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Hanged Again!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Gakkari

Mood - Gakkari


Good afternoon.

This is Ms.Aya who will be using her old Nokia 7390 for the next 3 weeks or so. ↓

The reason would be due to …. Well… < ¯¯>lll (Laughs nervously)

My LG KF350 ice-cream phone HANGED —- AGAIN!<∏A∏>


!! Cries !!

The same thing happened. It hanged the minute I turned on my phone. <;__;> (Cries)

This time, I took it to Zitron Enterprise instead of going back to the cell phone shop because I thought that Zitron can help me solve the problem on the spot.

However, they can’t do it and they have to send it to KL for repair.

Baa… This is indeed so problematic! <∏ヘ∏>

Looks like this phone model truly lives up to its name. It’s can only be used for a few days and later, it malfunctions. Just like an ice-cream — It melts very quickly!

(Weeps in one corner)

Sheep is certain that year 2009 hates sheep and it’s eager to punish sheep throughout the year! <u_u,>

Creeps Are Everywhere!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Vibrant

Mood - Vibrant



Anyone here?

Hell~O! \<´•σ•`>\ (Calls)

Baa… Looks like everyone is busy with their own things.

I hope that minna-hun is doing fine. On sheep’s side, everything seems to be moving very slowly. <—ω—>

I wonder why? <.___.>

Anyway, today unexpectedly — Auwlithe insisted on going for a long walk~! <´••`>

Usually, he’s quite a lazy bum and sometimes he would quickly detour home.

Maybe I teased him too much about his side profile, that’s why. <^-^>lll ↓

Auwlithe walking at the speed of light!

Auwlithe walking at the speed of light!


Today was a very windy and breezy day so with that, I thought the wind could blow away every doubts that are clouded in my head. <^-^>

After all, Auwlithe didn’t want to go home yet. So we hung around the other side of the neighborhood. <^v^>

At first, it was rather peaceful and I enjoyed watching young boys playing basketball and ladies tending their to their gardens. <u_u*>

The trees, the houses, the flowers — All that I saw was a great comfort to my troubled mind. It was really relaxing and for a moment, I’ve forgotten my worries and troubles. <—ω—>/

Until — A man in a small car passed by me.

It was just a split-second when I saw his face. But his creepy smile was engraved in my head and then I started to feel some bad vibes about him. <_  _>lll

Awhile later, I dismissed those vibes as I felt he shouldn’t have any bad intentions since there was a little boy beside him in the car. Probably he was having a nice chat with his son and I just caught him smiling that way.

Auwlithe and I then carried on walking down the road and I stopped at my favorite spot which is the drain filled with tadpoles. ↓

Sorry, you won’t be able to see any tadpoles. They’re too small! (Cries)

Baa.. <u_u>

I noticed that there aren’t as many tadpoles as before. I really hope that they grew up and left the place instead of dying in that polluted drain.

I cannot fathom why people must throw rubbish into the drain. Is it that thrilling to do so?

Stupid people. ξ<`A´>/ (shows tantrum)

Shortly after watching the little tadpoles, we left the spot and was about to go home until a man riding on a motorcycle stopped and asked me something in Chinese.

I couldn’t understand what he said/asked but before I could shook my head — he suddenly rode off as though he was in a hurry. <.__.>{?]

My chin haven’t even reached my shoulder yet! <TAT>

I looked around and realized that there were some other people (and dogs) near me. However, it soon occurred to me that he was the same man whom I saw earlier! <OAO>!!!

“Wasn’t he driving with a small boy in a car?!”

I knew I saw that ‘Chi Ko Pek’ (which means ‘Perverted’) smile somewhere — and just not too long ago!

I used to think that sweet and charming smiles are always imprinted in memories for eternity. Then again — creepy and perverted smiles do have the same effects. (Shivers) <x_x>

Sheep was a bit frighten at first but regained composure after assuring that there are other people nearby.

With that, I quickly headed home. <_  _>lll

The sky was getting dark

The sky was getting dark

I have no idea what were his intentions but I don’t intend to find out either. I remember there were a few times I encounter creeps on the street. Some were up-to-no-good bastards who tried to approached me, sneaky stalkers — and even some were shameless assholes who flashed before my very eyes! <≥A≤>/

As much as I’m a sucker for pink — but that color on that form is seriously hideous.

No offense, men. I have yet to like and have fantasies about that.

And before you say it — No, sheep is not a lesbian. My sexual orientation is straight. It’s just that — I’m not going after guys for that.

Baa… <u_u>

O~oh well.. Incidentally while we were still walking around, I came across 2 men in orange jumpers.

At first sight, I thought there were escaped convicts! <OAO>

(Cries) My mind sure like to play tricks on me. <@Δ@>lll

This is pretty much what I’ve gone through today. Other than finally kicking Cell’s ass in Dragon Ball: Infinite World. (Laughs)

Ok, sheep has to take her leave now~♪! \<´`>/

Baa-bai, minna-hun.

And take good care of yourself! Chinese New Year is just around the corner!

Get as much Ang Pow from your married relatives~♥!

Say nice and kind words. That I’m sure — you’ll win their hearts. But most importantly, mean what you say — Ok, children?

Good~ Listen to sheepy-ane-san! (Laughs) \<^v^*>/

PS: About smiles… Lately I’ve been trying to smile more often however, I freaked 2 people out this week. One of them is my brother and apparently, I give away a very scary vibe. How come? <.___.>{?]

