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Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy



Blogging right now is the sleepy Ms.Aya who seem to be yawning throughout the day~ Did you know? Even when sheep is singing — sheep can still yawn?

(Laughs) Mummy thinks that I’m the only one who can yawn even while I’m active and wide awake.

Today, sheep is quite happy and contented because the accessories that sheep ordered online has finally arrived her door step~! ↓

<´ε`>/ As you can see, they are meant to decorate my keitai but — BUT —-

Where’s my ice-cream phone? <;__;> (Cries)

<´•___•`>lll Well… It hanged last Sunday night and the next day, I sent it to Zitron for repair. Apparently they don’t have what it takes to repair my phone so they have to send it to KL. I was told that I’ll get it back in 3 weeks time but that’s very unlikely because next week is the beginning of Chinese New Year. (Tears)

That said, I better not put my hopes too high. Speaking of Chinese New Year — What plans does minna-hun have, kana~?

Those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year, how’s the atmosphere at your home town?

On my side, it’s pretty dead. Though shopping malls are playing those “Ta-ran-tochang, ta-ran-tochang-tochang~—~ music, the decorations seems to be less.

I saw this fella in Jusco and he looks so lonely because there were no other decorations around him. How sad!

Oh well… <u__u>

Are you going to visit your family and friends?

I’m guessing that everyone is going to meet their entire family members. How awesome will that be! \<^ω^>/

Come to think about it — I’ve never met my entire family tree before. The only members that I know of are my mother’s siblings. 2 uncles and 1 deceased aunt. Apparently, her side of the family is very big while my father is the only child hence no uncles and aunties from his side. <.__.>lll

(Laughs nervously)

Well… I’m kind of immune to living in a small family. However… I’m just thinking — How is it like to have a grandma and grandpa?

Sheep has never met her grandparents from both sides because they passed away long before I came in to existence. <_  _>lll

So whenever I hear people talk about their grandparents, a huge [?] appears above my head. It’s like — a missing puzzle where I can’t feel any connections to them.

My mother do tell me stories about them. Like the fact that my mother’s parents’ marriage were arranged.

In spite of allowing other people to decide their marriage, they got along very well and their love for one another was strong. They even passed away on the same date but different year! <o_o>

Baa~ Imagine if they were still alive, they would be able to tell me lots of old folklore’s and especially their experience during the Japanese invasions. <^-^>lll

I wonder, those of you who have met your grandparents — How is it like spending time with them? How do you treat them and what do they talk to you about? <.___.>{?]

Hona, sheep has to go now.

I await your answers patiently~!


Ok ok ok, Auwlithe.. I’m coming! Sheesh! <≥A≤>/

PS: IT’S OFFICIAL! All trolleys hate me! ↓

The wheel ran over my toes — Again… And AS USUAL! <`A´>/