deposit cash machine malfunctioned so none of us got to use it. Bummer… <_ _>lll

A~ah well… Though I said little things can make me happy for the rest of the day, conversely — It applies to my temper too. (Laughs) Sheep can be flabbergasted over a small issue for one whole day.

That — needs to be removed from sheep’s system too, ne? <.__.>

[ . . . ]



Rocketd’s tag! How can sheep forget!? ↓

I present to you — My desktop wallpaper that has been like this since the day I owned this laptop.

So Rocketd, how do you depict my personality according to my current wallpaper? (Laughs)

Ok. The need of a new wallpaper is now added to my list of changes in order for a big difference and improvement in my life. <^-^>lll

Baa~♫ <^ε^>/

For now, this is Ms.Aya who has just got her blood extracted for a thorough checkout — signing off! ↓

O~wie… <;___;> (Cries)