If that’s the case, I’m not going to smile anymore! (Cries)

PPS: When I take Auwlithe for his walks, I usually dress like an Indonesian maid. I’d simply tie up my hair in bun, wear worn out T-shirts and decent pants. Not that I’m hinting Indonesian maids are ugly or improper, just unattractive. So yea.. I don’t get why I’m quite unfortunate when I go out for walks. Perhaps girls who takes their dogs out are considered.. Cute? <.___.>{?]

… Eeew. I don’t want to look cute in the eyes of evil, perverted maniacs. (Tears) <;__;>

Mood - Blank

Mood - Blank


Kon’ban wa.

This is Ms.Aya who is leading a very uneventful life.

At the moment, sheep is feeling very mundane and apparently— lacking the sense of humor. <T_T>

I noticed that ever since the beginning of year 2009, I’ve been so cranky and I take every word too literally. Every time I speak or get into a chat, it will somehow process into a horrible argument which I initially have no intention of aggravating anyone.

This goes to show that sheep has really lousy people skills and perhaps — incurable. <;__;> (Tears)

Like most girls, I’d like to blame on our bleeding period however — I never once had any PMS problem/pain. (Truth to speak, I don’t even know what PMS stands for and I was surprise that our bleeding period can actually affect our mood swings. All this while I thought it was just a cheap excuse to escape PE)

So if I ever tell you that I’m suffering of PMS — it’s a damn lie. (Laughs)

Baa.. <u_u>

Ok. If that’s not it, what is my problem then? <.___.>{?]

Well, it has a lot got to do with social and my indecisive manner towards it. One minute I happily open the doors to people, the next minute I withdraw myself from everyone. <u_u>

(Sigh) Not that you all came here to find out how much of a gloom sheep is. (Laughs nervously) Unless there are some of you who are here to rejoice upon my downfall in which — I’d say, nothing ends until sheep is roasted on your grill. <T_T>

That said — With my own strength, sheep will do her best to find her own happiness even if sheep has to do it herself~! \<^v^>/

Who needs people, correct? <^x^>/

As a proof that sheep is capable of smiling — Hora~! ↓

And tomorrow, I’m going to wear this white dress~! ↓

Looks familiar? Well… It’s not the same dress as I’ve shown you before. This one is longer than the other one and it has no lace. <´•ω•`>

The cherry of today —  After 3 weeks of watching the sky constipating — it finally rained! ↓

I hope it rains tomorrow too! <^v^*>/

(Laughs) This is all from the sheepish Ms.Aya.

Ja ne! <^ω^>v

Mood - Fatigue

Mood - Fatigue


Minna-hun, rejoice with Ms.Aya now because sheep got her cellphone — finally~!

(Tears of joy) \<´`>/

When I got there, I tested the phone on the spot and at first — Both the phone shop fella and sheep were frightened when the phone froze at the LG logo. (Like what happened earlier with my first ice-cream phone) <°Δ°>{Eraikotcha!!!]

Luckily, it just needed some time to turn on. <x__x>lll

Phew! My heart almost skip a beat. <u__u>

The guy said not to scare him because this is the first time an ice-cream user got this problem. Strange though… At the back of my mind I was thinking about the 2 other unfortunate girls who had this problem too.

Unless sheep is the only unlucky victim in JB. (Tears) <;__;>

I hope this replacement phone will not fail me because it will be very problematic to go there and wait for weeks again. I’m sure no one likes this, right? <.___.>

Imagine you bought something that riled your excitement to the max and then suddenly, it spoils and you have to return it or get it fix. What’s worse is that certain things requires you to wait for days to weeks.

I don’t know if you have this kind of feelings but — I get paranoid leaving my money on the table for a period of time without getting what I’ve paid for. Indeed, I’m a very paranoid person. O type people are clumsy so yes, I do worry if I make any mistakes or forgotten something. <_  _>lll

O~oh well… <u_u> It’s no wonder sheep is an unwanted sheep. (Laughs)

That aside, I now present to you — ↓

My LG KF350~♥

And obviously, I chose pink again~


I want to say — Thank you to those of you who put up with my whines and tears over this phone. Sheep is happy and contented now. <^-^>v

Baa~ <T_T>

I don’t have anything else to report for the time being. There are many things running through my mind but I just can’t seem to spill them out. I’m aware that my people skills are rotting and oddly, my confidence in slowly deteriorating too. <´•ω•`>

Has sheep lost her flare in writing and conversing with other people? (Cries)

At the same time, my favorite sun flower is drying up too. ↓

This is seriously a bad start of the year for sheep. (Cries more)

Perhaps I should take other people’s advices and start going out to meet people. Frankly, I feel that meeting new people would worsen my emotional condition and thinking frame but that’s the only thing I’ve not tried to make myself feel better and accepted.

(Drags self to the door) But where do I go? <.___.>{?]

A~ah well.. I’ll think about that later.. <u_u>

Mean while, play with my new phone~♥ <´•ω•`>

Oh, how rude. I forgot to check your condition.

How are you? Has anything interesting happened to you lately? Everyone is probably recovering from the holiday mood, I suppose. (Laughs)

<^v^>/ This is all from the sheepish Ms.Aya who is lack of social~!

Baa-bai and have a splendid day~♥!

I wanted to play with this bird but it flew away from me. (Tears) <;__;>

P.S: I’m planning to go over to Singapore next week but I can’t decide whether to go to the beach or to the theme park. Though the other day I already went to the beach in Desaru — ↓

Ms.Ayas shadow at the beach

Ms.Aya's shadow at the beach

I feel like visiting the beach in Singapore because — I want to ride a bicycle. (Laughs)

Then again — Theme park sounds fun too… <´•ω•`>

Mo~! Help me decide, please? <^x^>/

I thank you in advance~!

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