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Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy


Ohayo, creatures of Earth~ \<´`>/

This is Ms.Aya who was forced to wake up before 11am thanks to her dearest dog, Auwlithe. He came in my room and licked my toes which was so ticklish that I just had to exit my cotton candy dreams. (Laughs)

I wonder if any of you have experienced being jolted up from your sleep by your pet. I’d say — The feeling is fantastic because you’ll know your pets are smart. <^v^>/

Baa~ Anyway, that aside. /<´ω`>/

Sheep is still on a quest to growing bigger boobs~♥

I really can’t help but to feel that my chest is too flat!

I remember last time, I was hanging out with Sey-kun and Mau-chan at school and they were talking about boobs. Both of them have large assets and when they look down, they can’t see their feet. Whereas for me… (Laughs nervously) I could see my toes. <∏.∏>

Although I’m not asking for a pair of soccer balls, perhaps 81cm B would be good enough. <u_u> (Sighs)

Anyway, sometime ago.. I was browsing in SASA and came across a bust enhancing product that looks rather promising. <´•ω•`>

I was peacefully reading its ingredients until a sales promoter approached me. This woman wa ne… She took my hand, applied the bust cream — and asked me if I felt any sensation. <_  _>lll

I was like — “Ano sa… If I do feel any sensation, don’t you think that spells out for trouble? Because that would mean I might grow a nipple on my hand, na?”

She just laughed a little bit and continued rubbing the cream on my boney little hands. <x__x>lll

As a result, the only sensation my hand felt back then was itchiness because she applied the bust cream on the spot where I had a couple of mosquito bites. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

O~h well.. In the end, I bought the cream at the price of RM148. It’s quite small so I have to use it sparringly. ↓


<´•ω•`>/ The cream smells like milk~ ♥!

Y~ay! From now onwards — Sheep will continue to pursue its dream for bigger boobs~!


Who’s with me?! <OAO>/ (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

A-re? Where did everyone go to? <.__.>{?]

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1.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
January 21st, 2009 at 11:43 am

Oh!, at last!! I can see the comments area again!!!, yattaaa!!.

Are you really up to growin bigger boobs??, well good luck with that, me, I’m no boobie-guy (I’m more of an ass-guy), I do like the small ones though.

Something bugs me about this subject, why girls use creams, silicon implants or padded bras in order to enhance their atributes, and still they give killer gazes to any guy who dares to steal glimpses to their boobies is still a mistery to me…

Anyway, good luck!^^

2.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
January 21st, 2009 at 11:48 am

I just noticed the cream’s brand, “kitsui” ha ha ha ha. You know what that means in japanese??, anyway I hope your bras get more and more kitsui from now on.d(^.^*)

3.  szanne
January 21st, 2009 at 12:29 pm

i was here few days ago, and your page wouldnt load. but nevermind, it’s fine today.

haha. oh and hi!

are you seriously using that? my, it really costs a bomb. how long are you expected to see results? ive always wondered if these things really work.

lol. :D update on it!

4.  Ms.Aya
January 22nd, 2009 at 11:37 am

Dear Rocketd-hun

I’m more of an ass-guy

It’s like you’re saying you’re a jackass-type of guy. (Laughs)

But I get what you mean. (Chuckles)

About that, I don’t understand some girls too. They dress so revealingly and proudly exposing their assets (which is not easy to overlook) yet they get so worked out when people gongoozle at them. Didn’t they want people to notice their twins in the first place?

I can’t answer you even though I’m a girl because — my boobs are nonexistence hence no one stares at them and I don’t get mad.

Maybe… They want to attract good looking and rich guys? So those who don’t fall in this equation, they’d get mad once they drool over their boobs?

Who knows… Strange creatures. Baa~

Sheep just want to look good in clothes and have some cushion on the chest. (Laughs nervously)

Kitsui — I just checked the dictionary… It means TIGHT!

!! Laughs !!

Motto kitsui, kitsui de kudasai~ Tanomu, bra-tachi~!

Dear Szanne

Is there something wrong with my blog?

I better check it out then.

So far.. Some bust cream products worked well for me. Especially those that contains Pueraria.

I could see results in 2 – 3 weeks later. But you can’t really put high hopes in using products to enhance your chest because it ultimately depends on your own growth’s potential.

Simply put to say, whenever you apply the bust cream — you will feel some sort of sensation. Something like a small pain that you might have felt last time when your chest was growing.

If you feel that pain, it could mean your chest can still grow. Otherwise, that’s your limit.

Let’s say if you apply the cream for quite some time and you no longer feel that pain… Then perhaps it’s no point you carry on applying those cream.

This is just my own theory. I could be wrong.. (Laughs nervously)

5.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
January 22nd, 2009 at 10:34 pm

I think there was some css or html code in your previous post that messed with your blog, I was having the same trouble as Zsanne.

If I’d try to access Paper Diaries I’d only see half the post, no widget bar and no comments area. Now that you posted a new entry (this one), the blog started to work correctly (though I still can’t see the widget bar in the main page, I can only see it when accesing the comments area), besides, the main page shows only this post and half the previous one…

I’m almost sure there was some CSS or HTML in your previous entry wich is messing with the blog. I don’t know if everyone else’s having the same trouble…???.

6.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
January 22nd, 2009 at 10:43 pm

Ha ha ha, oh yeah! I’m an asshole too xD.

It’s strange coz I’ve been thinking all along that girls like to be noticed and praised, that boosts their ego, still, they give you big time if you dare to look at their bodies… well, scratch it, I won’t try to figure that out.

7.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
January 22nd, 2009 at 10:50 pm

I just checked the other posts and the blog works fine with all of them except the “hange again!” entry, every page that shows that entry (the main page, and the entry’s comments area) is all messed up, now I’m sure, there was some code in that entry that is messing the blog.

Sorry for posting so many comments today, gomen!.

8.  Sachi-chan
January 23rd, 2009 at 8:52 am

Hmmm? Problems? I’m seeing Sheep’s blog completely fine. Hmmm, I use FireFox, though. Rocketd-san and Szanne are using IE, per chance? *shrugs*

*LOL* Kitsui. Sachi-chan won’t say much about the state of her… chest for she is satisfied with it.

But Ganbatte to Sheep and all who wish to enhance their “girls”. [>_<]

9.  szanne
January 23rd, 2009 at 10:39 am

im just afraid those things might have side effects. skin irritations maybe?

oh and.. i heard pumpkin helps breasts enhancement. ;) havent actually seen proven result tho. try the pumpkin soup at secret recipe. it’s awesome. heheh.

oh! and the pic loads! haha. the bottle is cute! XD

10.  Ms.Aya
January 23rd, 2009 at 7:05 pm

Dear Rocketd

Thanks for checking out the other posts for me~

I still can’t identify the problem yet. But like Sachi-chan said, it could be due to yours and Szanne Internet browser.

Baa… Give me some time to address to the error. Gomen ne~!

Dear Sachi-chan

… Yea, I can view this blog perfectly fine too.

Perhaps like you said, it could be due to the Internet browser.

Mo… Technical stuffs again? (Tears)

Dear Szanne

Well… If you have sensitive skin then you better not try them. The directions says to avoid the nipple area so I guess as long as you follow the instructions, everything should be fine.

Pumpkin? I thought pumpkin is good for the hair~

I hardly eat at Secret Recipe but since you say there’s pumpkin soup there, I think I want to try it out. I’m in need of a new place to eat!

The bottle is quite small. (Tears)


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